11.6-Inch Mac Book from Apple to be released soon

Apple is soon going to air a new 11.6-inch Mac book next week. It is said that this new version would be smaller, cheaper and much faster than its predecessor would. Apple Insider have rumoured that it would be soon out within next week. So, not much of waiting is there for this new release to be out in market. Sources of all Apple Insider have said that Apple would launch a redesigned Mac Book Air that will be having 11.6-inch display screen. It is much down that the older 13.3-inch model. It would be equipped with a card that would be miniature solid-state drive. It resembles you of a stick of RAM and not that of traditional hard drive.

11.6 inch Mac Book features

Its external feature includes covering from a card that resembles a stick of RAM. It has good features that are inside it. Mac Book air is of 11.6 inch in display and it is a sleek model. It is expected that this new model from Apple would be making use of flash storage. This flash would help in enabling extremely faster boot time and instant on abilities. This will also drive the production costs. This flash would also help in saving enough space inside the slim computer body. This will help you in having storage at much lower costs. This new model would be away from traditional hard drive and also the conventional stat drive. In fact, this new version would be proprietary to the SSD card and it would be embedded directly in to the device. It would not be unlike any other standard devices used by the other drives.


New Mac book air compared to older model

This new version of Mac book air would be lot more stylish and feature rich as compared to older model that was 13.3-inch screen. In fact, Apple introduced Mac book air in 2008 and that was in a Mac book world expo. The initial cost of that old matchbook was $1,800 at the launch time. However, this price dropped in April 2009 and that was to $1200. The new Mac book version would be a scaled down model from the earlier Mac book model.




Design of new 11.6-inch Mac Book air

It is expected that this new model from Mac Book air would be 11.6 inch in display screen. As it is a successor model of all old Mac book models, hence it is expected that it would be having some changes in design too. This would be a sleek designed model. It is expected that this model would be having slightly less curves and more of wedge shaped features.

This new 11.6-inch Mac book model is already inside manufacturing and it is expected that this new model would be out within a week. Therefore, that would end everyone’s wait. You would be able to understand all detailed feature of this new device by the time it arrives. It is expected that this new device would be budgeted and ask for the price that had been incurred in manufacturing it.

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