HTC Lexicon – Android Powered Smartphone With Qwerty Sliding

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HTC Lexicon is new release from HTC and it is android powered Verizon bound phone. This is unofficial and unannounced phone. There were many-leaked information and initially it started with leaked specs, and then leaked pre production renders. So now, you have complete Verizon in front of you. This is in front of you in form of an android device. So let us start getting to know about some detailed information about this HTC lexicon.

HTC Lexicon specs

Some of the main HTC lexicon specs have been already leaked out. It includes Android 2.2 with 5-mega pixel camera. It includes good size keyboard and it has 3.8” display. It gives out 480*800 WVGA resolutions that give out good camera features. It also has 800 mhzCPU. With these leaked information about HTC, many of the features have been spreading its own charm. HTC lexicon goes to T Mobile and this is simply going to different the carriers. It is surely having large screen size. The android applications just make it worth today’s device. HTC lexicon is said to be armed with 528 MHz processor.




HTC Lexicon features and design

Apart from android 2.2 froyo applications, there are many other major features in HTC Lexicon. It includes 4 GB internal memory storage and it works on HTC sense 1.6. It includes a QWERTY keyboard in fact there has been ROM updated and it shows dual mode GSM/CDMA slider. It gives the speed of 800 MHz, with MSM 7630 chipset.

HTC Lexicon looks much more similar to HTC Bees and it has emerged as one day’s bays. When you look at HTC bee, you may find much similarity between HTC Bee and HTC lexicon features. All the specs and features are very much similar to each other.

HTC Lexicon Review

Although nothing can be confirmed, but still it has been known that it has major features being leaked. If you are a Verizon fan then surely you will be going to enjoy this new hand piece with so many features. Many of the leaked photos soft eh HTC Lexicon has been out. It is sure that the phone would be very much similar with some main finishing done. Its Quick keys help in easy accessing of the phone and keypads. So very well and very truly, this is going to be very good with the customers. Although, not much is known about HTC Lexicon price but it is assumed that it would be worth.

HTC has made its own name in mobile phones. They are meant to provide best things to their customers. They just try to make their products very much resemblance and in purpose with daily life things. This has made them come with the new HTC Lexicon that would be released soon. With the look of the phone, everyone could see it is going to be a stylish one. So again, this would be a great customers experience to know and use this new release from HTC.



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Opera to drive fast on Android

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Many of us don’t like the unflavored and tedious Internet explorer and me especially. And at the same time web browser known an Opera has taken full advantage of such opportunity offering the high speed and many other features which some unknown for some browsers. Opera is renowned for its mobile browser too called the Mini. Mini also offers the same in the cellular world. But for a cellular Operating System, it seems ready to unleash all the ingredients infused in it. Yes, I am talking about the Opera mini which is not Mini for Android OS.

A big grapevine was in the air for about months, it also struck my eyes, sounded a bit unique. Yes it is unique as the opera is launching its full version for the Android operating system. Opera has groomed its browser with its hardware acceleration inclusion. This hardware acceleration feature allows no frame breakage when you zoom in or zoom out while browsing. So, we all won’t have to wait for the browser to zoom in while accessing internet. Smart phones have this problem which doesn’t show any smartness. These phones were lacking in the browsing turf were flexibility was missing which should be present.

Many Operating systems developed for the Smart phones still have this drawback and standards other than Apple iPhone were working on it intensively. There was a rumor with the new symbian series for smart phones will allow such technology. The technology of 3G will be fully utilized with this technology as Video watching, rendering, and almost everything won’t remain the same. Android has the platform which can support the demands of the Opera.


While reading this, you haunt yourself asking the question, what is hardware acceleration? It is not the acceleration associated with cars, it just reflects on the fact that it will enhance the speed of the machine. As Opera is a browser, so it will augment the downloading and uploading speed of a webpage. So, how does it work? It is a bit tricky as every engineer is working on this and it will be unraveled only after the official launch of the Opera on Android. Earlier it was a rumor but now it is a reality and I am certainly excited about it as I have the HTC.

Again, a shocker for you all (readers), Opera will enhance its Mini and other mobile browsers with the similar hardware acceleration technology.  This technology will be available for every platform and will be a great support to the 3G lovers.

My verdict will be very colorful and vivid. This will be great breakthrough for those people who had the 3G service but didn’t have the platform to make the most of it. It will also upgrade our hunger for more from Android and Opera. This is just an upgrade in acceleration; still there are many loop holes in the Multimedia or smart phones present in the market.  I love HTC and I love Android, so it will be very exciting and I am building up for the official launch.


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HTC 7 Surround Windows Phone 7 first hands-on!

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imageThis new release of mobile device includes all major features that are there in any basic HTC mobile. It gives you good look and style. This mobile works on 2G as well as 3G network. Its weight is 165 grams. It has a capacitive touch screen with 480*800-pixel screen size. It includes an accelerometer sensor for UI auto rotate. For auto turn on and off it includes a proximity sensor. Some of the basic sound features included in it are speakerphone, Alert vibration mode, 3.5 mm audio jack, Dolby mobile. It has unlimited phone entries and call records with 16GB internal memory storage. For connection, it makes use of Bluetooth, USB, WLan and Infra red ports too.
HTC Surround advanced features

The main changes in the HTC surround are that it has windows phone 7 OS. It includes 5-mega pixel camera with 720p video facility. It has QUALCOMM snapdragon processor. You can be a part of social networking sites with this mobile phone. It includes a slide out speaker that will give you a standalone music player feature. Its battery gives you capability of 4 hours stand by time. It includes 448 MB of RAM. It includes a predictive text input and support of major audio and video formats. It is also a YouTube client.



HTC Surround review

HTC Surround is said to be very good for those who wants to stay connected as this helps them to be socially active with facebook, twitter etc. It gives easy web browsing and email applications. With interesting interface, it is slick in design. Its hardware specifications and details are satisfactory. It can easily differentiate itself from all other devices. Its 5-mega pixel camera gives you good pictures and that are sharp images. It is good for all those who want a decent alternative of phone for them. It has external microSD card slot for managing extra memory requirement. This phone will surely give users a great listening experience with such a slide out speaker. Even those who are game lovers would love ego have this phone as it provides good gaming experience.

HTC Surround price and release date

HTC Surround is expected to release in October this year. However, the date is not yet confirmed. Not much is been known about this new release from HTC. This new release would be having great surround sound and game experience. There are many features included in this beautiful handset and all would be known only after its release. The photos of this mobile have been out and you can know about its design and look.

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HTC Gratia Brings Aria With Android 2.2

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Gratia is the latest designer phone that is designer and compact android smart phone from HTC. This phone has great features and its weight is around 4 ounces. This has good camera features too with some sense of style being added to it. It is green in colour and has seamless wrap around soft corner that is away from any harmless edges. This has been a problem with all HTC phones since long. However, apart from this feature, all phones are very stylish with all good features included in it.

HTC Gratia Specs and Features

This new phone from HTC combines style with functionality. This is a sleek phone with 5-mega pixel camera. It also includes auto focus with its camera feature. It is four inches in length with 4 ounces in weight. It includes latest version of android. It also experience good HTC sense feeling that places you in centre. Some unexpected features would surely put smile on your face. It keeps you easily connected with the friends through friend stream. This helps you to post and comment and keeps your updates on facebook, twitter and all other social networking sites. This phone has 600 MHz processor and 512 MB ROM and 384 MB RAM. This phone has 3.2-inch touch screen that has 320 *480 resolutions. It has onscreen navigation and optical trackball along with G sensor and digital compass. It includes proximity sensor and ambient light sensor too. It has connectivity with Wi-Fi and blue tooth. It has standard micro USB for connection too. It has expandable memory slot with that of SD 2.0 compatibility. The main of the feature is that it helps you in staying connected with your friends easily.


HTC Gratia Review

HTC gratia is a stylish phone that includes other main features that is consumer friendly. It gives you an experience of HTC sense and that will bring you all major HTC features included in it. If you are a person who is involved with friends and clients then this HTC gratia is a great phone for you. You can easily stay connected with the social networking sites. You do not have any connectivity issues as you have good connection features with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This sleek featured phone is good to be used easily and you get good auto focus with camera too.

HTC Gratia Release and Price

HTC Gratia would be released soon in 2011. The date may not be accurately revealed but it would be out in first quarter of 2011. Not much is known with the HTC gratia price too. However, it is expected that HTC gratia would be available with 399 euro. It is going to be us to watch for the release in 2011.

HTC gratia is going to keep you stylish yet giving you all features that you need. So enjoy the time even when you are in your office by staying connected with your friends through facebook and twitter.


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