Radio Tray – A Radio Player That Fits In System Tray

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Radio Tray is a very simple application that plays your favourite radio stations and it does so from the system tray, meaning any station you want to listen to is only two clicks away. Naturally you’ll need to add your favorite streams to this program before it will actually be useful. Most websites offering streaming will give you access to a “.pls” file. Copy the link to this file and you can add it to Radio Tray. It supports most media formats as well as PLS, M3U, ASX, WAX and WVX playlist format. You can even bookmark the stations you really like for easy access, which is pretty nice too. To install Radio Tray in Ubuntu Linux, launch Ubuntu Software Center from Applications menu (at the top) and search for “Radio Tray”. From the results, select “Install” and you are all set to use this amazing piece of software.


Radio Tray can be launched from “Sound & Video” menu under “Applications”. It will appear in the system tray area. This is the beauty of this software that as it runs in system tray so it does not consumes much system resources as it does not require any browser window or any other heavy application to function. Radio Tray will launch in system tray and will not automatically play any station. To play the radio station, click on the Radio Tray (tray) icon and select the station from drop down list (you may require extra plugins for proper functioning of the application e.g gstream libraries).


Perhaps the pre-configured radio stations may not interest you. You can not only add your favourite channels but even Remove or Edit any existing channel. To Add/Remove channel(s) in Radio Tray, Right Click on the tray icon and Select “Configure radios…”. A dialogue box will appear. Here you can Add new channels, Remove or Edit existing channels and Move the Channels UP or Down in the list. Lets, now add a radio station to Radio Tray. Go to: and search for some radio station (say, rock). From the results, just copy the link of any radio station. Now come back to “Configure Radios” and Click on “Add” Button. In the “Radio name” box enter any friendly name (say Soft Rock) of the radio station while in the “URL” paste the link of the radio station.


Your new radio station is now added into the channel lists of Radio Tray and you can listen to it just by selecting it from the drop down list of Radio Tray.

If your favorite station doesn’t have a standard M3U or PLS playlist posted on their web site, you can always find the stream’s URL by other means. Radio Tray isn’t incredibly feature-filled, but on those occasions you just need a simple unitasker, it’s perfect for getting the job done and staying out of your way. Its a perfect substitute for proprietary radio softwares and not only available in .deb format but also in source format.

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How to Create iGoogle Themes using Official iGoogle Theme Creator

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Recently we had posted about official iGoogle Theme building tool to create your own iGoogle theme has been released. But the URL to official iGoogle Thememaker was throwing 404 error and it was inaccessible till today. That was mistake from iGoogle team which is now rectified and iGoogle Theme creater is available for use.

iGoogle Theme Creator /Thememaker is web based tool with absolutely basic functionally where you can unload your own image, crop, adjust, change text color, change background color to create your own iGoogle Theme. Here is step by step guide on How to create iGoogle Theme with official iGoogle ThemeMaker.

How to Create iGoogle Theme with iGoogle Theme Creator

1. Click here to open official iGoogle ThemeMaker Page.

2. Login with your Google Account to access Theme Maker

3. Click on Upload Images button to select Image for your iGoogle Theme


4. You can add image in following ways,

a. Upload from your computer


b. Select from Picasa web album

c. Provide image URL

5. Any Upload image to iGoogle Thememaker will be available in your Picasa Web Album

6. Make sure that Upload image is of Size 680px X 116px.

7. Crop image to show only part of image or select whole image

8. Click on Apply Changes

9. You can change Header Text Color and Background Color

10. Add Title, Author Name and Description & Click on Create Theme.


11. You need to accept Terms and Conditions as well as you can publish your iGoogle theme to Theme Directory which will be browsable by every one.


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Google gets its own URL shortner website,

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It was in earlier this day that Google has announced its latest release., the Google shortner is out in public now. They are saying this shortner to be “stablest, most secure and fastest URL shortner on web”. This might be even said to be a coolest thanks to the Easter eggs. features

One of the major features is said to be secure, stable and fastest URL on web. Finally, when Google has its own website, it gives you web interface where you input a URL and receive its shorter one. This is just an instance of keeping a track of all your URLs that will help in keeping track of any previously shortened URLs. The main three features of stability, security and speed has been attained by doing some good technical works. For stability, there has been 100% uptime and Google has worked enough to make this shorter to be most stable and robust one. For Security, automatic spam detection makes its base on some type of filtering technology. This same technology is used in Gmail so you have secure means to achieve it. To cater to the speed need, Google has worked harder to give you greater speed in accessing any URLs.

Even if you are not on any of the URL, you also get ‘handy extension’ or even the Firefox extension’.

Google’s Matt Cutts just said that ‘if you add “.qr” in last of, then you get a QR code” so while you scan this QR code, you can get in to any of this URL mode. To site an example you have a URL:, which is the shortened link for the post. You can make it as a QR link that is


Google-URL-shortener-goo-gl-ten-technologies-com review

The new feature is not exactly new but then previously it was much harder to use this feature. In fact, it was even limited by some of the main Google products so not everyone could make use of it. Now with so much stability and security maintained in this new Google shortner form, you are sure to get going with it. Now, everyone can use it with complete ease and no tension. This shortner URL of Google is out with new and easy feature that would help all consumers to get effective help from Google.

In fact, the QR code that it offers can be very much used in mobile devices. Google has made much use of it since the time android applications have started. Google has made its use in various android applications. Now Google is ready to provide you with so many new features with the help of this shortner form. You can search and advertise with the aim to organise and monetize your information. Plethora of technical tools is there for you to work upon. You have lot many platforms where you can choose to work. So surely, you have good hands open up with this shortner form and Google getting its own website.

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