Google And Its Smart Grids Initiative

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Google has a new surprising green initiative that might make happy millions of people. The company cooperates with Spectrum Bridge for creating a smart grid wireless network. This so far was only in the field of dreams and many giants have tried to build such network.

Even the utility companies are facing problems about it and certainly for many companies, it is a financial risk to start such a project.

Google has chosen Spectrum Bridge for a partner, for the company is eminent for using the so called “white space” between the TV channels. For now, the partners are performing a beta test in California.

The test has to give an answer about the communication between the wireless electrical grid and the unused TV bandwidth, both operated trough Google’s Power Meter. If the test shows a good communication between them, this means the country will have the first smart grid wireless network

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Google seeks Apple’s Approval

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Yes that true Google is waiting for Apple’s approval for Google Application on ipad and iphone. For Google to success along with facebook and twitter, it is very important that it should reach maximum number of mobile devices. But getting space on mobile phone devices depends upon different types of platforms which various mobile platforms offer such as Symbian, Android or Apple’s OS.

However, we all are aware of the fact that Apple has strict control over the applications running on their platform. But officially Google has not declared about their iPhone’s application.

Google’s Employee Erica Joy in her Google+ page said,” Soon Google+ official application may be approved by Apple’s corporation and all iPhones and iPads users can enjoy the application benefits.

According to Torchen Stauch, an executive officer of Apple’s corporation,” there will be some benefits if Google+ application gets approved by us. Firstly Apple store will get a lot of exposure and secondly push alert services will be beneficial for then as user will be engaged in accessing the application.

However there are some chances of rejection also, as earlier Skype also offered the same application for iPhone users but it was rejected by Apple. So it is clear that if giant like Skype can be rejected than why not Google? Now google is also waiting for approval and that’s the reason behind that google has not officially declared its launching with apple.

Not only apple rejected Skype but earlier it has also rejected two application of Google i.e. Latitude and Voice. Apple rejected it because these applications violated the rules and regulations of Apple store and services. After that, by the investigation of Federal Communication of US, Apple made some relaxation in their rules.

Google is trying best for their Google+ application. The perfect example of this is that its official application is already available for Android operating system and Google is waiting for others giants to approve it.

Rax lakhani; the social media consultant said, “ Even if Google+ application is rejected by Apple then also there are certain available options for them such as Web Application.”

There are several iPhone users who do not use Facebook or twitter official application but web services are always the option available.

Now let’s see, how much Google+ grow in mobile world. What do you think?

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Google: Chrome For A Cause Donates $1 Million

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Just a few days back Google Chrome was seen doing some social work, contributing in different ways but donations all based on the Google Chrome users in means of ‘Clicks’ instead of direct money. We even reported of Google incorporating the event by rolling in a separate extension within the Google Chrome browser in order to mark the contributions.

Over 60 Million Tabs were donated to the “Chrome For A Cause” Charity. The tabs were equally distributed amongst the five charities involved with the program. Google would now distribute $1 Million it had pledged in an orderly fashion according to the people’s choices.

Sarah Nahm, Google Product Marketing Manager wrote:

In 2010, the Chrome community has joined us in moments of fun, invention, exploration, and now, giving. Last week, we invited Chrome’s users worldwide to ‘donate’ their opened tabs in Chrome to drive a charitable gift of one million dollars. We on the Chrome team were deeply impressed with the support and participation and now we’re happy to share the results with you. The Chrome community responded with staggering enthusiasm and, acting together, raised 60,599,541 tabs for charity.

Google was proud to see people participate, specially in a good cause which was different than a competition. Instead of the user getting something in return, Google Chrome users donated via clicking the tabs. Some 16 million tabs were clicked alone for vaccinations, due to which $267,336 would be donated in combating meningitis with vaccinations in Africa.

Some 14.8 million tabs were clicked to divert funds to re-planting trees for the endangered Atlantic Forest which sums up to a total of $245,278, directly contributed to the trees. Charity:water, registered some 14 million tabs which sums up to a total of $232,791, going towards building clean water supplies. Furthermore, 8.6 million tabs were delegated towards providing books to schools and libraries in Africa and Asia, sums up to total of $142,518 and 6.8 million tabs for building shelter in Latin America.

via [Google Chrome Blog]

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[Rumor] Honeycomb Could be Android 2.4, not 3.0

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With all the good Android news the past few days, I guess we were bound to get some bad news.  This isn’t the worst news, but it’s a little disappointing.

According to Android & Me, the next version of Android, which is apparently codenamed Honeycomb, will not be version 3.0, as orginally rumored.  Instead it will be Android 2.4.  It looks like Google is holding out for something big with Android 3.0.

If we go back a bit, it was originally thought that Gingerbread was going to be Android 3.0, instead it turns out to be 2.3.  Since then, we’ve all thought that Honeycomb would be the codename for Android 3.0.  Now people are already wondering what codename Android 3.0 will take on.  Maybe Jellybean or Ice Cream?

Android and Me’s credible anonymous source doesn’t point to any particular reason for this.  Everyone just assumed that Honeycomb would of been big enough to warrant a whole new version number.  Honeycomb is being touted as the “Android for tablets.”  It’s supposed to be the first version of Android to support tablet computing.

We will know soon enough, Honeycomb is expected to be released in February, around the same time as the 2011 Mobile World Congress.  With the list of keynote speakers all being CEOs, it makes sense that Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, will be there to announce the release.  If that happens to be the case, then it looks like Google I/O 2011 in May. will be the most important event of the season.  There are already rumors that Google has something big planned for upcoming I/O, could it be the Android 3.0?  We’ll have to wait and see.

[via Android and Me]

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Full Desktop Version of Google Docs Now Available for iPad

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We told you about the newly updated mobile version of Google Docs for iPad not too long ago. Now, Google has announced that the full desktop version of the web-based Microsoft Word alternative is available for use on iPad, along with the mobile version.

While Google is recommending that users utilize the mobile version, which has been specifically designed to make for the best experience on the device, the full version will allow you to do more advanced editing such as alignment and font edits. Creation of spreadsheets is also reportedly a much smoother experience with the full version, as shown in the image below.

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Google To Introduce New Online Storage Device – Google Picker

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One habit which I love about Google., testing and rolling out new products and features frequently. People usually refer me as a pro-Google guy and I might need to agree with their views. Tech Crunch reported of Google testing a new product, more of an online storage tagged as Google Cloud Picker.

Google has designed a simple tool for adding media content from various Google services. Users or mainly Bloggers would now be able to benefit from other sites and services such a allowing Blogger to insert images or videos from Picasso and YouTube.

Google brings in a unified way of embedding content you host on your blog or company site. Besides browsing for content, users can also search for it across the content. Might want to add one more thing, whatever feature or product Google brings out, seems new whereas somewhat a similar feature by Microsoft already existed but consigned to Hotmail only.

Most of you might be flocking the web in order to get the first look on Cloud Picker but unfortunately the product is visible to a limited number of Google Apps users.

Google made the Cloud Picker available a little earlier while it wasn’t supposed to be rolled out. The internet search giant reported:

Oops… looks like someone pushed some code too quickly. It’s not quite ready for prime time yet but stay tuned!

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Angry Birds reaches 7 million downloads on Android

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We all know the success of Angry Birds on the App Store for iOS devices with more than 12 million copies sold since it was released last year. It appears that developer Rovio is also having incredible success on Android devices with the company stating on their Twitter account they have reached the 7 million download mark.

The title is a free download for Android platforms, unlike the 99 cent version available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The free ad-supported version of Angry Birds was released for Android in October and went on to reach over two million downloads in the first three days.

There are many obvious reasons why Rovio decided to make the Android version of their flagship title a free, ad-supported download. The most obvious is the fact that piracy of paid apps on Android devices has been rampant and affecting the bottom line for many developers that have had success on other platforms such as the iPhone.

Secondly, the Android marketplace has been known to produce many cheap knockoffs of successful games from high-profile developers. In order to avoid having their title lost among the many copycats trying to capitalize on their success, Rovio has decided to offer the game free of charge and make their revenue from in-app ads. Hopefully with 7 million downloads the developer will see enough of a profit from ads that they will be able to offer their future titles in the Android marketplace for free.

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How to Create iGoogle Themes using Official iGoogle Theme Creator

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Recently we had posted about official iGoogle Theme building tool to create your own iGoogle theme has been released. But the URL to official iGoogle Thememaker was throwing 404 error and it was inaccessible till today. That was mistake from iGoogle team which is now rectified and iGoogle Theme creater is available for use.

iGoogle Theme Creator /Thememaker is web based tool with absolutely basic functionally where you can unload your own image, crop, adjust, change text color, change background color to create your own iGoogle Theme. Here is step by step guide on How to create iGoogle Theme with official iGoogle ThemeMaker.

How to Create iGoogle Theme with iGoogle Theme Creator

1. Click here to open official iGoogle ThemeMaker Page.

2. Login with your Google Account to access Theme Maker

3. Click on Upload Images button to select Image for your iGoogle Theme


4. You can add image in following ways,

a. Upload from your computer


b. Select from Picasa web album

c. Provide image URL

5. Any Upload image to iGoogle Thememaker will be available in your Picasa Web Album

6. Make sure that Upload image is of Size 680px X 116px.

7. Crop image to show only part of image or select whole image

8. Click on Apply Changes

9. You can change Header Text Color and Background Color

10. Add Title, Author Name and Description & Click on Create Theme.


11. You need to accept Terms and Conditions as well as you can publish your iGoogle theme to Theme Directory which will be browsable by every one.


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New & Improved Google Calendar Gadget for Google Desktop Released

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Slowly Google Desktop team has started integrating all Google Services with Google Desktop thru Gadgets. Recently Google released Gmail Desktop Gadget following to this today Google Desktop Team has released improved version of Calendar Google Desktop Gadget which obsolete the need of manually login to Google Calendar to keep track of events, appointments, schedules.

Google Calendar Gadget for Google Desktop has cleaner interface and also supports Google App calendars, and also includes three different viewing modes.

Screenshots of Google Calendar Gadget for Google Desktop


Three Different View of Google Calendar Gadget


One Click Event Details with Map of location, Start time and end time etc

One Click add Event Details

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Remove Left Navigation Tab Links of iGoogle with iGoogle Tab Remover

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Google Personalized Homepage i.e iGoogle is best place to start your day. With availability of so many gadgets, themes you can personalize iGoogle Homepage to any extent. You can grab lets news headlines, read your today’s horoscope, go true feeds of your favorite websites and blog, chat with your gtalk friends, check emails and many more. Possibility are endless with iGoogle and Gadgets.

Only problem with iGoogle Homepage is more Gadgets we add more clutter it will become also left navigation links of iGoogle page seems to be useless. If you want to make room for iGoogle gadget then here is iGoogle Tab Remover firefox add-on to Hide the iGoogle left navigation tabs, so you can have more room to browse.

Screenshot of iGoogle with Left Navigation Tabs


Screenshot of iGoogle with without Left Navigation Tabs


Download iGoogle Tab Remover Firefox Add-on

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Create Custom iGoogle Themes with iGoogle Theme Creation Tool

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Google Personalized Homepage also know as iGoogle is best place start your day as you can add your own gadget to start reading news, read the feeds of your favorite websites, know your horoscope and much more. As the name says its personalized home page meaning you can personalize its content, add gadgets, change look and feel i.e themes.

Google has been providing Themes (iGoogle Theme Directory) for your Google Personalized home page i.e iGoogle & their was no scope for custom themes designed by yourself since developing iGoogle Themes requires knowledge of XML. But today iGoogle team has announced first iGoogle Theme building tool, which lets you to create your own custom themes for your personalized Google home page (iGoogle).

iGoogle Theme building tool has slick simple interface with basic set of tools to help you create your own Custome iGoogle themes. With these Themes building tool you can upload your images, photo from Desktop, Picasa, Flickr pr any where from web.

Feature of iGoogle Theme Creation Tool

1. Image Cropping – Crop your favorite photo to fit your iGoogle theme

2. Color Schemes – Pick colors to complement your photo

3. Real-time Preview – See immediate feedback of your changes to swiftly fine-tune your theme

4. Public and Private Publishing – Choose who gets to see your original themes, whether it’s just you, or if you want to share them with the world.

Custom iGoogle Theme


Once your theme is created, it’s immediately added to your iGoogle page for you to enjoy

Here is link for iGoogle Custom Theme tool currently this page is showing Error 404 page but soon it will available for users.

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Official Google Sitemap Generator Beta Launched

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Google Search Engine is like precious stone for any webmaster in the world, the amount of traffic a website or blog can receive from google search engine is most of the time more then any other traffic source. In order to help Google Search Engine to crawl your website deeply you need to submit sitemap thru your google webmaster account.

Generating sitemap for website having 10-100 pages is easy task but for website with thousands of web pages could become resource intensive task as well difficult to maintain and update this sitemap frequently. To help webmasters in generating sitemap Google webmaster has developed official Google Sitemap Generating Tool.

Google Sitemap Generator tool is a server site plug-in that can be installed on both Linux/Apache and Microsoft IIS Windows-based servers. Compared to third party sitemap generator, Google Sitemap Generator is different in many terms like it doesn’t just list WebPages url based on links but uses several other ways to find URLs on your website and also allows you to automatically create and maintain different kinds of Sitemap files.

Features of Google Sitemap Generator

1. Can Generates XML Sitemap

2. Can Generates Mobile Sitemap

3. Cam Generates Code Search Sitemap

4. Ping to Google Blog Search for new and modified URLs

5. Finds new and modified URLs based on your webserver’s traffic, its log files, or the files found on the server

Screenshot of Google Sitemap Generator in Action


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DownThemAll, FlashGot & Adblock like Extensions Coming Soon to Google Chrome

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Google Web browser Google Chrome has fast response time and better performance then any other browser but it lacks lots of features like Extension support, Google toolbar and many more. One thing which is holding back firefox users from switching to google chrome is no support for extensions.

Google definitely want to bring extension to chrome and as support to this a latest document Chrome extensions document, spotlighted Saturday by Google programmer Aaron Boodman.

As per Chrome Extensions Document,

We should start by building the infrastructure for an extension system that can support different types of extensibility. The system should be able to support an open-ended list of APIs over time, such as toolbars, sidebars, content scripts (for Greasemonkey-like functionality), and content filtering (for parental filters, malware filters, or adblock-like functionality). Some APIs will require privileges that must be granted, such as “access to the history database” or “access to”.

Google Chrome Extension system is categorized in to following system

Webby :- Developing and using extensions should be very similar to developing and using web pages.

Rich :- It should be possible to create extensions as polished as if they had been developed by the Chromium team.

General :- There should be only one extension system in Chromium that handles all types of extensibility.

Maintainable :- The system should require low ongoing maintenance from the Chromium team

Stable :- Extensions should not be able to crash or hang the browser process.

Secure :- It must not be possible for third-party code to get access to privileged APIs because of the extension system

Open :- Extension development must not require use of any Google products or services.

Some of suggested Google Chrome Extension

1. Bookmarking/navigation tools: Delicious Toolbar, Stumbleupon, web-based history, new tab page clipboard accelerators

2. Content enhancements: Skype extension (clickable phone numbers), RealPlayer extension (save video), Autolink (generic microformat data – addresses, phone numbers, etc.)

3. Content filtering: Adblock, Flashblock, Privacy control, Parental control

4. Download helpers: video helpers, download accelerators, DownThemAll, FlashGot

5. Features: ForecastFox, FoxyTunes, Web Of Trust, GooglePreview, BugMeNot

So it’s just a matter of time and soon we will have all extension and add-on like firefox to Google Chrome.

But what if Extensions comes to Google Chrome will it be death of Mozilla Firefox ??

Source : CNET

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Google Toolbar PageRank Update Time 25 July – 30 July 2008

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Every one loves to see their Website getting Higher Page Rank on Google and those who was unlucky and got Page rank penalty will pray that Google will remove penalty. Well here is time to see updates in Google Page Rank.

As pointed out by Google guy Matt Cutts,

Hey folks, I wanted to let you know that new toolbar Page Rank values should become visible over the next few days. I’m expecting that also in the next few days that we’ll be expiring some older penalties on websites.

This is 2nd Page-rank update of this year and looks like it’s going to bring some joy among SEO, Webmasters and Blogger particularly for those Webmaster who have suffered Google Penalty.

However keep in mind that this is Google Toolbar Page-rank update which happens after every two or three month. Where as Actual page-rank of website changes daily. You can find whether your Blog/Website has low, Medium, High Page Rank from Google Webmaster.

Personally I feel Page Rank doesn’t matter much what matters is The Search Engine Rank Position (SERP). My old blog had PR of 2 but after Changing Domain Name to Blogs DNA my blog lost its Page rank. This clearly gives indication that Google now no more passes Page rank with 301 and 302 Redirection or there is some default penalty associated with Redirection.

I am not expecting Any Page-rank for Blogs-DNA.

Please Comment About Your Blog Page Rank Expectation.

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Google Knol Public Release Knol vs Wikipedia

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Last year in December 2007 Google announced about new service called Google Knol. Google knol was in private beta which is now available for all. Knol is some what like mixture of Squidoo, Hubpages and Wikipedia. Knol is place of authoritative articles about specific topics, written by people who know about those subjects.

There is a big speculation about Knol that google want to replace Wikipedia by creating Knol encyclopedia. Knol stand for “unit of knowledge”. A big difference between Wikipedia and Knol is that Wikipedia is maintained by worldwide users where as Google’s Knol is maintained by Authors.

Google Knol has set up three levels of collaboration in Knol:

open collaboration (any Knol user can edit the article)
moderate collaboration (any Knol user can suggest changes to the article – enabled by default)
closed collaboration (only the co-authors can edit the article)

Features of Google Knol

Google Knol Article

Rich Text Editor

Edit articles

Comment on Articles

Rate any Articles

Articles are licensed as Creative Commons Attribution

Screenshots of Google’s Knol

One of best part about Google Knol is, Author of knols can monetize and advertising on their respective knols and get a portion of the ad revenue.

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EA Sports Launches Event Marketing Tour for FIFA Soccer 11

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Anyone with working pairs can know about the latest release and that is EA is launching FIFA 11. This had been released yesterday by EA. FIFA 11 is one of the latest chance by the EA that allows you take Madrid to Wembley. This is EA’s global bottom line. As the game has been released yesterday and it has a few of the major thing that should be taken in to account. It hardly has little fun little campaign behind it. You will not get away from it the moment you see it.

EA SPORTS FIFA 11-development team

Now for all those FIFA 11 soccer fans, this game will be the perfect thing for giving you all kinds of soccer experience. It is believed that talented team at EAC that includes Matt Bilbey, Kaz Makita and Dave Rutter, have produced a well-featured and sharp game. This has produced another great soccer experience. It is all due to FIFA development team. I still remember one of the first weeks when it was briefed on the concepts of entrance in to martial arts experience. With this EA games experience, it is surely going to be a tournament where players from all over the country would be involved in playing and participating. In fact, when it was released last night in New York, it kicked off with some great players from New York Red Bulls. In fact, even I can recognise some players who participated. If I am not mistaken then surely they were Thiery Henry and Rafa Marquez. I could be familiar with these players in the release of FIFA 11 by EA games.




FIFA 11 Releases

FIFA’s 11 release went out to be huge success as many people were present and they all praised the game. As any project has an interesting journey, it happens with the FIFA Soccer 11 too. EA Sports FIFA 11 has come up with such a nice version of playing soccer that it keeps your mind and body busy. It is tough to review this products now, as it is not been still downloaded by me. Surely as I can see so many players’ face, and the fact that I also played a little bit of game yesterday, I can say that until date EA SPORTS has been able to deliver FIFA 11 soccer as its best effort. This has done a great job this time and they will surely break the ice soon.

Download EA SPORTS FIFA 11

You can even download this EA SPORTS FIFA 11 and get an all-new experience by yourself. Surely, this game will change your thinking with what all kind of games you may have played earlier. EA Sports Soccer has been able to come up with great FIFA 11 experience this time with the release of FIFA11 yesterday. Everybody at the release liked it and this is the reason the release of EA SOCCER FIFA 11 has been a hit. No wonder soon this game is going to be a hit and you will see everyone just getting addicted to it.

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Google gets its own URL shortner website,

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It was in earlier this day that Google has announced its latest release., the Google shortner is out in public now. They are saying this shortner to be “stablest, most secure and fastest URL shortner on web”. This might be even said to be a coolest thanks to the Easter eggs. features

One of the major features is said to be secure, stable and fastest URL on web. Finally, when Google has its own website, it gives you web interface where you input a URL and receive its shorter one. This is just an instance of keeping a track of all your URLs that will help in keeping track of any previously shortened URLs. The main three features of stability, security and speed has been attained by doing some good technical works. For stability, there has been 100% uptime and Google has worked enough to make this shorter to be most stable and robust one. For Security, automatic spam detection makes its base on some type of filtering technology. This same technology is used in Gmail so you have secure means to achieve it. To cater to the speed need, Google has worked harder to give you greater speed in accessing any URLs.

Even if you are not on any of the URL, you also get ‘handy extension’ or even the Firefox extension’.

Google’s Matt Cutts just said that ‘if you add “.qr” in last of, then you get a QR code” so while you scan this QR code, you can get in to any of this URL mode. To site an example you have a URL:, which is the shortened link for the post. You can make it as a QR link that is


Google-URL-shortener-goo-gl-ten-technologies-com review

The new feature is not exactly new but then previously it was much harder to use this feature. In fact, it was even limited by some of the main Google products so not everyone could make use of it. Now with so much stability and security maintained in this new Google shortner form, you are sure to get going with it. Now, everyone can use it with complete ease and no tension. This shortner URL of Google is out with new and easy feature that would help all consumers to get effective help from Google.

In fact, the QR code that it offers can be very much used in mobile devices. Google has made much use of it since the time android applications have started. Google has made its use in various android applications. Now Google is ready to provide you with so many new features with the help of this shortner form. You can search and advertise with the aim to organise and monetize your information. Plethora of technical tools is there for you to work upon. You have lot many platforms where you can choose to work. So surely, you have good hands open up with this shortner form and Google getting its own website.

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