Google seeks Apple’s Approval

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Yes that true Google is waiting for Apple’s approval for Google Application on ipad and iphone. For Google to success along with facebook and twitter, it is very important that it should reach maximum number of mobile devices. But getting space on mobile phone devices depends upon different types of platforms which various mobile platforms offer such as Symbian, Android or Apple’s OS.

However, we all are aware of the fact that Apple has strict control over the applications running on their platform. But officially Google has not declared about their iPhone’s application.

Google’s Employee Erica Joy in her Google+ page said,” Soon Google+ official application may be approved by Apple’s corporation and all iPhones and iPads users can enjoy the application benefits.

According to Torchen Stauch, an executive officer of Apple’s corporation,” there will be some benefits if Google+ application gets approved by us. Firstly Apple store will get a lot of exposure and secondly push alert services will be beneficial for then as user will be engaged in accessing the application.

However there are some chances of rejection also, as earlier Skype also offered the same application for iPhone users but it was rejected by Apple. So it is clear that if giant like Skype can be rejected than why not Google? Now google is also waiting for approval and that’s the reason behind that google has not officially declared its launching with apple.

Not only apple rejected Skype but earlier it has also rejected two application of Google i.e. Latitude and Voice. Apple rejected it because these applications violated the rules and regulations of Apple store and services. After that, by the investigation of Federal Communication of US, Apple made some relaxation in their rules.

Google is trying best for their Google+ application. The perfect example of this is that its official application is already available for Android operating system and Google is waiting for others giants to approve it.

Rax lakhani; the social media consultant said, “ Even if Google+ application is rejected by Apple then also there are certain available options for them such as Web Application.”

There are several iPhone users who do not use Facebook or twitter official application but web services are always the option available.

Now let’s see, how much Google+ grow in mobile world. What do you think?

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Increased Tariff In Xbox Live Gold Membership in US, UK, Canada and Mexico

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You would have heard the Buzz with increase in Gold membership tariff of Xbox Live game. Recently Microsoft announced in its report that it would be increasing the subscription rate for the famous online gaming service, Xbox live. This increase in subscription rate would be in action from November1. Previously the rate of gold membership was $50 and now, it has been increased to $60. The main countries that will be facing this increase would be US and Canada along with two more countries.

Xbox live Subscription

When Xbox live game was in to market in 2002, there had been much changes and entertainment experience that has been provided by this game to all audiences and viewers. It was since then that the price was constant. But the entertainment methods and game experiences were being developed to make it audience’s favourite online game. Still, after being increase in Xbox live gold membership rate, there would be same backing and patting from audiences about the game. Although you have complete free access to Xbox live game but this online gaming requires you Xbox live subscription, if you want to enjoy it fully. This has become costlier but then when you look at the kind of entertainment provided to you; this is still going to be a hit.

If you are within three-month Xbox live subscription then you may have to pay $20 or $25 for those time but later on as you turn to have X Box live gold membership then surely you will have increase in Xbox live gold prices. Many players who want to get involved in to online multi player game, they have already taken Xbox live gold membership. You can look at the completely new tariff plan that has been announced by Microsoft for increasing membership charges.


Xbox Live game continuous updated method of entertainment

Not much reactions has been seen when Microsoft decided to increase the Xbox live gold membership tariff. One of the reasons is because they continuously come up with latest and updated methods of entertainment. You can see the new Xbox live 360 controllers have been reported with improved D Pad. Sometimes, they also provide discounted Xbox live subscription etc. So all these are means by, which Xbox live game is in touch with viewer’s choice. It is expected that after the increase in Xbox gold prices too, they will be having the best value in market.

Xbox Live game reputation

Although the Xbox live gold price has gone up, still it is assumed that this game will maintain its reputation. The main reason being that this is the first time after 2002 that it has increased its tariff. Secondly, its entertainment means are updated frequent and that makes all audiences to be in touch with this game. Nobody gets bored with it soon. It is going to be still the favourite game of viewers. So, if you are getting a small hike in the gaming age of 8 years then that is fair enough and not much.

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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam Expansion Pack Announced

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It has been recently announced for the launch of Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam. Thus us the downloaded expansion pack of Battle field bad company2. The class of this game is same and you must know about all of them if you have heard the name of this game play. In this new form it has been estimated that Battlefield will go back to Vietnam and all wars are going to take place there. This game will be out for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC too. You can easily expect from this game as what kind of game it would be if you know the original battlefield bad company game.


Basic of game is not at all changed. Surely you will get new tools and trophies to carry on with the game. These new trophies will assure you for unlocking and tools will help in easy destruction of enemies. Although mode of play and the strategies are similar to the older version of game yet you get new tools. While you play this Vietnam game, then you need to focus on mode of play and keep your wide open maps filled with destructive material. Although you play the battlefield bad company 2 Vietnam game but the mode helps you to make you feel as if you are playing the older version of game. Vietnam has come up as a perfect setting that shows straw huts stumble under the might of tank shells. For making perfect destination to destruct everything, Vietnam is the perfect place.


Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam is a great game that is easy to handle. This game is fantastic looking and you can get a feel of the game the moment you download it. This game offers you multi player modes and you get the help of maps along with it. There are new places to add within the game and you can look for these places when you are ready to fight. This new Vietnam game is all about US marines versus North Vietnamese army. You get all new four maps along with 15 Vietnamese era machines to fight. You also get 6 new vehicles like UH-1 Huey and there are 49 different 1960s era tunes. You also get new modes of achievement and trophies. Phu Bai Valley is one such place in this game that is played very usually. This game appears to be a fresh coating done on the original battlefield game. So, you get a good mode of refreshment. Phu Bai is one such development game that offers you well designed multi player game.


Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam is surely going to be a muddy and clamped game. Since long you might have played games with Vietnam and this is surely a dumpy game as there are multiplayer option and new tools to fight against your enemies. This game is not very great level of excitement but surely you are going to love it if you are a fan of battlefield games.

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