Apple’s New X LION OS

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Now the features of your Mac operating system can be changed with the introduction of new OS i.e. X LION. Peoples all over the world are working on different kinds of operating system but somehow they all do the same thing such as clicking, installing, scrolling etc. Apple calls it as world’s most Advanced OS for a PC , lets see why ?

With the introduction of Apple’s new operating system; X LION extra features and graphics have been introduced which almost changes the way you use to operate your system.

apple new OS

Some of the exclusive features of X LION operating system are as:-

  1. Multi Touch Gestures: – With the help of this feature image zooming, page zooming, scrolling, makes very easy and rich to operate.
  2. Full Screen Application:-  With the help of this feature you can make all the applications of your choice to be displayed in the screen and makes the operation even more convenient.
  3. Mission Control:- Mission Control application enables you to have a rough view of all the happening on your system. Not only has it included applications but also dash-board and many more things.
  4. Mac App Store:- Just like itunes are available for downloading contents to your ipods and ipads, Similarly Mac store is available for downloading and browsing hundreds and thousands of applications on your system.
  5. Launchpad:- As soon as you click on the Launchpad button, all the applications appears on the main screen and you can group them together as per as your ease and even delete them. When you click on launchpad button the original windows fade up.
  6. Resume:- This is one of the most exclusive feature of this operating system. Now you can resume to your application which you were running and stopped due to some work. There is no need to start from the beginning. This features save lot of time and also removes frustration.

These all are the main features of this OS, but then also there are certain feature which altogether makes it a brilliant OS.

Some of them are:-

  1. Auto save
  2. Versions
  3. Air-drop for instant sharing of videos and images without Wi-Fi and all.
  4. Mail
  5. Lion server

Apart from these there are choice of more than 250 features available in this X LION OS. Really It’s very Advanced!

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Google seeks Apple’s Approval

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Yes that true Google is waiting for Apple’s approval for Google Application on ipad and iphone. For Google to success along with facebook and twitter, it is very important that it should reach maximum number of mobile devices. But getting space on mobile phone devices depends upon different types of platforms which various mobile platforms offer such as Symbian, Android or Apple’s OS.

However, we all are aware of the fact that Apple has strict control over the applications running on their platform. But officially Google has not declared about their iPhone’s application.

Google’s Employee Erica Joy in her Google+ page said,” Soon Google+ official application may be approved by Apple’s corporation and all iPhones and iPads users can enjoy the application benefits.

According to Torchen Stauch, an executive officer of Apple’s corporation,” there will be some benefits if Google+ application gets approved by us. Firstly Apple store will get a lot of exposure and secondly push alert services will be beneficial for then as user will be engaged in accessing the application.

However there are some chances of rejection also, as earlier Skype also offered the same application for iPhone users but it was rejected by Apple. So it is clear that if giant like Skype can be rejected than why not Google? Now google is also waiting for approval and that’s the reason behind that google has not officially declared its launching with apple.

Not only apple rejected Skype but earlier it has also rejected two application of Google i.e. Latitude and Voice. Apple rejected it because these applications violated the rules and regulations of Apple store and services. After that, by the investigation of Federal Communication of US, Apple made some relaxation in their rules.

Google is trying best for their Google+ application. The perfect example of this is that its official application is already available for Android operating system and Google is waiting for others giants to approve it.

Rax lakhani; the social media consultant said, “ Even if Google+ application is rejected by Apple then also there are certain available options for them such as Web Application.”

There are several iPhone users who do not use Facebook or twitter official application but web services are always the option available.

Now let’s see, how much Google+ grow in mobile world. What do you think?

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BlackBerry Storm 3 With Windows Phone 7 Captured

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When RIM was trying to break in to touch phone in market then neither Blackberry storm and nor any of its sequel did well. However, it is expected that third version from Blackberry Storm will do wonders and its charm would bring good things. Therefore, here is the Blackberry Storm 3 with its all-new features going to be available in market soon.

BlackBerry Storm 3 Specs

Let us gain a detailed specification in the designing and features of this Blackberry storm device. This blackberry device has good screen size and that is 3.7”, which is much bigger than older phones. Although not much information is available in regard with the resolution but it is expected that it will get a bump from 360*480 pixel resolutions of earlier ones. This Verizon has Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity and it uses optical track pad. This phone has good storage capacity with 8GB built in memory. This blackberry storm 3 has Blackberry OS 6 and it has good RAM support too. It gives you the flexibility of having web kit browser too. It is expected that this Blackberry OS 6 would be having support of 32 GB micro SD card slot. The camera would be five Mega pixels and surely a normal Wi-Fi connectivity. It is expected that this phone would be landing on Verizon soon.

Blackberry 6 OS is expected to have many other features including 3G enhancement features so all these must be checked soon when this phone releases. It is also expected that this would be a device heading for Verizon network and that would surely add to their storm line up.

BlackBerry Storm 3 Review

This new BlackBerry OS 6 release would be running on a new version of operating system 6.o and it will be including personalization and widgets. This would surely bring in your device to be more customized. This device would be completely redesigned than the older Blackberry storm 2 versions. You are surely getting a good stylish phone with you. There are some testing still going on with these features. This phone will be having great features that would be giving tough competition to android apps mobile phones. These specifications may seem to be a bit high but surely, after two of these blackberry smart phones failures, this third version would be something that would lure the users. This phone is processed with 1 GHz processor so surely it is going to run faster and smoother. This is a LTE capable phone and it would help in making you much more technically advanced.

It is expected that this third version from Blackberry Storm will take away all negative things from the older models. This is said to succeed Blackberry storm 2. It is expected that Blackberry storm 3 price would be somewhere around $200 when it gets available in market. It is expected to be released in quarter four of this year. So it would be available only in few more days now.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab: Google Android With 3G Network

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Samsung has just come up with a 7-inch device that is called galaxy tab. Samsung Galaxy tab is a device that runs on Google android 2.2 operating system. Galaxy tab has an LCD display and the weight is only 0.8 pounds. This weight is much less that the competitor Apple iPad. This galaxy tab is one device that runs off a cortex and that is A8 1.0 GHz processor.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Specifications

Samsung galaxy tab specs uses network of 2G and 3G network. It is soon to be announced in September itself.  Galaxy tab has TFT capacitive touch screen and it has many other features like multi touch input method, accelerometer sensor, three-axis gyro sensor, touch sensitive colours, proximity sensor and swipe text input too. In case of memory, this galaxy tab uses unlimited storage for phone calls and numbers. It runs on android OS and gives you 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity too. It has a front facing camera too. You can also make your phone calls using blue tooth and headset too. For external memory storage, it has micro SD support with it. It uses 3.5 mm audio jack along with USB port so it gives you much ease in connectivity methods. This Samsung android also supports social networking integration along with some Google in built products like Gmail, you tube, Gtalk etc. it gives you full Adobe Flash support. This Samsung galaxy android comes in two colours black and grey and they both look stylish yet classic.


samsung galax tab - review, price, specs


Samsung Galaxy Tab Release

Although official date is yet not out but it is expected to release within September itself. Samsung galaxy price would be seen after its release only. This galaxy android 2.2 is surely going to win many hearts with its great features. This galaxy android 2.2 is going to be released in IFA electronics show this week.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Review

This galaxy android 2.2 gives you good resolution along with perfect Google android operating system. So, it is much user friendly. With camera and video chat options, you can hardly slip from your hand off a device. It has rear as well as front camera and rear camera gives a resolution of 3.1 mp camera. As it is, going to be realised soon not much time is left when you would come to know the exact specifications and features about the Samsung galaxy tab. The galaxy android 2.2 has some of its pics revealed and it looks stylish enough. Although the size of phone is hardly some inches smaller than the competitor Apple iPad but yet it gives you complete features and feel of a good device. It is expected that this galaxy tab android is surely going to give java 1.5 features in it too.

samsung galaxy tab android 2.2 phone

To know the authenticity of all features and specifications being discussed, we all need to wait for the phone to release. But major of these features would be surely covered in this android invention.


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Foresight, rPath, LiveCD, and Unity Linux

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Most, if not all, top distributions of Linux ship a live CD that allows an end user to preview the operating system without installing it.

Foresight Linux is the exception.

Now, this isn’t because they don’t WANT to have a Live CD…they do.  The problem is that rPath, the creators of rBuilder Online, have discontinued the Live CD image creation type.

There was no announcement…no news posting…no clue dart thrown toward Foresight for this discontinuation.  There was only a comment on a single bug in the rPath issue tracker just this past May…Formally discontinued…which in my opinion, is a HUGE mistake as far as community goes.  Why? Because a community is a solid base on which to stand for any distribution or toolset for open source.  rPath has essentially dismissed a feature that the community would find valuable and in the process alienated anyone who finds this feature valuable or desirable.  But I’m not here to talk about whether or not people want to develop their own distributions on rBuilder Online using rPath tools nor the incentive to do so…I’m talking about Foresight.

So, what incentive does rPath have to help Foresight by fixing it?  Not much…I’m sure there will be those that argue: “rPath has customers and their first allegiance needs to be to them” and those people would be right.  But can’t the Foresight community pick up the torch for Live CD building  on rBO and develop it as a community effort?  Can’t a license be found that it can be released under that would prevent forking?  Can’t it be modularized as a ‘plug-in’? I don’t pretend to know the answer to those questions…I just think that Foresight will continue to suffer as they have been for many, many months now with respect to not having a Live CD.

I’m sure that there will also be those out there saying “but Foresight has a bunch of Virtualized Images to choose from!! No one really cares about a Live CD!!” and I’d say you’re halfway correct.  Developers don’t really care about a Live CD…but those that Foresight attempted to attract…the end user…they DO care about having something they can ‘try before they buy’.  It is my belief that Foresight would be a crap-ton more popular if they had a Live CD.

So What Solutions Are There?

I don’t think rPath will suddenly fix the broken Live CD creation in rBO.  I don’t think they’ll release the code anytime soon (though this is more likely than a fix).  So in the meantime, what if Foresight helped out with LiveCD project that recently was taken over by Unity Linux?  Both Unity and Foresight are Red Hat like distributions and use similar file structures and OS organization.  I think that if Foresight were able to integrate LiveCD onto the distribution, a huge niche would be filled.

Where to Start?

Being involved both with Foresight Linux and Unity Linux gives me a unique perspective on what areas of collaboration could be developed.  One thing is for sure…having both distro development teams onboard would be a huge boon to LiveCD development…and Foresight could suck in SRPMs quite easily from Unity to hit the ground running right away.

I am by no means offering to be the head of this project because I can’t even begin to know where it would start or finish.  I’m just offering a workaround to a problem I’ve seen Foresight have for longer than it should have.  I know the Unity Linux guys would welcome anyone wanting to get involved with helping LiveCD development.  Would Foresight be open to this?  I can’t answer.  I hope so…Foresight needs a Live CD if it hopes to attract more people to it…and that’s something I’m keen on seeing.  Is this something you’d like to see as well?

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Foresight and Fedora, ClarkConnect Becomes ClearOS

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Last week it was reported by LWN and a few other Linux news sites that Foresight Linux may employ a change of direction…that is, create a spinoff project that places the Conary package manager onto a Fedora Linux base. Michael Johnson, Director of Operating Systems at rPath (which maintains the Conary based package manager Foresight uses) summed up his post nicely:

“I think that Foresight needs to be based on an upstream distro that is regularly fully updated and refreshed, and that is maintained by distro specialists with experience and expertise that is just plain missing within the Foresight development community. That distro needs to be imported into a Conary repository; that will allow Foresight to continue to use Conary to manage the process of building a set of consistent modifications relative to that upstream distro, providing a true rolling release. That would allow Foresight developers to concentrate on only the problems inherent in integrating the very latest development source against a recent base that is relatively close to the basis on which the software is maintained.”

Michael also said that it made sense to do this based on Fedora because Foresight is very Fedora-like in filesystem and the way that things are setup and handled in the guts of the operating system (paraphrasing from what I remember of IRC discussion).  Also, in a comment on the LWN thread, Michael states that Foresight, if spinning off with Fedora, would still make use of “Conary, rMake, rBuilder, rBuild, and other rPath technology” and would still use Conary as its package manager which means…it wouldn’t leverage rpm and yum to keep things up to date on it.

An independent project that Foresight maintains sounds like a HUGE undertaking…(even though I’m assured repeatedly by developers from Foresight that it won’t be because it’s “automatic”).  I’ve seen automagic things in the past that won’t cause a lot of work turn out to be quite a bit of work-that-is-not-work.  I find this especially odd when the main complaint is that there aren’t enough OS specialists around…it sounds a bit too large to undertake.  This project actually sounds like it possibly would usurp Foresight Main (Foresight Proper…Foresight Linux…whatever you call it) which is based on the stable rPath Linux and not on cutting edge Fedora like the “boots remix” would be.  Therein lies the problem.  The”boots, a fedora remix” would consistently be ahead of Foresight in development if the project is started and makes progress.  Foresight will continually lag behind it.  Can a 100% guarantee be given that Foresight can snipe packages from “boots, a fedora remix” that would always work?  If not, what does Foresight gain by maintaining the project/spinoff?

I think Foresight won’t be able to maintain an independent project based on Fedora along side of the main Foresight Linux project.  Sure, they may be able to at first…but then what happens when things break?  Is one person responsible? 2? more than 2?  I think instead of having a separate project, Foresight might want to completely base off of Fedora.  This topic is extremely unpopular with Foresight developers though.

Whether or not Foresight adopts “boots a Fedora remix”  is yet to be decided.  It will be set before the Foresight Linux Council at their next meeting.  Hopefully, they take into consideration the amount of manpower a separate project like this would encompass and maybe consider the benefits of adopting Fedora completely as a base for Foresight.

On a similar note, António Meireles, a lead developer for Foresight Linux, has posted what direction he would like to see for Foresight Linux 3…the future major release for Foresight.  With improved underlying architecture that is more inline with Fedora…he may be looking along the same lines that my post here is.  Whatever the case may be, it’s obvious that Foresight is starting to show a flurry of both interest and activity which is a benefit to it.

So where does this leave Fedora?  They’ll benefit from having a lot of knowledgeable developers in Foresight and a few engineers from rPath working with a Fedora based project.  Foresight has a great upstream relationship with the projects it encompasses…like Gnome and rPath.  I would imagine this continued professionalism and cooperation will continue should Foresight base on Fedora.

ClarkConnect Becomes ClearOS

In other news, some of you may or may not know that ClarkConnect will become ClearOS and will be completely open source.  The Clear Foundation will be sponsoring the development of ClearOS which is ClarkConnect re-branded with improvements.  See the full announcement here.  Also, a Forum Announcement Here.  This brings a lot to the table including renewed commitments to documentation, community, and the operating system as a whole.  The change is set to happen in the late part of 2009.

So what does this have to do with Yet Another Linux Blog?  A few years ago, I wrote a review of ClarkConnect 3.2 for home users.  It was well received and still gets many hits even today.  Since I’ve used ClarkConnect since version 2.1 and continue to use it today for my home network…who better to take a look at how ClearOS will measure up?

With this in mind, I contacted the guys over at the Clear Foundation and they agreed to let me blog a bit about some of the changes and improvements that will be happening with ClearOS over the next few months.  So look for more exclusive information from ClearOS in the near future.  They’ve also asked if I’d be interested in helping out with some community endeavors they will have going for ClarkConnect and ClearOS users.  Exciting stuff!  ClarkConnect has really needed this shot in the arm for about the last 2 versions…they lost a couple of really good websites with FAQ’s on them.  It’ll be great to get the community involved with this fantastic Home Server distribution.

This content is published under the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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Palm Pre 2 Leaked, Older Androids to Get New Market

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Initially it was thought as the Palm is trying to keep their new release. Pre 2 a secret but much has been revealed about this new device. French carrier spilled good amount of information about this new model. Some of its pictures have also been released. You could guess more about its features and specs in detail the moment you see the picture and image of this device. This handset with 320*480 screens appears to be not at all changed and let us know all other major specs related with this phone. This phone is said to be revised and more refined form of the original one.

Palm Pre 2 specs

Palm Pre 2 specs include some of the major specifications that can be useful to consumers. It will have 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM. This surely is said to be a big boost over the 600 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM of its predecessors. This way it gives you edge over the other smart phones. You can include the android-based phones or iPhone and Droid 2, this new release will have an edge over others due to this processor being used in it. It is due to this spec that it will help in easy loading time with smooth multi tasking being done. Therefore, you can perform many tasks at single time without much headache. It is said that the phone will run web OS 2.0.

Apart from hardware, aspects there are other major things in to this new Palm Pre 2 specs an that include notifications in Facebook. Social networking sites have become very important these days and this way it can help you to make all updates, posts and comments readily through your handset. It already does everything with the emails. For the consumers who always want to be connected, this notification feature is a good way to stay connected with people.

It would be having an updated functionality Push with faster booting time. This phone will have improved battery life, contact management and search management. You could have an updated catalog and overlay view that will help you in multi tasking.


Palm Pre 2 review

As this mobile helps in multi tasking, it becomes useful for consumers. In today’s time, we get little time for major things to be done. Hence, this feature comes as a boosting feature. Secondly, people will benefit if they want to stay connected as it helps with notifications in facebook. With such a good processor, its inner hardware is strong enough to work longer.

Palm Pre 2 release and price

This device has many features but not much is known about this handset in finer detail. In fact, its release date and price is not yet available in market. However, websites helps to keep posted everything so that you could know about its release and price.

Initially Palm was an established name in market but it suffered financial troubles as market was occupied with HP as latter promised more devices running on Web OS. Therefore, to overcome the lost charm in market, Palm has come up with this release of Palm Pre 2.


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HTC 7 Surround Windows Phone 7 first hands-on!

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imageThis new release of mobile device includes all major features that are there in any basic HTC mobile. It gives you good look and style. This mobile works on 2G as well as 3G network. Its weight is 165 grams. It has a capacitive touch screen with 480*800-pixel screen size. It includes an accelerometer sensor for UI auto rotate. For auto turn on and off it includes a proximity sensor. Some of the basic sound features included in it are speakerphone, Alert vibration mode, 3.5 mm audio jack, Dolby mobile. It has unlimited phone entries and call records with 16GB internal memory storage. For connection, it makes use of Bluetooth, USB, WLan and Infra red ports too.
HTC Surround advanced features

The main changes in the HTC surround are that it has windows phone 7 OS. It includes 5-mega pixel camera with 720p video facility. It has QUALCOMM snapdragon processor. You can be a part of social networking sites with this mobile phone. It includes a slide out speaker that will give you a standalone music player feature. Its battery gives you capability of 4 hours stand by time. It includes 448 MB of RAM. It includes a predictive text input and support of major audio and video formats. It is also a YouTube client.



HTC Surround review

HTC Surround is said to be very good for those who wants to stay connected as this helps them to be socially active with facebook, twitter etc. It gives easy web browsing and email applications. With interesting interface, it is slick in design. Its hardware specifications and details are satisfactory. It can easily differentiate itself from all other devices. Its 5-mega pixel camera gives you good pictures and that are sharp images. It is good for all those who want a decent alternative of phone for them. It has external microSD card slot for managing extra memory requirement. This phone will surely give users a great listening experience with such a slide out speaker. Even those who are game lovers would love ego have this phone as it provides good gaming experience.

HTC Surround price and release date

HTC Surround is expected to release in October this year. However, the date is not yet confirmed. Not much is been known about this new release from HTC. This new release would be having great surround sound and game experience. There are many features included in this beautiful handset and all would be known only after its release. The photos of this mobile have been out and you can know about its design and look.

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Microsoft Preparing for October 21st Windows Phone 7 Launch?

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We have heard many rumors about an October launch for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. However, not it seems we are getting some seemingly solid launch dates from the usually reliable Neowin. The site is reporting that anonymous sources are claiming a precise October 21st launch in Italy, France, UK, Spain, and Germany. There also seem to be a number of other reputable publications and blogs confirming this date.

Rumors are also stating that the mobile OS along with supported devices will officially be unveiled in New York City on October 11th. While there is no way to confirm any of these rumors with Microsoft being tight-lipped on the Windows Phone 7 launch, we will keep you updated as more information is made available.

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Another Leak for Windows 8, Shows entire Installation Process

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Windows 8 desktop

The image right above is no-mockup. This is an actual screenshot of a  Windows 8 desktop just after a clean install courtesy

Today morning the rumors started that Windows 8 has made its way to Microsoft Connect. Just hours later, the entire installation process of Microsoft Windows 8 has been captured with screenshots. The entire installation process has a “Metro design” which is not a surprise anymore.

Windows 8 installation

Microsoft is expected to release Windows 8 OS by 2012 and the most possible retail availability looks to be somewhere around 2013. But rumors are going strong that a beta of Windows 8 OS may come as soon as this September. We have already posted about speculations of some Windows 8 features. To see the complete set of screenshots of entire Windows 8 installation process, you can headover to Neowin.

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Expert: True Retina Display doesn’t make sense for iPad 3

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The latest rumor about the iPad 3 is that it will get a higher resolution display, with Reuters claiming that it might even be five or six times the resolution of the current iPad, which has a 1024 x 768 screen. Not so fast, says DisplayMate, a company that specializes in display calibration, optimization and testing. Even an iPad with 2048×1536 resolution, which would boast four times the pixel density of the current model.

While it would undoubtedly represent a marketing coup for Apple to be able to say the iPad 3 has a true Retina Display, DisplayMate says it would also come with a considerable cost — such a device would require “significantly more processing power, more memory and battery power,” and the screen’s “display brightness efficiency” would be much lower.

DisplayMate says that because of the typical distance at which users typically view their iPads, which it claims is 15-18 inches away, it can actually get away with achieving the same Retina Display silky smoothness with only a 240 pixels-per-inch (ppi) count, instead of the 300ppi entry point referred to by Steve Jobs when the iPhone 4 was introduced. Even so, the resolution required would be “overkill,” says DisplayMate, but there is another way.

Apple can still improve the iPad’s screen without making unnecessary sacrifices by compromising with a 1600 x 1200 display resolution, according to DisplayMate. That would achieve a 206 ppi, which would still represent a huge improvement over the existing screen, without nearly as much of a cost in terms of resources and battery life. DisplayMate says that scaling apps designed for the existing iPads shouldn’t be a problem at that resolution.

Apple gains a marketing coup by creating an iPad with quadruple the resolution of the current model, and I have little doubt that’s what we’ll eventually see. The company is already putting resources that support such a display in its OS, after all. But it’s not something Apple has to pull out of its hat at this point, given the competition so far, and making less dramatic changes that preserve the iPad’s other key selling features (speed and battery life) is a much more likely development for the iPad 3.

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