Apple TV review: get in to detail with complete package

Apple TV has been the new release from Apple and it bridges iTunes to television very easily. As long as you have HD or ED TV, you can help it through playing movies, shows, music videos, podcasts and of course music.

Apple TV hardware details

When you order an Apple TV, you get some of the main things that will help you to attach and set it up. It includes a black and chrome cardstock sleeve. This sleeve can hold more robust box that can unfold in two halves. One-half of it contains Apple TV while the other half set contains Apple remote that comes in standard form. With an Apple TV you have to include a power cord, another major connection include HDMI with integrated audio, HDMI with separate audio, HDMI to DVI adapters, analog audio and TOS link digital audio. These cables sit and attach themselves easily. This Apple TV has light grey top and aluminium body that make it look classy.  Apple TV’s footprint is larger than the Mac Mini or Airport Extreme. Apple TV is said to be an Intel based computer that has 256 MB of RAM and vivid graphic accelerator chip to support the hardware. It also includes a standard 2.5-inch IDE hard drive, a miniature IDE hard drive. This Apple TV hardware also consists of miniature 802.11n wireless card. It also includes a specialised video hardware. In short, Apple TV can be said to be a miniature laptop that comes with a set top box.


Apple TV remote is of standard size and that comes within the main package of Apple TV set box. Although the basic Apple TV remote is very trivial to learn but if you have earlier, used nay of Mac and other such device then you can learn about this remote easily. The interface that this Apple TV has clear front row and you will find it simple and easy to use. With such a sharp and gorgeous feature, this Apple TV is going to make everything look perfect. Apple TV remote has three primary media playback options and those are play/pause, forward, back.

Apple TV features: software and hardware content

This Apple TV helps you to watch good and accurate video quality. Initially it was thought that Apple may not be able to handle HD but when you use it, you can use it effectively. Music and Podcasts are something that you always expected from Apple. You have good fast forward and rewind behaviour. In fact, the photo slideshows are just amazing. You can even share all everything with Mac and other PCS. Apple TV also helps you to show all movies and TV shows reviews and trailers. Apple TV has great performance and it just work the way consumer want it to. Video and audio just run in sync and there is no stepping away from each other. Some initial hardware setup may be there but if you read manual and then do the set up effectively, there would not be any misleading.

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