Dead Rising 2 – Case Zero For Xbox 360, PS3 And PC

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Dead Rising 2 case zero is a survival video horror game. It has been estimated that Dead Rising 2 Case zero would be released in August and that too on Xbox live. Case zero is something that would be acting as prologue to the Dead Rising 2 game. Case zero will be introducing a lead character with the name Chuck Greene and there would be some gamely elements along with him to support him in fight. If you have played Dead Rising 1 and dead Rising 2 then surely you are going to pick up the story in Case zero soon.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Demo

There has been some delay in the release of Dead Rising 2 case zero, hence you may not have complete trial version of its demo. It will be released soon and you can expect Case zero demo too. The release has been delayed in countries like Japan. Get a free demo trial as many internet sites are promoting it.


Dead Rising 2 Review

You will easily get a free trial version. Otherwise, if you want to pick out the game then it will hardly cost you $5. We recommend that you must get it, as $5 is worth the game. This game takes you to much better than your expectation and it is helpful in adding more depth in all game. Although Dead Rising 2 case zero is quiet difficult to judge but it serves as double duty. This gives you the feeling and story of three years before Dead Rising 2 and it takes you to a place called still creek, a place few miles away from Vegas. Here you get the main characters Chuck Greene and his daughter Katie. The whole game shows how he manages to fight and take out his daughter from there. In the mean time, Chuck has to fix his motor cycle too. So, here is a great game that will give you full entertainment and feel with five comb weapons and some dresses that you can try on them for a change.


Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Xbox 360, PS3 And PC

Dead Rising 2 Xbox 360 gives you realistic feel with the player levels and prestige points. It is expected that Dead Rising 2 Xbox 360 will be released in October along with Dead Rising 2 PS3 and dead rising 2 PC. That simply means you can play this game in Xbox live or PC or PlayStation too.

In this new version of Dead Rising 2, you get number of zombies as the city where the main character is show with his daughter is trapped with Zombies. Chuck kills all the zombies with the makeshift weapons. Later on, he find anti zombification drug to cure his daughter from Zombie attack.

You can also have some experience in Dead Rising 2 Xbox 360 with the demo version that they are providing till the time this online game is being released in market. This is one of the promotional strategies. So get this game downloaded at your place.

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Mafia 2 – Get Adventurous With Mafia II On PS3, Xbox Live And PC

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Mafia 2 is a sequel to Mafia: The City of lost heaven. It is going to be and action video game. This game is being published by 2K games. In this open world action game, players are expected to assume a role of Vito Scalletta. This Vito Scalleta is an ex convict and he is a veteran in World War II, who accidentally got in to a crime family. There are urban landscapes that are being used in this game. You could get the feel of early 1950s and 1940s. In this game, the criminal has to navigate through it to progress. There are players who are needed to complete many levels.

Mafia 2 download

Mafia II is a fast-paced game and that makes it easy to download on your PC. You can enter the Mafia 2 site and there you could get the instructions to download the trial version. You can download this game from other site that has free keygen for PC. The downloading is very easy. You can either download the Mafia II demo version that will give you a hint of how this sequel would be. You can get help of torrent to download this game.  The expected Mafia 2 Price is around $40. You can compare the Mafia 2 prices in various countries.


Mafia 2 Review

Mafia 2 is a fantastic game play with complete action and adventure that keeps the player in adventurous mode. There are good controls and unbelievable graphics that is to be surely liked in the game. Then you will surely love the music and humour attached in this game. You can get the Mafia 2 on Xbox live too.  There are all features associated with the Mafia 2 Xbox live game. You can even purchase your Mafia 2 Xbox live from site. When you look in to the Mafia 2 360 Xbox live game, a beautiful crafted game is set in the unforgiving world of mafia.

You can easily get Mafia 2 DVD and that is similar to Mafia 2 PC game. This way, you have lot many things that you can do through internet. You can enjoy Mafia 2 on PlayStation, Xbox live, PC etc. You can have your own mafia 2 ps3, which became a short controversy topic earlier.


Mafia 2 marketing and release

Mafia 2 has been released in all kinds of games platform be it Mafia Xbox live, Mafia PC, Mafia PS, Mafia PS3 and others. There had been great responses from all over. The trial game of Mafia 2 was released in August 2007. Since then there had been many trials. Recently they have come up with Mafia 2 demo game on steam, Xbox live market place. To get good viewers they followed good marketing strategies like offering bonuses and gifts. This way, Mafia II has become one of the recognisable game.

So get going with this kind of arcade-style game play that offers you complete adventure. There are versions of this Mafia 2 games too and each one of them are exciting enough.

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What’s Going On With StarCraft II – Wings Of Liberty

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A brief introduction:

At the moment, we enjoy of a lot strategy PC games with all the advanced features available in the market. We’ll allow you to read more about StarCraft with this StarCraft II preview.

Let’s read about it:

We probably know a lot about military video games with a futuristic vision. I am absolutely secure that Blizzard Entertainment –the StarCraft developers— feels pretty proud of the result they have had with this product. When it comes to high-level strategy video games we should consider StarCraft II. Definitely this is an amazing console video game that you should evaluate and more if you have been playing since its first version. Something you need to know in this short StarCraft review is that this is more than a simple console video game. StarCraft II –in my opinion based on the American military army point of view for the future— is a military video game in the category of science-fiction and can be played in real time.  StarCraft –as video game— was recognized in 1998 with an Award in its first version.

The current version of StarCraft has the subtitle of “Wings of Liberty” whose critics have been very positive. The game experience is dynamic, very emotionant; with adrenaline everywhere and it make you develop your natural military skills. In its version for PC you can run it on Windows and Mac OS. Furthermore, it is recommended use a computer with a processor 2.6 GHz and 2GB of RAM memory mainly for Windows Vista and Window 7. Despite all technical description, features and system requirements, StarCraft II players feel they can release all their adrenaline in this video game.


Tell me more about the game play:

This installment has been modified with all the elements basically demanded by StarCraft users. As matter as fact, the game is more based on multiplayer capabilities with a solid internet connection. This is something that empowers players and makes them capable to play in real-time over the web. The game is very fun and you can find a long list of StarCraft II units in different website available and free of charge.  In addition, if you need read about StarCraft II cheats, is a wonderful place I often recommend to my readers. It is important you know that the more you understand the logic of the game the better is going to be for you complete this game. That’s why is very important you read everything you can about StarCraft II wiki because you will get useful information for your performance during the game.

Cast of the game:

In StarCraft II you can find some of the most remarkable voice actors and actress such as Michael Dorn as Tassadar, Robert Clotworthy as Jim Raynor and more important actors.  For StarCraft II developers this is a very important step in the creation of this game because above all, commercial part is the most important for getting the expected revenue and evidently, use the voice of professional actors is a plus for this high quality PC game.

starcraft 2

Platform of StarCraft II:

We should consider that StarCraft II is a very important video game and that’s why it will have a huge demand for different versions. In fact, the PC version has minimum requirements that are superior to other strategy games. We haven’t seen this version of the game in some of the most popular consoles such as Nintendo Wii, PlayStation or Xbox because this is a PC game originally designed for Microsoft Windows and computers running Mac OS. However, thanks to the cooperation of Wine, StarCraft II is currently running in on all GNU/Linux versions. This is an amazing thing because today there are several users around the globe running their computers with Ubuntu, Fedora and other GNU/Linux variations. If you want to have more information about StarCraft II and the use of diverse platforms you can find more resources in the web related to this issue and read articles and some StarCraft II review.

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Introduction to Gaming

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The world of PC gaming has seen a rise in participants since its inception. Console gamers have this far had a solid community on which to express their passion. Gaming has seen to it that many parts of the market not earlier served have been reached by the new innovations in its platforms. New graphics processors have optimized the use of consoles and PC’s for gaming such that individuals can engage in multiplayer contests as well as host large servers for group quests. Large hardware companies have kept the technology for gaming equipment on a top of the notch basis giving gamers a reason to pick up the activity on a full time option.

Gamers can now engage in guilds dedicated to the tackling of different challenges thus customizing their own game environments. With the graphics taking better shape, characters are being made to satisfactory 3D resolution. Tasks are therefore carried out in near real environments. A guaranteed sense of excitement from the game environment means even better systems in future. For the newer parts of the market, games have been adapted such that they adapt everyday society. Games have been made available for more mobile devices including the Java phones.

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Medal of Honor Is Superficial Slaughter

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Medal of honour is the name of the series of games. This game is the first person shooter games that involves reboot and is based on World War II. It is based on the conflicts with the Afghanistan and would be released in October soon. The developer behind this game is DreamWorks Interactive. Electronics Art publishes it in 1999. All this was done for Play station Game Console. There are a series of spawned game from medal of honour and they are on various platforms like PC and Mac too. Steven Spielberg is one who created the series.

Plot of Medal of honour

This series of medal of honour puts all the players in the boots of an allied and combatant during the World War II. It has a little exception with the title as it takes place in modern history Afghanistan. It comes with the weapons that were weaponry with those times. All these players are responsible for fighting against US and the main character identification varies between times to time. There are good eras that are recognisable and they are, sometimes, represented in cinematic tone too. It can be said from some of the inspiration of great movies like Saving Private Ryan, Enemy at the Gates etc.


Playing in Medal of Honour

The game play of medal of honour includes some of the great weapon and types of special missions in it. All these are set behind the Afghanistan village. It puts up more emphasis on papers and silenced pistols and this makes out way for all modern weapons used. The series of these games show that time has progressed and the newer one has been completely away from the original focus of the game. As soon as you land in the game, you will feel you have an Al Qaida fighter heading towards you. A grenade falls off in front of you. The computer controller screams out and says out diving all way through. There would be explosions and you would have to use the grenade and everything else. So it becomes good to play this adventurous game.

Game being played in Platforms

Medal of honour is a game that is perfectly suitable for good platforms. It can be played well on PC and Mac. In fact, it has been released on XBOX 360 and Play station 3 too. It may comprise of many nasty errors that may bother you repeatedly. You need to restart the computer and recheck the Xbox 360 for these bugs and errors. Once you get the right way to start the system, you can play the effective game.

Medal of honour is a game that is introspective and thoughtful that affects your look for human beings. It consists of a limitless font that targets the moves. It does not include any particular plot and hence everybody likes each other. There are no conflicts and you should pay attention to the game.


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Share Windows 7 Windows Experience Index with WEI Share

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Starting from Windows Vista Microsoft started rating hardware known as Windows Experience Index (WEI) and based on that rating certain feature of Vista like Aero effect was activated. Same feature is also in Windows 7. WEI might encourage users to have powerful hardware and achieve higher WEI. If you are owner of such power hardware then we are sure you will be eager to share WEI and showoff to the world.

Here is WEI Share, a freeware tool to fulfill your desire of sharing WEI with others. The WEI Share application was developed to be a small tool for sharing your Windows Experience Index (WEI) scores from Windows 7 with others in the community. The data can be explored so finding the best scoring driver for your hardware is fast and easy.

Features of WEI Share

1. See the score a specific model PC or driver gets.

2. Post your machine’s score to your Facebook wall for bragging rights.

3. Scores can change depending on driver efficiency. WEI Share can tell you the score that each driver gets in configurations closest to yours.

4. Find out how many touch points (min/max) a particular multi-touch PC can get (depending on driver).

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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Review

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Often Microsoft name is widely associated with software and Operating System and many doesn’t know Microsoft also manufactures some of the cool hardware products for PC such as keyboard, mice, webcam, headsets and Microsoft LifeCam HD webcam is quite popular amongst podcasters. In wireless keyboard and mouse category Microsoft has some of the best ergonomic and travel friendly products & Microsoft Arc Touch mouse is one of them.


Microsoft Arc Touch Packaging

Today we got the chance to review Microsoft Arc Touch mouse. To start with review, Microsoft Arc Touch mouse comes in nice small red box package. The box contains Arc touch mouse, two alkaline AAA size batteries, USB transceiver and a product guide. Unfortunately Product guide isn’t useful in describing Arc mouse usage or even providing any definitive steps of installation. The USB based nano transceiver was tuck to the back of mouse with the help of magnet; we must say it is quite innovative and creative idea to keep transceivers handy while travelling.

Microsoft Arc Mouse

Flattern Arc Touch Mouse

First time when you take out Arc Touch mouse out of the box you will be surprised with its flatness and compact design. It has nice soft rubbery material at the second half which provides nice gripe for hands and has regular mouse design at the front however one change, instead of roller for scrolling Arc Touch mouse has flat touch scroll pad.

Microsoft Arc Mouse uses Microsoft Blue Track technology which offers same performance and experience on any type of surface including rough wood surface or your living room carpet except clear glass or mirrored surfaces.

Nano Transceiver

Arc Touch mouse has pretty good range support, you can use mouse up to 30 feet away from nano transceiver. You can turn on Arc Touch mouse by just bending mouse in to curve. As soon as Arc Touch mouse is turned on a green LED light will turn on for brief moment at top of Arc touch mouse which is good indicator of mouse is on.


The installation of Microsoft Arc Touch mouse looked complicated initially but it wasn’t at all. You just need to insert batteries and connect transceivers to PC or Laptop and you are good to go, though you do need Internet connection for Windows to download required drivers for Arc Touch mouse operation. Being Microsoft product you really don’t need to research on drivers as Windows will automatically start downloading drivers as soon as you connect transceiver to PC/Laptop and Arc Touch is on.


Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Unfortunately apart from scroll pad there is no substantial difference between Arc Touch mouse and any regular mouse. Scroll pad does offers handy way of scrolling & has slight vibration feedback every time you glide your finger up or down the scroll pad. Arc mouse has left and right click button like regular mouse but in order to properly hit mouse button you figures should reach to the rear end of arc mouse buttons.

Pro –

1. Compact design

2. Flatten body makes it easy to carry

3. Nano transceiver takes very less space

4. Blue track technology makes it easy to use on any surface

5. Scroll pad for easy navigation

Cons –

1. Less ergonomic

2. USB based Nano transceiver blocks your USB port, your one USB port will be always in use which could be issue for the owners of those netbooks which comes with just one or two USB ports.

3. Arc Touch Mouse attracts dirt and is smudges pron

4. Dependency on alkaline batteries


Arc touch mouse is definitely innovative product from Microsoft but it can not replace your good old regular mouse when you need to work on PC for long hours and productivity is the matter and the price of $59.95 at which Arc touch mouse comes you can get much better ergonomic mouse for your day to day use. That said Arc Touch Mouse is best if mobility is what you are looking for.

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Personal cloud options for iOS users grow with Hitachi G-Connect

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Hitachi unveiled its G-Connect wireless storage drive that can also act as a router, designed for use with mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. Users can stream media stored on the G-Connect to up to five devices over a local wireless network created by the drive, using an iOS app that will be available free on the App Store when the G-Connect launches in July for around $200.

The new Hitachi offering joins the Seagate GoFlex Satellite as yet another device that is trying to make external storage relevant to user who are increasingly using mobile devices to consume content. Like the GoFlex, the G-Connect offers 500 GB of storage, and the ability to simultaneously stream to multiple devices. The G-Connect offers some nice advantages over the GoFlex, however, like the ability to stream to up to five devices, instead of just three, and an Ethernet port that lets it plug into a wired Internet connection and act as a wireless access point. But it also carries a major drawback: it lacks an internal battery, so unlike the GoFlex, you’ll have to plug the G-Connect into a power source if you want to use it, which for some might limit its utility as a mobile support device. Still, when a power source is available, as they often are on trains, planes and coffee shops, it should greatly expand the media library available to your iOS devices.

When iOS 5 arrives, iPads and iPhones will finally be cut loose from their PC tethers. That will mean that users can depend on them as their only computing devices, if they wish. But owing to the limited local storage options on iOS devices, they might run up against space constraints when doing so. iCloud aims to help with some of that, by making music, apps and books available on-demand from Apple’s servers, so that you can delete them as needed when you’re running out of room, and grab them again when you need them. But that solution depends on relatively unfettered access to an active Internet connection. Users without mobile data plans for their devices, or those with caps like Verizon’s new tiered plans will have a harder time taking full advantage of a cloud computing future.

Devices like the G-Connect and the GoFlex could be just the start of a flood of supplemental hardware designed to provide a local alternative remote streaming for users who either don’t have the bandwidth to take advantage of the latter, or who’d rather own their content than rent access to it from content providers. External local wireless storage also offers more privacy, which is a selling point for some.

While I expect the general thrust of computing in general to continue to favor remote cloud options, I think the personal cloud stands a good chance of developing at a similar pace at the same time, albeit on a smaller scale. Physical storage is cheap and getting cheaper, while the same can’t necessarily be said for broadband access. As Apple and other device manufacturers move to make the cloud the centre of its universe, it’s only natural that a percentage of consumers will opt to find an alternative centre for their own gadgets that allows them to remain autonomous and possibly save money.

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