Motorola Clutch +i475 Features And Specifications

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Personally, I look Motorola Clutch +i475 as a cute and compact QWERTY messenger phone which has push-to-talk capabilities. The good thing I noticed about Motorola Clutch +i475 was that it’s keyboard is roomy. The Motorola Clutch +i475 is a very different phone from the Clutch i465. It is 4.23 inches long by 2.31 inches wide by 0.64 inch thick. There are nice curved corners and good sloped sides which feels comfortable in the hand. Though, it is not as tough as its predecessor and it is also not certified against environmental hazards.

Motorola Clutch +i475 has a small 2-inch display and is slightly bigger than the i465. We haven’t found this handset smooth in terms of display and text messaging and we were also not pleased with it’s menu interface which flips through multiple pages.

Adding insult to injury, we are quite disappointed with it’s VGA camera. The camera can shoot in four resolutions, from 640 x 480 to 220 x 176, and the camera setting include 4x zoom, a self timer, a low light mode, brightness, and two shutter sounds. In the end, Motorola Clutch +i475 has an improved design has a same terrible features.


•    Screen Type: LCD.
•    Size: 2 inch.
•    Resolution: 220 x 176 pixel.

•    Height: 107 mm.
•    Depth: 15 mm.
•    Width: 58 mm.
•    Weight: 113 g.

•    Type: VGA.
•    Resolution: 0.3 megapixels.
•    Camera Features: Records video, digital zoom, contact pictures.

•    Bluetooth: v2.0.

•    USB: v2.0.
•    microUSB.

•    Type: Li-ion.
•    Talk Time: 4 hours.
•    Stand By Time: 100 hours.
•    Capacity: 1130 mAh.

•    Playback: Yes.
•    Audio Support: MID, MP3, WAV.
•    Video Support: 3GP, MPEG-4.

Cellular Network
•    Network Technology: iDen.
•    CDMA Bands: 800, 1900.
•    Data Tethering: Yes.

Audio And Voice
•    Headset Jack: Yes.
•    Speaker Phone: Yes.
•    Push To Talk: Yes.
•    Voice Dial: Yes.

The Motorola Clutch +i475 is available at $99.99 without a contract.

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PUMA Phone: Eco Friendly Sports Brand With Solar-Powered Mobile

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The recent upcoming Puma phones are bringing many waves these days. This new Puma Phone has come up as a mean that will help you to get an attention to this phone. It comes with a solar charging cells and camera along with the Puma logo. Pictures of these Puma phones have been revealed and it will help you in knowing about this phone in much detail. This new Puma phone would be released soon and it would be exciting to know the sports brand coming up in to the mobile designing features.

Puma Phone specs

This new Puma phone is a great phone in look and features. It is a cute and compact handset fitting easily in your palms. It has a polished black sheet that makes it look good, it has a great styling feature with three buttons that mark the styling feature of this phone. These three buttons have front red finishing that makes it different from others. Puma phone has 2.8-inch resistive QVGA screen and that may be of low budget. At times, you may find that this phone is not matching your kind of accuracy if you want to use it for heavier issues. It deals with all other basic features that should be there in any mobile phone. It includes a 3.2 MP camera with LED flash. The solar battery helps you in keeping phone at top. Due to the battery usage, you can use this phone as a backup purpose. You have good storage capacity with the micro USB slot that gives you micro SD card slot. For the purpose of video conferencing, it makes use of VGA camera that is front facing. The quick firmware and UI underneath makes this phone desirable by you.




Puma phone review

This is a pretty phone that has been offered to you by Puma and you can see the different features associated with it. As the phone is associated with the sports brand, you will get to have some major features that make it desirable for any sports phone. It runs on right tracks with the phone functions of multimedia and browsers. UI runs very smoothly and easily beneath your fingertips. You can easily swipe in left and right position. You get good feeling with pressure that is exerted on the phone sliding and buttons. You could easily pull top of the screen. This will help you in revealing good bunch of information without any delay. Right from memory card space to Bluetooth, everything comes in front of you.

Puma phone availability and price

Not much is been known with the Puma phone price but it is expected to be £300. In fact its release is expected to be within next few months but not much is been known about it. Sports lover would be surely waiting to grab a sporty mobile that can help them catch good styling feature with a sports brand

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Sony Ericsson brings 16-megapixel Cyber-shot S006 cell phone to KDDI

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KDDI has recently announced its greatest news and it is doing best to bury itself amongst so many other phones that has been announced. The new phone is by Sony that is 16.4-mega pixel CMOS sensor and we would not just slip by it. Sony has managed to slip inside the ordinary looking camera and stuff it with CMOS sensor in cyber shot Soo6 cell phone. There are many others in built features provided by Sony in this device.

16-mega pixel Cyber shot Soo6cell phone features

Apart from 16 mega pixels for camera feature, this device has many useful specifications. It includes a setting of ISO settings that is up to ISO 128oo. Other features are also not very shabby and it includes great processor to carry out all work in good manner. It has 1GHz snapdragon processor with 3.3-inch screen. The screen is said to be VGA and built in Wi-Fi. It also has a Bluetooth and GPS. Camera is good but it may not be able to deliver very good performance that can be compared to the DSLR but it will surely give a better imaging experience.

Cyber shot Soo6 phone review

A new phone that has been announced by Sony from KDDI is expected to have good sale. This is because of the great features that it includes within it. Performance in image capturing is just too good. It has 16.2-mega pixel CMOS sensor that helps in great captivating power. It has a processor that makes it run faster in comparison with other models. It includes good connectivity options and that makes it stand apart from others. This is a good option for VGA resolution as it gives you good clarity with perfect features. The Sony has revealed not much but it would be surely very different from all other models.

Cyber shot Soo6 phone price and availability

It is expected that this new cyber shot S006 phone would be revealed in 2011. Not many specifications have been made for exact date. However, 2011 would see the great grand release of this phone. The device would be initially released in Japanese markets and the rest of the world would have to wait for some more time to get a glimpse of this new release. This is surely a stylish phone with great features built in it. Not much but at least from the pictures, we can guess some basic features it would be having. Regarding the price too, not much have been heard about cyber shot Soo6 phone price. It is expected to be for high users who can afford to get this phone with 16.2 mega pixel.

Getting this new Sony camera phone would be great, as it will give you good captivating power to capture all family and friends moments easily in your device. Sony is a name that brings people together and builds healthy relationship with customers with their great products.

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