Apple Unveils the New iPad

imageApple unveiled the next generation iPad on Wednesday. It now comes with a HD screen, faster wireless connection and several small improvements. These small changes could help entice consumers towards the new iPad. New iPad

The new iPad will be out on March 16 for a starting price of $499, which is the same as the previous generation of Apple tablet. The upcoming device will have a screen similar to the iPhone’s retina display with higher resolution than the typical HD TV sets. Apple said that it would continue selling its iPad 2 models but at a discounted price of $399 from $499.

During the event, Apple also unveiled a new Apple TV version, which is a set0top box used to access Internet video and stream movies. It is priced at $99.

The next generation Apple tablet is simply called the new iPad. It doesn’t have numbers or letters to follow its name. It is an effort from the company to sell more of the device to the consumers. During the last quarter of 2011, Apple sold $9.15 billion worth of iPads. It is double that of Microsoft’s Windows OS sales as well as Google’s total revenue during the same period. Apple CEO Timothy D. Cook said that the iPad outsold PCs made by individual manufacturers in the fourth quarter.