Introduction To Linux for The Young

imageTutorials Computer Technology comes to you but I can not guarantee accurate information for you, I provide suitable reference only and I know that I get. hopefully a bit of information I can give satisfying about this Linux guide. you can disseminate this article and requested permission to modify the before Anyway with me . The main goal of this tuorials is to help the reader more quickly discover what those tools and commands are and thereby learn faster. This is done by categorizing capabilities into various sections which describe various operating system functions.
Here are described some of the advantages of Linux  compared with other operating systems. And here are some facts of the things that benefit by using the programs and filesLinux:

    Basically all the data stored on the hard disk even though there are many situations where data is stored on floppy disks.
    Linux provides some special process in which the terminals, printers and other hardware devices can be accessed as we access files stored on hard disk or diskette. When the program runs, the program is run from the hard disk into RAM, and after the run will be named as a process.
    Linux  provides services for creating, modifying programs, processes and files.
    Linux  supports the file structure is hierarchical.
    Linux  operating system is one that belongs to the class of the operating system that can do multitasking. Multitasking itself is a state where an operating system can do a lot of work at the same time.

In addition to multitasking, Linux  can also support multiuser. Namely operating systems at the same time can be used by more than one user who entered into the system. Even for Linux also supports to multiconsole which at the same time at the computer instantly without having to go through the network and allows more than one user entered into the system.
This Tutorials attempts to give examples and reasonably full explanations about the various tools involved, but more emphasis has been placed on having a reasonable listing of tools. Therefore some information may be repeated in various sections or documents in order to avoid the necessity of looking in many areas for complete information. Tutorials is designed to eliminate extra reading by being as brief as possible while giving the reader enough detail to fully grasp each concept. The users of this tutorials will save much time both in learning the subjects and in using this document as a handy reference.

The Tutorials Computer Technology is logically organized to better enable the reader to learn various sections. This article, although is a good reference document by itself, is designed to best be used with the following series of documents in order to better enable the user to more fully understand the overall concepts involved. well if you want to find help of this tutorials you can give comments question to me for  help you find what you want I will definitely give priority to you so you do not have to worry about it ..