BlackBerry Storm 3 With Windows Phone 7 Captured

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When RIM was trying to break in to touch phone in market then neither Blackberry storm and nor any of its sequel did well. However, it is expected that third version from Blackberry Storm will do wonders and its charm would bring good things. Therefore, here is the Blackberry Storm 3 with its all-new features going to be available in market soon.

BlackBerry Storm 3 Specs

Let us gain a detailed specification in the designing and features of this Blackberry storm device. This blackberry device has good screen size and that is 3.7”, which is much bigger than older phones. Although not much information is available in regard with the resolution but it is expected that it will get a bump from 360*480 pixel resolutions of earlier ones. This Verizon has Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity and it uses optical track pad. This phone has good storage capacity with 8GB built in memory. This blackberry storm 3 has Blackberry OS 6 and it has good RAM support too. It gives you the flexibility of having web kit browser too. It is expected that this Blackberry OS 6 would be having support of 32 GB micro SD card slot. The camera would be five Mega pixels and surely a normal Wi-Fi connectivity. It is expected that this phone would be landing on Verizon soon.

Blackberry 6 OS is expected to have many other features including 3G enhancement features so all these must be checked soon when this phone releases. It is also expected that this would be a device heading for Verizon network and that would surely add to their storm line up.

BlackBerry Storm 3 Review

This new BlackBerry OS 6 release would be running on a new version of operating system 6.o and it will be including personalization and widgets. This would surely bring in your device to be more customized. This device would be completely redesigned than the older Blackberry storm 2 versions. You are surely getting a good stylish phone with you. There are some testing still going on with these features. This phone will be having great features that would be giving tough competition to android apps mobile phones. These specifications may seem to be a bit high but surely, after two of these blackberry smart phones failures, this third version would be something that would lure the users. This phone is processed with 1 GHz processor so surely it is going to run faster and smoother. This is a LTE capable phone and it would help in making you much more technically advanced.

It is expected that this third version from Blackberry Storm will take away all negative things from the older models. This is said to succeed Blackberry storm 2. It is expected that Blackberry storm 3 price would be somewhere around $200 when it gets available in market. It is expected to be released in quarter four of this year. So it would be available only in few more days now.

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Apple TV review: get in to detail with complete package

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Apple TV has been the new release from Apple and it bridges iTunes to television very easily. As long as you have HD or ED TV, you can help it through playing movies, shows, music videos, podcasts and of course music.

Apple TV hardware details

When you order an Apple TV, you get some of the main things that will help you to attach and set it up. It includes a black and chrome cardstock sleeve. This sleeve can hold more robust box that can unfold in two halves. One-half of it contains Apple TV while the other half set contains Apple remote that comes in standard form. With an Apple TV you have to include a power cord, another major connection include HDMI with integrated audio, HDMI with separate audio, HDMI to DVI adapters, analog audio and TOS link digital audio. These cables sit and attach themselves easily. This Apple TV has light grey top and aluminium body that make it look classy.  Apple TV’s footprint is larger than the Mac Mini or Airport Extreme. Apple TV is said to be an Intel based computer that has 256 MB of RAM and vivid graphic accelerator chip to support the hardware. It also includes a standard 2.5-inch IDE hard drive, a miniature IDE hard drive. This Apple TV hardware also consists of miniature 802.11n wireless card. It also includes a specialised video hardware. In short, Apple TV can be said to be a miniature laptop that comes with a set top box.


Apple TV remote is of standard size and that comes within the main package of Apple TV set box. Although the basic Apple TV remote is very trivial to learn but if you have earlier, used nay of Mac and other such device then you can learn about this remote easily. The interface that this Apple TV has clear front row and you will find it simple and easy to use. With such a sharp and gorgeous feature, this Apple TV is going to make everything look perfect. Apple TV remote has three primary media playback options and those are play/pause, forward, back.

Apple TV features: software and hardware content

This Apple TV helps you to watch good and accurate video quality. Initially it was thought that Apple may not be able to handle HD but when you use it, you can use it effectively. Music and Podcasts are something that you always expected from Apple. You have good fast forward and rewind behaviour. In fact, the photo slideshows are just amazing. You can even share all everything with Mac and other PCS. Apple TV also helps you to show all movies and TV shows reviews and trailers. Apple TV has great performance and it just work the way consumer want it to. Video and audio just run in sync and there is no stepping away from each other. Some initial hardware setup may be there but if you read manual and then do the set up effectively, there would not be any misleading.

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What’s Going On With StarCraft II – Wings Of Liberty

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A brief introduction:

At the moment, we enjoy of a lot strategy PC games with all the advanced features available in the market. We’ll allow you to read more about StarCraft with this StarCraft II preview.

Let’s read about it:

We probably know a lot about military video games with a futuristic vision. I am absolutely secure that Blizzard Entertainment –the StarCraft developers— feels pretty proud of the result they have had with this product. When it comes to high-level strategy video games we should consider StarCraft II. Definitely this is an amazing console video game that you should evaluate and more if you have been playing since its first version. Something you need to know in this short StarCraft review is that this is more than a simple console video game. StarCraft II –in my opinion based on the American military army point of view for the future— is a military video game in the category of science-fiction and can be played in real time.  StarCraft –as video game— was recognized in 1998 with an Award in its first version.

The current version of StarCraft has the subtitle of “Wings of Liberty” whose critics have been very positive. The game experience is dynamic, very emotionant; with adrenaline everywhere and it make you develop your natural military skills. In its version for PC you can run it on Windows and Mac OS. Furthermore, it is recommended use a computer with a processor 2.6 GHz and 2GB of RAM memory mainly for Windows Vista and Window 7. Despite all technical description, features and system requirements, StarCraft II players feel they can release all their adrenaline in this video game.


Tell me more about the game play:

This installment has been modified with all the elements basically demanded by StarCraft users. As matter as fact, the game is more based on multiplayer capabilities with a solid internet connection. This is something that empowers players and makes them capable to play in real-time over the web. The game is very fun and you can find a long list of StarCraft II units in different website available and free of charge.  In addition, if you need read about StarCraft II cheats, is a wonderful place I often recommend to my readers. It is important you know that the more you understand the logic of the game the better is going to be for you complete this game. That’s why is very important you read everything you can about StarCraft II wiki because you will get useful information for your performance during the game.

Cast of the game:

In StarCraft II you can find some of the most remarkable voice actors and actress such as Michael Dorn as Tassadar, Robert Clotworthy as Jim Raynor and more important actors.  For StarCraft II developers this is a very important step in the creation of this game because above all, commercial part is the most important for getting the expected revenue and evidently, use the voice of professional actors is a plus for this high quality PC game.

starcraft 2

Platform of StarCraft II:

We should consider that StarCraft II is a very important video game and that’s why it will have a huge demand for different versions. In fact, the PC version has minimum requirements that are superior to other strategy games. We haven’t seen this version of the game in some of the most popular consoles such as Nintendo Wii, PlayStation or Xbox because this is a PC game originally designed for Microsoft Windows and computers running Mac OS. However, thanks to the cooperation of Wine, StarCraft II is currently running in on all GNU/Linux versions. This is an amazing thing because today there are several users around the globe running their computers with Ubuntu, Fedora and other GNU/Linux variations. If you want to have more information about StarCraft II and the use of diverse platforms you can find more resources in the web related to this issue and read articles and some StarCraft II review.

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Palm Pre 2 Leaked, Older Androids to Get New Market

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Initially it was thought as the Palm is trying to keep their new release. Pre 2 a secret but much has been revealed about this new device. French carrier spilled good amount of information about this new model. Some of its pictures have also been released. You could guess more about its features and specs in detail the moment you see the picture and image of this device. This handset with 320*480 screens appears to be not at all changed and let us know all other major specs related with this phone. This phone is said to be revised and more refined form of the original one.

Palm Pre 2 specs

Palm Pre 2 specs include some of the major specifications that can be useful to consumers. It will have 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM. This surely is said to be a big boost over the 600 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM of its predecessors. This way it gives you edge over the other smart phones. You can include the android-based phones or iPhone and Droid 2, this new release will have an edge over others due to this processor being used in it. It is due to this spec that it will help in easy loading time with smooth multi tasking being done. Therefore, you can perform many tasks at single time without much headache. It is said that the phone will run web OS 2.0.

Apart from hardware, aspects there are other major things in to this new Palm Pre 2 specs an that include notifications in Facebook. Social networking sites have become very important these days and this way it can help you to make all updates, posts and comments readily through your handset. It already does everything with the emails. For the consumers who always want to be connected, this notification feature is a good way to stay connected with people.

It would be having an updated functionality Push with faster booting time. This phone will have improved battery life, contact management and search management. You could have an updated catalog and overlay view that will help you in multi tasking.


Palm Pre 2 review

As this mobile helps in multi tasking, it becomes useful for consumers. In today’s time, we get little time for major things to be done. Hence, this feature comes as a boosting feature. Secondly, people will benefit if they want to stay connected as it helps with notifications in facebook. With such a good processor, its inner hardware is strong enough to work longer.

Palm Pre 2 release and price

This device has many features but not much is known about this handset in finer detail. In fact, its release date and price is not yet available in market. However, websites helps to keep posted everything so that you could know about its release and price.

Initially Palm was an established name in market but it suffered financial troubles as market was occupied with HP as latter promised more devices running on Web OS. Therefore, to overcome the lost charm in market, Palm has come up with this release of Palm Pre 2.


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HTC 7 Surround Windows Phone 7 first hands-on!

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imageThis new release of mobile device includes all major features that are there in any basic HTC mobile. It gives you good look and style. This mobile works on 2G as well as 3G network. Its weight is 165 grams. It has a capacitive touch screen with 480*800-pixel screen size. It includes an accelerometer sensor for UI auto rotate. For auto turn on and off it includes a proximity sensor. Some of the basic sound features included in it are speakerphone, Alert vibration mode, 3.5 mm audio jack, Dolby mobile. It has unlimited phone entries and call records with 16GB internal memory storage. For connection, it makes use of Bluetooth, USB, WLan and Infra red ports too.
HTC Surround advanced features

The main changes in the HTC surround are that it has windows phone 7 OS. It includes 5-mega pixel camera with 720p video facility. It has QUALCOMM snapdragon processor. You can be a part of social networking sites with this mobile phone. It includes a slide out speaker that will give you a standalone music player feature. Its battery gives you capability of 4 hours stand by time. It includes 448 MB of RAM. It includes a predictive text input and support of major audio and video formats. It is also a YouTube client.



HTC Surround review

HTC Surround is said to be very good for those who wants to stay connected as this helps them to be socially active with facebook, twitter etc. It gives easy web browsing and email applications. With interesting interface, it is slick in design. Its hardware specifications and details are satisfactory. It can easily differentiate itself from all other devices. Its 5-mega pixel camera gives you good pictures and that are sharp images. It is good for all those who want a decent alternative of phone for them. It has external microSD card slot for managing extra memory requirement. This phone will surely give users a great listening experience with such a slide out speaker. Even those who are game lovers would love ego have this phone as it provides good gaming experience.

HTC Surround price and release date

HTC Surround is expected to release in October this year. However, the date is not yet confirmed. Not much is been known about this new release from HTC. This new release would be having great surround sound and game experience. There are many features included in this beautiful handset and all would be known only after its release. The photos of this mobile have been out and you can know about its design and look.

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11.6-Inch Mac Book from Apple to be released soon

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Apple is soon going to air a new 11.6-inch Mac book next week. It is said that this new version would be smaller, cheaper and much faster than its predecessor would. Apple Insider have rumoured that it would be soon out within next week. So, not much of waiting is there for this new release to be out in market. Sources of all Apple Insider have said that Apple would launch a redesigned Mac Book Air that will be having 11.6-inch display screen. It is much down that the older 13.3-inch model. It would be equipped with a card that would be miniature solid-state drive. It resembles you of a stick of RAM and not that of traditional hard drive.

11.6 inch Mac Book features

Its external feature includes covering from a card that resembles a stick of RAM. It has good features that are inside it. Mac Book air is of 11.6 inch in display and it is a sleek model. It is expected that this new model from Apple would be making use of flash storage. This flash would help in enabling extremely faster boot time and instant on abilities. This will also drive the production costs. This flash would also help in saving enough space inside the slim computer body. This will help you in having storage at much lower costs. This new model would be away from traditional hard drive and also the conventional stat drive. In fact, this new version would be proprietary to the SSD card and it would be embedded directly in to the device. It would not be unlike any other standard devices used by the other drives.


New Mac book air compared to older model

This new version of Mac book air would be lot more stylish and feature rich as compared to older model that was 13.3-inch screen. In fact, Apple introduced Mac book air in 2008 and that was in a Mac book world expo. The initial cost of that old matchbook was $1,800 at the launch time. However, this price dropped in April 2009 and that was to $1200. The new Mac book version would be a scaled down model from the earlier Mac book model.




Design of new 11.6-inch Mac Book air

It is expected that this new model from Mac Book air would be 11.6 inch in display screen. As it is a successor model of all old Mac book models, hence it is expected that it would be having some changes in design too. This would be a sleek designed model. It is expected that this model would be having slightly less curves and more of wedge shaped features.

This new 11.6-inch Mac book model is already inside manufacturing and it is expected that this new model would be out within a week. Therefore, that would end everyone’s wait. You would be able to understand all detailed feature of this new device by the time it arrives. It is expected that this new device would be budgeted and ask for the price that had been incurred in manufacturing it.

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Samsung Focus With Windows Phone 7 And Super AMOLED

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Since recently almost nine phones has come up with windows phone 7. They are there in a bunch. They have come up as most recycled one with most developed versions. Samsung focus is one of the phones that are first windows phone and it will be soon going on in sale. It would be released soon in holiday season of 2010. It has great screen and its Windows phone 7 are the major plus point that adds to the selling point of the phone. It would be seen by the Samsung Galaxy S series of the devices.


Samsung Focus features

This new Samsung Focus has great AMOLED screen. It comes under the series of galaxy S series phones and it includes major features of windows phone 7. There are no remarkable accessories that are included in the box but the box would be including device, charger and quick start guide. This new Samsung Focus has different CPU and less RAM. It is focussed with Qualcomm snapdragon processor but it has only 256 MB RAM while others have 512 MB RAM. You get 8 GB internal memory and external storage that will give you micro SD expansion to have 40 GB space. To bring Samsung’s fantastic contrast with outdoor visibility, it gives you AMOLED screen. For connection issues, you have Bluetooth 2.1, WiFi, FM radio and GPS. It has light sensor, proximity sensor and g sensor. Samsung Focus gives you 5-mega pixel camera with LED flash. It gives you video at 720p resolution. It uses micro USB for charging. It also has a headphone jack and that can be used easily for audio. Battery is powered with 1500 mAh battery.


Samsung Focus review

Samsung Focus is completely different and you can get away with this phone’s enticing features. Its selling point is starts from the start screen of this AMOLED phone. Completely windows phone 7 is promising you with wide ranges of features. Within the start screen, you get every menu that includes programs, albums, map locations etc. Although Focus is conservative looking device but it has all modern features that are going to help you be it in journey or at your home. Its weight is just 110 Gms and it is lightest device with so many features included in it. It gives you high level of quality feel. Each time you look at the screen, you feel different. It has complete smooth operating system. You can bring complete software to be at your side with this AMOLED screen. This is the thinnest windows phone with great specifications.

Samsung Focus release and price

It is expected that Samsung focus would go on sale in November and it would be having sale at price $199. With so many features in build in to that, you are surely going to make differences with this new phone. Terrific battery life, great style and amazing features will blow your mind away.


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