Google: Chrome For A Cause Donates $1 Million

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Just a few days back Google Chrome was seen doing some social work, contributing in different ways but donations all based on the Google Chrome users in means of ‘Clicks’ instead of direct money. We even reported of Google incorporating the event by rolling in a separate extension within the Google Chrome browser in order to mark the contributions.

Over 60 Million Tabs were donated to the “Chrome For A Cause” Charity. The tabs were equally distributed amongst the five charities involved with the program. Google would now distribute $1 Million it had pledged in an orderly fashion according to the people’s choices.

Sarah Nahm, Google Product Marketing Manager wrote:

In 2010, the Chrome community has joined us in moments of fun, invention, exploration, and now, giving. Last week, we invited Chrome’s users worldwide to ‘donate’ their opened tabs in Chrome to drive a charitable gift of one million dollars. We on the Chrome team were deeply impressed with the support and participation and now we’re happy to share the results with you. The Chrome community responded with staggering enthusiasm and, acting together, raised 60,599,541 tabs for charity.

Google was proud to see people participate, specially in a good cause which was different than a competition. Instead of the user getting something in return, Google Chrome users donated via clicking the tabs. Some 16 million tabs were clicked alone for vaccinations, due to which $267,336 would be donated in combating meningitis with vaccinations in Africa.

Some 14.8 million tabs were clicked to divert funds to re-planting trees for the endangered Atlantic Forest which sums up to a total of $245,278, directly contributed to the trees. Charity:water, registered some 14 million tabs which sums up to a total of $232,791, going towards building clean water supplies. Furthermore, 8.6 million tabs were delegated towards providing books to schools and libraries in Africa and Asia, sums up to total of $142,518 and 6.8 million tabs for building shelter in Latin America.

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Asia booms for mobile app downloads

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Mobile developers should consider turning their attention to Asia, which is booming with mobile app downloads, according to a new report from app analytics firm Distimo. The region now boasts the second-largest global app market — in China — and it has a fast riser in South Korea, which is now outpacing Germany and France in app download volume.

Distimo, which examined downloads in the Apple App Store, said the overall download volume in Asian countries has taken off in the past six months, while some Western countries actually saw less download volume over the same period. While the U.S. remains the leader for app downloads, Asian countries like India and Thailand have grown 27 percent and 40 percent, respectively, since December 2010.

While China has now moved into second place in overall app downloads, South Korea actually outpaces China and Japan in download volume on a per capita basis. This comes despite the fact that the App Store in South Korea doesn’t include games because of local regulations. That’s pretty remarkable when you consider that gaming is the most popular category in the App Store in most other countries.

But there are still hurdles for developers looking to tap the Asian market. Monetization for apps is about two-thirds that of Western markets, in part because Asian consumers are one-third less likely to buy paid apps. That might also be a result of higher average selling prices for paid apps, which are $2.62 in Asia among the top 300 apps, compared with $1.48 in the U.S.

Asian consumers are also less interested in in-app purchase, which is a key way for developers to make money on free apps. Outside Singapore and Malaysia, all Asian countries produce less revenue via in-app purchase for developers when compared to their Western counterparts. In China, for example, only 34 percent of the revenue from the 200 top grossing applications came from from apps with in-app purchase, half that of the U.S.

Western developers must also consider the need to localize apps in Asian countries. Distimo found that 34 percent of the most popular apps in Asia are only popular within Asia, and some titles that are popular worldwide don’t catch on in the region. The need for localization is more pronounced in countries like China, where 65 percent of the 300 most-popular free applications are popular only in the region. That could present a problem for outside developers, but there are examples of success, such as Electronic Arts, whose SimCity and Monopoly are in the top ten iPad apps in Asia.

The Asian market is largely similar to the rest of the world in terms of the categories that are popular, however. Games and entertainment are the top two categories in the U.S. and Asia. And if the growth of paid apps and in-app purchase increases as it has in the West, developers should be making more money in those areas soon. It’s still a challenge for some developers to go global, but the investment may be worth it now.

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