iPhone game devs give us their thoughts on the iPad

imageWith yesterday’s announcement from Apple of its much hyped "latest creation" — the iPad — and the news that already existing iPhone applications (that means games too, folks) will be playable on the device, we started wondering how the developers of the world felt about this shiny new piece of gadgetry. So we asked a handful of our favorites — Canabalt’s Adam "Atomic" Saltsman, Pocket God’s Dave Castelnuovo, and PopCap’s Andrew Stein, just to namedrop a few — to give us their reactions.

"It’s hard to say anything concrete without actually playing with the thing personally, but I’m optimistic about it continuing to open up video games to even more ‘normal’ people," Saltsman told us. "I’m hopeful that having a big multitouch space will help mediate the whole ‘fat fingers on a tiny screen’ problem." PopCap’s Andrew Stein agreed, telling us "We’ll certainly look at the unique capabilities of the iPad and work hard to utilize those in instances where they can make our games even more fun."

Republic of Fun prez Mike Rasmussen sees things a bit differently, noting the opportunity in the upped horsepower of the device. "From a pure gaming perspective, I’m excited about the additional resolution and horsepower, and really interested to start understanding the 3D performance of the A4 [chip]." But even the most successful app developer on the market — Pocket God creator Dave Castelnuovo — seems a bit reticent of the iPad, telling us he sees "a lot of potential with the device," but his company is going to "wait to see what kind of acceptance the tablet will have" before moving forward with development.

But that’s not all! See the full reactions from a variety of iPhone game developers after the break.