E Platinum Plus Review

The E Platinum Plus card is not a credit card or a debit card, it is a shopping card. E-Credit Plus is not a Visa card or MasterCard credit card but a membership shopping card the membership cost is £79.95 to get with a monthly fee of £12.95. You can have up to £5000 credit on your shopping card with 0% Arp, Where you can pay your balance off at any time without getting any penalties.

Why get a E Platinum Card?

The minimum age for the card is 18 years old. Once you have applied it take 7 – 10 days for your card to arrive once you have paid the application fee. Once you have your E Platinum card you can then use your shopping card up to the credit limit given to you, where there is no transaction charges each time you use the card as it is a fixed cost.

Is a credit check done to get the card?

E Platinum Plus offer guaranteed approval where they will not access your personal credit report as part of the activation process in establishing an initial credit Account. However, the Company reserves the right to access My personal credit report.

What is the minimum repayments?

On your statement you they will advise you what the minimum payment is to be paid each billing month. All payments must be received on or before the due date indicated on the billing statement or a late fee may be charged. This is Calculated by finding the greater of (a) or (b): a) 15% of the Account balance owed on your Account, or b), £12.50

What are the advantages of being an E-Platinum Plus Cardholder?

The E Platinum Plus Card is part of E-Credit Plus program which is designed to give members the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of online purchasing. As an E-Credit Plus Cardholder you have purchasing power from the convenience of your home. The E Platinum Plus Shopping Club offers a wide variety of brand name merchandise. with 0% interest policy makes buying over time easy and affordable. E Platinum Plus are continuously working to provide the best possible value for E Platinum Plus Shopping Card Membership. Members regularly receive special offers on high quality items at great values. In addition, you may be invited to participate in low-cost, high value programs designed for our members.

If you would like to make a complaint about E Platinum Plus, contact Customer Services by email on memberservices @ecreditplus.co.uk. However if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint you can write to Financial Ombudsman Service at South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR.

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