Opera to drive fast on Android

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Many of us don’t like the unflavored and tedious Internet explorer and me especially. And at the same time web browser known an Opera has taken full advantage of such opportunity offering the high speed and many other features which some unknown for some browsers. Opera is renowned for its mobile browser too called the Mini. Mini also offers the same in the cellular world. But for a cellular Operating System, it seems ready to unleash all the ingredients infused in it. Yes, I am talking about the Opera mini which is not Mini for Android OS.

A big grapevine was in the air for about months, it also struck my eyes, sounded a bit unique. Yes it is unique as the opera is launching its full version for the Android operating system. Opera has groomed its browser with its hardware acceleration inclusion. This hardware acceleration feature allows no frame breakage when you zoom in or zoom out while browsing. So, we all won’t have to wait for the browser to zoom in while accessing internet. Smart phones have this problem which doesn’t show any smartness. These phones were lacking in the browsing turf were flexibility was missing which should be present.

Many Operating systems developed for the Smart phones still have this drawback and standards other than Apple iPhone were working on it intensively. There was a rumor with the new symbian series for smart phones will allow such technology. The technology of 3G will be fully utilized with this technology as Video watching, rendering, and almost everything won’t remain the same. Android has the platform which can support the demands of the Opera.


While reading this, you haunt yourself asking the question, what is hardware acceleration? It is not the acceleration associated with cars, it just reflects on the fact that it will enhance the speed of the machine. As Opera is a browser, so it will augment the downloading and uploading speed of a webpage. So, how does it work? It is a bit tricky as every engineer is working on this and it will be unraveled only after the official launch of the Opera on Android. Earlier it was a rumor but now it is a reality and I am certainly excited about it as I have the HTC.

Again, a shocker for you all (readers), Opera will enhance its Mini and other mobile browsers with the similar hardware acceleration technology.  This technology will be available for every platform and will be a great support to the 3G lovers.

My verdict will be very colorful and vivid. This will be great breakthrough for those people who had the 3G service but didn’t have the platform to make the most of it. It will also upgrade our hunger for more from Android and Opera. This is just an upgrade in acceleration; still there are many loop holes in the Multimedia or smart phones present in the market.  I love HTC and I love Android, so it will be very exciting and I am building up for the official launch.


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