Apple iPhone 4s

imageAfter iPhone 4, the iPhone 4s is the most amazing release from Apple.  The iPhone 4s has such awesome features that can amaze its lovers. Like its precursor, the iPhone 4s has lovely design and improved features. When iPhone 4 was released, people were attracted towards it because of its unique and fabulous design than the whole iPhone series. On the same lines, the iPhone 4s is crafted. The chassis and body shape is almost the same but the iPhone 4s is a little heftier (140 grams) than iPhone 4 (137 grams). Dimensions and compactness of both the phones are also same.

The most amazing and attractive things about iPhone 4s are its software and hardware configurations. Let us first discuss about its software. The iPhone 4s contains “Siri.” You might be wondering about the word “Siri”? It is software that has indeed increased the value of iOS 5 operating system and iPhone 4s. For Siri, your voice is a command. Just speak and give your iPhone 4s an order to make a call, open a particular application, send the message, save the contact, schedule the meeting etc. Don’t think Siri as an ordinary voice command application, as in ordinary phones. It is something more than that. Talk to Siri as you would to a person. For example, “Remind me to pick up my wallet, before I leave for the meeting.” Siri will intelligently find the information that you need and give you the answer. Siri not only understands what you are saying. But it also understands what you mean and what you want. It is a very intelligent application of iPhone 4s that makes you feel that you are having a conversation with one of your friends.

The iPhone 4s contains the most advanced operating system, the iOS 5. It is a fact that the love of people with iPhone is due to its impressive features. And all the features of any machinery are embedded in its operating system. So, iOS is indeed the necessary cause of iPhone’s uniqueness and popularity. The new iOS 5 gives an elegant an instinctive user-interface, multi-touch feature with capacitive display, compatibility to more than 500,000 apps on iPhone app store and it is having more than 200 new features. The display of iPhone 4s is protected by scratch resistant glass with oleophobic coating. iPhone 4s contains iCloud. It is an application that can manage your contacts, photos, music, documents, videos and much more stuff. The iCloud has more versatility than “People Hub” being used HTC smartphoens.

Now, something about the hardware. The iPhone 4s is powered by the most powerful processor in the iPhone series i-e dual Core A-5 processor. Apple iPad 2 has the same processor. iPhone 4 has a simple 1 GHz Cortex-A8 processor. The A-5 has made iPhone 4s very speedy. You just need to tap a specific application and phone opens it in a real time. Also the multi-tasking is very good. You can play game and listen to the music at the same time. This new processor is power-saver and it gives iPhone 4s an excellent timing.

The iPhone 4s has 8 MP camera which is far better than the 5 MP camera of iPhone 4. The camera is provided with LED flash and touch focus, geo-tagging, face detection and HDR features. The camera gives excellent photo shoot and 1080p HD video recording. The camera does not care about whether you capture photo in low or high light and it also does not care about the motion of the thing to be captured and the number of people. It captures the world as it should be captured. The iPhone 4s has a secondary VGA camera. It also gives a good picture quality and helps you a lot in video calling or video conferencing.

The iPhone 4s does not contain any memory card slot but it has internal memory storage of 16 to 64 GB and 512 MB RAM. These two things are exactly in accordance with the iPhone 4.

Two other extraordinary features of iPhone 4s are Airplay and Airprint. With Airplay, you can connet your iPhone 4s wirelessly with your HDTV and speakers via Apple TV. You play the game on your iPhone 4s and what you are seeing in the phone screen is appearing on the big screen of TV. With Airprint, you can connect your iPhone 4s wirelessly with any printer and print your e-mails, photos, documents etc.

These were the few things that can easily differentiate iPhone 4s from other phones of its series and actually these are things that make iPhone unique and interesting.