Motorola ES400 Will Arrive With Sprint In October

Motorola ES 400 was announced back in June and it is maintaining its excitement until the date it is released. Customers would be getting completely new features involved in this device now. With the version of phone being released by it soon, this is going to be great phone as it has been heard of including lot many features that is demanded by the users. There is variety of ruggedness that has been included by this phone by Motorola. In fact, it will be very good for much business due to so many business related features in it. We will shortly know about all things including its features in this piece of writing.

Motorola ES400 specs

Motorola ES 400 is one of the first devices that run on Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Handheld platform. It has an offshoot of Win Mo 6.5.3. Any average consumer would love this phone with many features and specs. It meets different standards of ruggedness. It has 3-inch display, full QWERTY keyboard, with 3.2 mega pixel camera. It has customizable Motorola enterprise user interface that helps in making business related critical information. With one single key press, it helps you in performing many functions. Photo annotation is one such feature that is included in it. You can get easy and accurate input stylus along with touch screen. With great battery, you can easily work in any environment. It includes true worldwide connection with the help of selectable 3.5 g WAN, HSM HSPA and CDMA EVDO Rev Capability. It gives you great connectivity features that includes from broad WLAN functions. Motorola ES400 is great device that is constructed with durable parts. This durability helps the device to withstand any dust, drops and bumps that may occur in everyday basis. It has built in biometric finger print reader that helps in knowing your fingerprint. For better and easier IT support and product management, this phone gives you 3-year life cycle. It enjoys all other features like SMS, MMS, internal memory-256 MB RAM, Expandable memory of 32 GB, Accelerometer sensor etc.



Motorola ES400 review

This new Motorola ES 400 review has been speculated all because of its features that would be built in it. With so many unmatched features and functionality with this phone, this would surely become a lifeline for all the customers. It helps in combining the best feature of connectivity and mobility. You have great communication with task functionality and you do not need to compromise on any part. When this device was thought to be built, it was made with business people in mind. This also aims at all task managers and foe great design and speed; it will blow over the mind of business people. You get all rich applications involved in this new Motorola phone. This is surely going to be one of the critical devices for customers and their business.

Motorola ES 400 price is not been released soon but it is expected that this phone would be surely going to hit the market.

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