iPhone 5 Rumours & Release Date

Everyone is going crazy to know a word about the iPhone 5 release date. From months, this non-existent device has already gained a lot of popularity through a large number of news, updates, and rumors about its release date. Although there’s still no official confirmation from the side of Apple, many are expecting to see iPhone 5 later this year.

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According to a latest rumor, the release date of iPhone 5 has now been moved from September 2011 to November 2011. Earlier, the device was expected to release in July, which doesn’t seem like a reality since July is just around the corner. Later, it was said that iPhone 5 will be sent for production in July and be released in September 2011. Now, a UK based retailer declares that the final release date has been changed to November 2011.

iPhone 5 Rumours & Release Date

iPhone 5 has become really popular for its expected features like 64GB storage capacity, up to 14 hrs talk-time, A5 dual core processor, built-in GPS, stronger signals, face recognition capability, scratch resistant screen and a lot of other surprising stuff. Although, how many of these features are actually going to be there, is still not confirmed.

Talking about rumors, there’s no end to the discussion regarding iPhone 5, its features, specs, and of course release date. But the sad part is that there’s not even a slightest hint about this most-hyped device from its makers. Apple should clear all these vague updates and rumors by making some official statement, so that the concerned customers can expect the right thing at the right time.


In September or November, no matter when iPhone 5 hits the market, we really hope it exceeds all the expectations of people around the world. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be anything but just a waste of time reviewing the device for so long.

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