BlackBerry Storm 3 With Windows Phone 7 Captured

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When RIM was trying to break in to touch phone in market then neither Blackberry storm and nor any of its sequel did well. However, it is expected that third version from Blackberry Storm will do wonders and its charm would bring good things. Therefore, here is the Blackberry Storm 3 with its all-new features going to be available in market soon.

BlackBerry Storm 3 Specs

Let us gain a detailed specification in the designing and features of this Blackberry storm device. This blackberry device has good screen size and that is 3.7”, which is much bigger than older phones. Although not much information is available in regard with the resolution but it is expected that it will get a bump from 360*480 pixel resolutions of earlier ones. This Verizon has Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity and it uses optical track pad. This phone has good storage capacity with 8GB built in memory. This blackberry storm 3 has Blackberry OS 6 and it has good RAM support too. It gives you the flexibility of having web kit browser too. It is expected that this Blackberry OS 6 would be having support of 32 GB micro SD card slot. The camera would be five Mega pixels and surely a normal Wi-Fi connectivity. It is expected that this phone would be landing on Verizon soon.

Blackberry 6 OS is expected to have many other features including 3G enhancement features so all these must be checked soon when this phone releases. It is also expected that this would be a device heading for Verizon network and that would surely add to their storm line up.

BlackBerry Storm 3 Review

This new BlackBerry OS 6 release would be running on a new version of operating system 6.o and it will be including personalization and widgets. This would surely bring in your device to be more customized. This device would be completely redesigned than the older Blackberry storm 2 versions. You are surely getting a good stylish phone with you. There are some testing still going on with these features. This phone will be having great features that would be giving tough competition to android apps mobile phones. These specifications may seem to be a bit high but surely, after two of these blackberry smart phones failures, this third version would be something that would lure the users. This phone is processed with 1 GHz processor so surely it is going to run faster and smoother. This is a LTE capable phone and it would help in making you much more technically advanced.

It is expected that this third version from Blackberry Storm will take away all negative things from the older models. This is said to succeed Blackberry storm 2. It is expected that Blackberry storm 3 price would be somewhere around $200 when it gets available in market. It is expected to be released in quarter four of this year. So it would be available only in few more days now.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab: Google Android With 3G Network

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Samsung has just come up with a 7-inch device that is called galaxy tab. Samsung Galaxy tab is a device that runs on Google android 2.2 operating system. Galaxy tab has an LCD display and the weight is only 0.8 pounds. This weight is much less that the competitor Apple iPad. This galaxy tab is one device that runs off a cortex and that is A8 1.0 GHz processor.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Specifications

Samsung galaxy tab specs uses network of 2G and 3G network. It is soon to be announced in September itself.  Galaxy tab has TFT capacitive touch screen and it has many other features like multi touch input method, accelerometer sensor, three-axis gyro sensor, touch sensitive colours, proximity sensor and swipe text input too. In case of memory, this galaxy tab uses unlimited storage for phone calls and numbers. It runs on android OS and gives you 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity too. It has a front facing camera too. You can also make your phone calls using blue tooth and headset too. For external memory storage, it has micro SD support with it. It uses 3.5 mm audio jack along with USB port so it gives you much ease in connectivity methods. This Samsung android also supports social networking integration along with some Google in built products like Gmail, you tube, Gtalk etc. it gives you full Adobe Flash support. This Samsung galaxy android comes in two colours black and grey and they both look stylish yet classic.


samsung galax tab - review, price, specs


Samsung Galaxy Tab Release

Although official date is yet not out but it is expected to release within September itself. Samsung galaxy price would be seen after its release only. This galaxy android 2.2 is surely going to win many hearts with its great features. This galaxy android 2.2 is going to be released in IFA electronics show this week.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Review

This galaxy android 2.2 gives you good resolution along with perfect Google android operating system. So, it is much user friendly. With camera and video chat options, you can hardly slip from your hand off a device. It has rear as well as front camera and rear camera gives a resolution of 3.1 mp camera. As it is, going to be realised soon not much time is left when you would come to know the exact specifications and features about the Samsung galaxy tab. The galaxy android 2.2 has some of its pics revealed and it looks stylish enough. Although the size of phone is hardly some inches smaller than the competitor Apple iPad but yet it gives you complete features and feel of a good device. It is expected that this galaxy tab android is surely going to give java 1.5 features in it too.

samsung galaxy tab android 2.2 phone

To know the authenticity of all features and specifications being discussed, we all need to wait for the phone to release. But major of these features would be surely covered in this android invention.


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The New Nokia N8: Smartphone With Perfect Style and Features

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The Nokia N8 is now shrouded in mystery. The AT & T network is planning to bring this surprise to the general public. This is a ten million dollar development. The information is not coming in thick and fast. Therefore a lot of speculation about the Nokia N8 has been given the room to prosper within the contexts. The information was gathered through some fairly innocuous information within the competition leaflets. The rumor that is getting traction is that the Nokia N8 will be part of the new device provision available in the United States of America.  They apps are compatible with the earlier versions of the phone. The release has not yet been confirmed but the informed estimates stand in early 2011.




Dealing with the compatibility issues of the Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 will have to deliver the kind of compatibility that can make it a formidable competitor within the market. The vagueness of the information means that the journalists are not entirely clear about the processes that are required to make the best out of the Nokia N8. Some of the points that will be of interest to the buyers include:

  1. The compatibility of the Nokia N8. This is for people that might have old versions of the applications and may want to include them in the new program. It will all depend on the ability to manage the different elements of the phone and to ensure that it can deliver services regardless of the version that is being used at the time. That is a great requirement for gadgets of this nature and it can be the deal breaker in terms of deciding whether the phone is suitable for the buyer.
  2. The price of the Nokia N8. The deals that are made should be competitive when compared to some of the other providers. At this point in time the clients are not happy to take deals that are not conducive. They wish to have items that can give them control and flexibility over the product. It is also the first point in all the other elements of the product.
  3. The specifications that come with the Nokia N8. This is not just an interest for the geeks and fanatics. It is all about the specifications and how they can help the user to enjoy the best utility from the phone. In due course that might change the outcomes for the users. The details are coming in slowly but at the end of the day they will have a great impact when tested.
  4. The possibilities for better versions in the future. This is all about the future look. The functionality of the Nokia N8 will also be part of the process. The development work will be tested against the market and the way that the customers perceive the efforts that have been made to improve the outcomes on the phone. The customers are demanding the best from the phone and at the moment their expectations are being met.
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The Charms of the Samsung Intercept

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The Samsung Intercept is making the waves because of the way that it has been configured. It starts off with the wonderful QWERTY keyboard which makes the usage very easy for the client. The multimedia aspects of the Android phone are very impressive indeed. From the perspective of the Verizon suite, there is a lot that can be said for these gadgets as they start to dominate the market in their own way. The keyboard is absolutely brilliant for the people that like to text on a regular basis. It is wide enough to enter significant amounts of text and yet it does not feel like a bulky item for the user. That is an advantage that must not be ignored under any circumstances.

The Samsung Intercept features are focused on the utility for the users. They are also specifically configured in order to meet the stringent expectations of the public in this aspect. That gives the impetus to all the schemes that work for the program. The people that buy the phone might be from the new client list or they might be seasoned but the most important thing is that they continue to take in all the elements that make the product work. It is up to the users to ensure that the phone is used in the way that the manufacturers intended it to function. That will provide more utility to the owner of the phone.


Further exploration of the Samsung Intercept specs

For the Samsung Intercept price, the buyer gets all the benefits that might accrue form the Android 2.1 gadgets. There is a 3.2 touch screen. The threaded messaging is very useful for keeping track on all the movements that go with the conversations that are experienced on the gadget. The gadget comes with some multimedia features including the inbuilt music player. The 3.2 mp camera is suitable for professionals and amateurs alike. The preloaded applications are an added bonus for the early buyers. The buyer does not have to spend time and expense looking for applications that are compatible with the system because the provision is already adequate.




The social media aspects of the gadget are really at the top end of the scale. Business documents can be easily reviewed depending on the perspectives that are used by the individual that is running the show. There is a 3.5 mm hands free stereo headset. This is complemented by the Premium Audio facility. A 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm adds to the convenience of the people that are using the gadget at the time. The horizontal pouch allows easy carriage of the product.

The pricing structure for the Samsung Intercept is within the cheap range. The buyer can decide to either go for the contract or the outright sell. The prices will be different. The initial price for the outright sell will be high but the person will not have the financial obligations that would come with the contract. For some people this is the best way forward when they are dealing with this product.

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The Motorola Flipout Might be cancelled by AT&T

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There is some worrying news that there might be a cancellation of this gadget that has been taken off the shelves. This is said to have happened even before the launch. Normally one would expect that this would be the last thing that the manufacturer wants at the time when the mobile phone market is taking off. However it seems that there are forces that are creating the buzz and selling the product in a different context. This represents more than a financial loss to the manufacturers. It will certainly affect the reputation of the company with the overall effect that there might be some consequences for the people that are going with the Motorola Flipout. As a marketing technique, this is one of the worst on the market.

The strange tale of the Motorola Flipout

The bizarre circumstances will leave commentators wondering what is happening.  Not to be outdone, some clever clogs have decided to put the Motorola Flipout on eBay. That is a set of circumstances that can be described as being most unusual if one was making the understatement of the year.  This completes a few weeks when it seems that the owners of this gadget have completely lost control over the message and the usage of the message. There is a growing concern that the product will be permanently damaged by the ludicrous rumors that are swirling around the internet. The costs of the damage will take a very long time to be fully felt. Meanwhile the brand will be expected to pick up the pieces from the fallout. It will be one of the things that are looked at from the different perspectives.




The handsets that are being sold are going for about $400. This would certainly undercut the manufacturer price. It remains to be seen whether there will be a reaction about these Motorola Flipouts.  The pricing is a major risk for the Motorola Flipout. Even where the product is withdrawn from the market there will remain some question marks that need to be answered before the clients can every trust the product again. It is a situation that is precarious at best. There are all sorts of permutations that can go wrong with the deal and the users have to be prepared for all the repercussions that might arise from the deal. It will be some time before this is completely resolved.

The future of the Motorola Flipout is not yet certain. After the launch that never was, there are some that say that the product will never have the kind of good publicity that its predecessors enjoyed. However that is neither here nor there. A blip in the launch does not mean that the product will completely bomb on all the occasions that it is presented to the public. In fact these teething problems might act as the impetus to bring the phone to the top of the game. It is a small blip but there is still a lot of damage that can be done to the Motorola Flipout.

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HTC Lexicon – Android Powered Smartphone With Qwerty Sliding

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HTC Lexicon is new release from HTC and it is android powered Verizon bound phone. This is unofficial and unannounced phone. There were many-leaked information and initially it started with leaked specs, and then leaked pre production renders. So now, you have complete Verizon in front of you. This is in front of you in form of an android device. So let us start getting to know about some detailed information about this HTC lexicon.

HTC Lexicon specs

Some of the main HTC lexicon specs have been already leaked out. It includes Android 2.2 with 5-mega pixel camera. It includes good size keyboard and it has 3.8” display. It gives out 480*800 WVGA resolutions that give out good camera features. It also has 800 mhzCPU. With these leaked information about HTC, many of the features have been spreading its own charm. HTC lexicon goes to T Mobile and this is simply going to different the carriers. It is surely having large screen size. The android applications just make it worth today’s device. HTC lexicon is said to be armed with 528 MHz processor.




HTC Lexicon features and design

Apart from android 2.2 froyo applications, there are many other major features in HTC Lexicon. It includes 4 GB internal memory storage and it works on HTC sense 1.6. It includes a QWERTY keyboard in fact there has been ROM updated and it shows dual mode GSM/CDMA slider. It gives the speed of 800 MHz, with MSM 7630 chipset.

HTC Lexicon looks much more similar to HTC Bees and it has emerged as one day’s bays. When you look at HTC bee, you may find much similarity between HTC Bee and HTC lexicon features. All the specs and features are very much similar to each other.

HTC Lexicon Review

Although nothing can be confirmed, but still it has been known that it has major features being leaked. If you are a Verizon fan then surely you will be going to enjoy this new hand piece with so many features. Many of the leaked photos soft eh HTC Lexicon has been out. It is sure that the phone would be very much similar with some main finishing done. Its Quick keys help in easy accessing of the phone and keypads. So very well and very truly, this is going to be very good with the customers. Although, not much is known about HTC Lexicon price but it is assumed that it would be worth.

HTC has made its own name in mobile phones. They are meant to provide best things to their customers. They just try to make their products very much resemblance and in purpose with daily life things. This has made them come with the new HTC Lexicon that would be released soon. With the look of the phone, everyone could see it is going to be a stylish one. So again, this would be a great customers experience to know and use this new release from HTC.



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Motorola ES400 Will Arrive With Sprint In October

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Motorola ES 400 was announced back in June and it is maintaining its excitement until the date it is released. Customers would be getting completely new features involved in this device now. With the version of phone being released by it soon, this is going to be great phone as it has been heard of including lot many features that is demanded by the users. There is variety of ruggedness that has been included by this phone by Motorola. In fact, it will be very good for much business due to so many business related features in it. We will shortly know about all things including its features in this piece of writing.

Motorola ES400 specs

Motorola ES 400 is one of the first devices that run on Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Handheld platform. It has an offshoot of Win Mo 6.5.3. Any average consumer would love this phone with many features and specs. It meets different standards of ruggedness. It has 3-inch display, full QWERTY keyboard, with 3.2 mega pixel camera. It has customizable Motorola enterprise user interface that helps in making business related critical information. With one single key press, it helps you in performing many functions. Photo annotation is one such feature that is included in it. You can get easy and accurate input stylus along with touch screen. With great battery, you can easily work in any environment. It includes true worldwide connection with the help of selectable 3.5 g WAN, HSM HSPA and CDMA EVDO Rev Capability. It gives you great connectivity features that includes from broad WLAN functions. Motorola ES400 is great device that is constructed with durable parts. This durability helps the device to withstand any dust, drops and bumps that may occur in everyday basis. It has built in biometric finger print reader that helps in knowing your fingerprint. For better and easier IT support and product management, this phone gives you 3-year life cycle. It enjoys all other features like SMS, MMS, internal memory-256 MB RAM, Expandable memory of 32 GB, Accelerometer sensor etc.



Motorola ES400 review

This new Motorola ES 400 review has been speculated all because of its features that would be built in it. With so many unmatched features and functionality with this phone, this would surely become a lifeline for all the customers. It helps in combining the best feature of connectivity and mobility. You have great communication with task functionality and you do not need to compromise on any part. When this device was thought to be built, it was made with business people in mind. This also aims at all task managers and foe great design and speed; it will blow over the mind of business people. You get all rich applications involved in this new Motorola phone. This is surely going to be one of the critical devices for customers and their business.

Motorola ES 400 price is not been released soon but it is expected that this phone would be surely going to hit the market.

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Apple TV review: get in to detail with complete package

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Apple TV has been the new release from Apple and it bridges iTunes to television very easily. As long as you have HD or ED TV, you can help it through playing movies, shows, music videos, podcasts and of course music.

Apple TV hardware details

When you order an Apple TV, you get some of the main things that will help you to attach and set it up. It includes a black and chrome cardstock sleeve. This sleeve can hold more robust box that can unfold in two halves. One-half of it contains Apple TV while the other half set contains Apple remote that comes in standard form. With an Apple TV you have to include a power cord, another major connection include HDMI with integrated audio, HDMI with separate audio, HDMI to DVI adapters, analog audio and TOS link digital audio. These cables sit and attach themselves easily. This Apple TV has light grey top and aluminium body that make it look classy.  Apple TV’s footprint is larger than the Mac Mini or Airport Extreme. Apple TV is said to be an Intel based computer that has 256 MB of RAM and vivid graphic accelerator chip to support the hardware. It also includes a standard 2.5-inch IDE hard drive, a miniature IDE hard drive. This Apple TV hardware also consists of miniature 802.11n wireless card. It also includes a specialised video hardware. In short, Apple TV can be said to be a miniature laptop that comes with a set top box.


Apple TV remote is of standard size and that comes within the main package of Apple TV set box. Although the basic Apple TV remote is very trivial to learn but if you have earlier, used nay of Mac and other such device then you can learn about this remote easily. The interface that this Apple TV has clear front row and you will find it simple and easy to use. With such a sharp and gorgeous feature, this Apple TV is going to make everything look perfect. Apple TV remote has three primary media playback options and those are play/pause, forward, back.

Apple TV features: software and hardware content

This Apple TV helps you to watch good and accurate video quality. Initially it was thought that Apple may not be able to handle HD but when you use it, you can use it effectively. Music and Podcasts are something that you always expected from Apple. You have good fast forward and rewind behaviour. In fact, the photo slideshows are just amazing. You can even share all everything with Mac and other PCS. Apple TV also helps you to show all movies and TV shows reviews and trailers. Apple TV has great performance and it just work the way consumer want it to. Video and audio just run in sync and there is no stepping away from each other. Some initial hardware setup may be there but if you read manual and then do the set up effectively, there would not be any misleading.

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