HTC Lexicon – Android Powered Smartphone With Qwerty Sliding

HTC Lexicon is new release from HTC and it is android powered Verizon bound phone. This is unofficial and unannounced phone. There were many-leaked information and initially it started with leaked specs, and then leaked pre production renders. So now, you have complete Verizon in front of you. This is in front of you in form of an android device. So let us start getting to know about some detailed information about this HTC lexicon.

HTC Lexicon specs

Some of the main HTC lexicon specs have been already leaked out. It includes Android 2.2 with 5-mega pixel camera. It includes good size keyboard and it has 3.8” display. It gives out 480*800 WVGA resolutions that give out good camera features. It also has 800 mhzCPU. With these leaked information about HTC, many of the features have been spreading its own charm. HTC lexicon goes to T Mobile and this is simply going to different the carriers. It is surely having large screen size. The android applications just make it worth today’s device. HTC lexicon is said to be armed with 528 MHz processor.




HTC Lexicon features and design

Apart from android 2.2 froyo applications, there are many other major features in HTC Lexicon. It includes 4 GB internal memory storage and it works on HTC sense 1.6. It includes a QWERTY keyboard in fact there has been ROM updated and it shows dual mode GSM/CDMA slider. It gives the speed of 800 MHz, with MSM 7630 chipset.

HTC Lexicon looks much more similar to HTC Bees and it has emerged as one day’s bays. When you look at HTC bee, you may find much similarity between HTC Bee and HTC lexicon features. All the specs and features are very much similar to each other.

HTC Lexicon Review

Although nothing can be confirmed, but still it has been known that it has major features being leaked. If you are a Verizon fan then surely you will be going to enjoy this new hand piece with so many features. Many of the leaked photos soft eh HTC Lexicon has been out. It is sure that the phone would be very much similar with some main finishing done. Its Quick keys help in easy accessing of the phone and keypads. So very well and very truly, this is going to be very good with the customers. Although, not much is known about HTC Lexicon price but it is assumed that it would be worth.

HTC has made its own name in mobile phones. They are meant to provide best things to their customers. They just try to make their products very much resemblance and in purpose with daily life things. This has made them come with the new HTC Lexicon that would be released soon. With the look of the phone, everyone could see it is going to be a stylish one. So again, this would be a great customers experience to know and use this new release from HTC.



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