Posted by on Dec 25, 2015 in PET INSURANCE, TRADING SERVICES | 0 comments – Smart Insurance for Everyday was formed in 2011 with the vision of providing affordable niche insurance products online

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Grenville Independent Insurance Advisors

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Family run Independent Insurance Advisors

We are a family business who have been serving our customers since 1974.  Our values now are the same as they have always been, to assist you in providing the right policy for you at the most competitive premium possible.  We believe in value for money rather than price being the only consideration.  If you are confused by insurance why not let the experts deal with it!  We have a wide range of policies on most types of insurance.  Our motto is ” If we can’t place your risk, we will try and find someone who will!”

Grenville Westinsure team in officeWhy have all your insurances with different companies?  We are able to offer quotations on most types of insurance, this allows you to have a one stop shop for all your insurance requirements.

Even if you are not a customer, if you are having a problem with a company or in dealing with a claim, we will still try to assist you.  All we ask is that you give us an opportunity to quote for your business at renewal.

Please take a few minutes to explore our new website.  You are able to see the products we offer under the personal insurance and commercial insurance buttons at the side of the page.  We will also be updating at regular intervals a product of the month as well as a news page detailing some of the more important events within the insurance industry.  We also have a business link section to promote some of our clients who are tradesmen as well as some of the business we insure. The insurance link will provide you access to websites that are useful within the insurance industry.

Quotations are free – call one of our friendly team 01237 474 806

Alternatively our advisors can now be contacted via their own mail box. Simply click through to the insurance advisors and you will be able to find the member of staff that you are used to dealing with on a day to day basis.

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Francis Granville Home Insurance

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Home Insurance – Francis Granville Insurance Services

Let us research the market for you to find the most competitive and comprehensive cover for your requirements

With access to hundreds of schemes, including the leading insurers and specialist insurers, let us save you time in researching the available providers, money on your premiums and ensure you get a great deal of cover.

You choose how you want to arrange your cover, either with instant quotations and online applications or forward your details so we can research the market for you and send your quotation by email or  post or contact us for some free no obligation advice.

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Tenants Landlord Insurance

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If you’re a landlord who rents your property out to tenants, you’ll need specialist landlords’ buildings and contents insurance policy to cover you for third party risks.

We can also provide you with a choice of tenant referencing services and rent guarantee insurance for your added protection.


Landlords buildings & contents insurance.

Using market leading knowledge and research, Endsleigh has developed landlord insurance that features a range of new product features and benefits designed to suit the needs of landlords.

Many landlords don’t realise that they need specialist landlords insurance to cover the properties they’re renting out. General home buildings and contents policies are not adequate to cover you for all third party risks that you could encounter as a landlord. Having specialist landlord insurance ensures you limit your exposure to risk, protecting your financial wellbeing.

Click here to view the latest landlord and letting news.

Why choose Endsleigh landlords insurance?

Endsleigh landlord insurance covers all types of buy-to-let properties, including single flats, flats in blocks, commercial property, shared houses and family houses. If you’re a landlord, remember to protect your own home with buildings insurance and contents insurance from Endsleigh. Contact us today for more information or to get a cheap landlord’s insurance quote.

What’s included?

  • Malicious damage by tenants or guests is automatically covered up to £25,000 at no extra charge.
  • We search a panel of top landlord insurers to find you the best landlords insurance policy at the lowest price.
  • Unlike other providers, we automatically cover fixtures and fittings you have in the property, including digital communication equipment, such as satellite dishes, WiFi and broadband equipment.
  • If any let room or communal area in the property becomes uninhabitable, we will provide your tenants with alternative accommodation or compensate you for the loss of rent up to 30% of the sum insured.
  • For non student landlords, we provide up to 60 days un-occupancy cover to ensure your property is fully protected between lets.
  • We automatically provide our landlords with up to £1 million worth of buildings cover, so you don’t have to estimate the cost to rebuild your property.
  • Full trace and access cover up to £5,000 is included as standard. We will cover the cost of finding the escape of water, as well as subsequent repairs to the floors, ceilings and walls.
  • If an event at your property requires emergency access, we will pay up to £1,000 to repair the damage to ensure you property is still rentable.
  • Our standard landlord insurance cover provides accidental damage for underground service pipes and cables, fixed sanitary ware and glass. Plus, you can opt to extend this cover to full accidental damage.
  • Included in all of our landlord insurance policies is full public, employers and property owner’s liability cover to ensure you are protected.
  • If your mortgage provider wishes to be named on your policy, we offer this facility free of charge.

Landlord’s contents cover:

  • We offer contents cover from £5,000 up to £60,000 to ensure you can protect any items used to furnish your property. Plus, you can extend this option to cover against accidental damage.
  • We cover the contents in your let property in the event you wish to temporarily remove them, for example if you needed to take an item to get repaired
  • As part of landlord’s contents, we provide garden contents and gardening equipment that you keep at the property.

The UK’s only specialist student letting insurer.

We understand that if you let your property to students, you may have different requirements which is why we have designed a product that has everything a student landlord could need, and more. In addition to the standard cover outlined above…

  • For student landlords we provide up to 120 days un-occupancy cover to ensure that your property is fully protected outside of term time.
  • Not only do we offer cover for and specialise in student lets, but we also reward our student landlords by automatically including a 10% discount.

You can extend your buildings and contents insurance cover to include:

Legal cover.

Our specialist legal team will help you pursue legal action for property damage, nuisance and trespass, repossession and recovery of rent arrears, up to £50,000 cover. Plus we offer a 24 hour legal advice line. All for just £24.99 per year.

Home emergency cover.

This provides 24 hour ‘first aid protection’ for your property including up to £500 for call out charges, labour, parts and materials, central heating failure due to cold weather periods, burst pipe damage, blockage or flooding of drains, break in, vandalism and damaged locks, plus emergency alternative accommodation for your tenants if the home is uninhabitable. All for just £59.50 per year.

Tenant Referencing.

Endsleigh also provides tenant referencing services to landlords, helping them to choose the right tenants for their properties. Powered by Experian, Endsleigh’s tenant referencing service is one of the most powerful in the industry, providing both instant online tenant checks to identify bad credit histories, past CCJ’s or Bankruptcy, and a more comprehensive profile including employer and landlords checks.

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Tenants Home Insurance

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Contents insurance for you as a tenant from Endsleigh provides you with peace of mind that you will be covered in the event of a fire, flooding, theft or related household damage.

As a tenant, you aren’t covered by your landlord’s contents insurance policy or home insurance policy. This means that in the event of a fire, flood, theft or household damage, you as a tenant are expected to pay for repairs from your deposit.

This is why rented accommodation insurance is essential; it protects your possessions against the unexpected. Endsleigh have designed a tailor-made product to suit all your rented accommodation insurance needs.

What’s more, as standard, we also provide you with tenants liability cover for accidental damage to glass and fixed sanitary fittings as well as public liability for your guests or visitors to the property you rent in the case of accident, injury or damage to their personal possessions.

Why choose Endsleigh tenants insurance?

  • Only pay for what you need.
    As a tenant, under a standard contents policy you would be required to potentially pay for cover that you just don’t need. At Endsleigh, our specialist tenant insurance ensures that you don’t pay for unnecessary benefits and the cover is tailored to suit you.
  • Choose the level of cover you need.
    You can choose the level of cover you need. We offer contents insurance that covers your belonging from £3,000 up to £150,000.
  • Cover for shared accommodation.
    If you are a tenant in a rented property you can choose to have cover that insures you and the people you share with, even if you don’t know them or you can insure just your own belongings.
  • Downloaded music cover.
    Not only can we cover your PC, Laptop, MP3 player, iPod or mobile phone, but we will also cover the music you have paid for, and downloaded.
  • New for old replacement.
    We will replace most damaged or stolen goods on a new for old basis, many of which will be delivered directly to you.
  • Cover for your keys.
    If your keys are stolen we will pay for the cost of replacing your locks, safe or alarm systems.
  • Up to 35% No Claims Discount.
    Earn up to 35% no claims discount, if you remain claim free.
  • Legal Cover.
    We automatically include £50,000 of legal cover to ensure you are fully protected. Plus, we provide all of our customers with access to a free 24 hour legal advice line.
  • Cover for your Home Office.
    Your personal possessions, household goods and computer equipment will be covered on your home insurance, whether used for business or pleasure.
  • 24 Hour Claim Line.
    Our UK based claims line is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring we are on hand to help you whenever you need it.

Extend your cover.

  • Full accidental damage cover.
    You can upgrade our standard accidental damage cover to include any accidental damage or loss in the home, such as a paint spill on the carpet.
  • Home Emergency Cover.
    You can opt for our 24 hour home emergency cover, giving you peace of mind in the event of a loss of essential services in your home.
  • Cover when away from the home.
    You can opt to insure your personal possessions away from the home, including whilst you are abroad for up to 30 days per trip.

*Price based in £3,000 worth of contents, TR6 postcode. Annual premium is £51.08 or 11 monthly payments of £4.37 plus a deposit of £10.22. (Representative APR 39.7% Variable. Transaction fee 17.72%)

**24 hours represents 1 working day from us accepting your claim.

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Comparethemarket Home Insurance

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Home Insurance Comparison

Home insurance doesn’t need to be expensive. With you can search some of the markets top home insurance providers to find a quote that’s right for you and could save you money!

One form and a couple of minutes of your time and you could be comparing great prices for your home insurance that could save you money. Whether you’re after a combined buildings and contents insurance policy or separate buildings insurance or contents insurance quotes, we here at can help.

With you can not only compare prices but you can also compare home insurance policy features. You will be able to include personal possessions cover to your home insurance quote for an additional premium. This is cover (both in and away from home) for your personal possessions that can be taken outside the home such as your camera, iPod or handbag.

On the price comparison table you can select to compare home insurance quotes with optional extras added. You can add accidental damage cover to either or both your buildings and contents insurance. You will also be able to add family legal protection and home emergency cover to your home insurance comparison. You will also be able to adjust the voluntary excess on both your buildings and contents insurance cover.

With you can compare quotes from over 50 home insurance providers including Budget Insurance, the Post Office, More Than and AXA home insurance. Compare with today and see how much you could save on your home insurance

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Virgin Money Home Insurance

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The easy way to get competitive home insurance

  • We find you the best price from our panel of leading home insurance companies
  • At renewal, we’ll double-check your deal is competitive and move you if it isn’t
  • Build up your cover to suit your budget with our bundles of optional extras
  • Get a home insurance quote and buy online or over the phone in minutes

Get the best quote from our panel of leading insurers

We’ve scoured the market and put together a panel of the leading insurers. Not just on price, but on cover and service too. We search our panel to find you the best price for the cover you need – so you don’t have to shop around yourself.


Each year we check your cover is still competitive.

Without comparing your renewal quote with other insurers, there’s no way of knowing how competitive it is. We’ll automatically check your quote against our panel every year, so when it comes to renewing your policy you can be sure you’re still getting a good deal.


Whether you choose buildings insurance, contents insurance or both, Virgin Home Insurance will cover the key things you’d expect.

In addition, your policy includes all of the following as standard:


Build up your cover to suit your budget

We all need the same basic home insurance features. But after that, you only want to add what you need. To make things easy, Virgin Home Insurance has a range of ready-made bundles, each offering optional extras to suit your budget. Choose a bundle or just build up your cover with individual options, it’s up to you. Take a look at the optional extras available.


Quick and straightforward claims handling

If you make a claim, you want it resolved quickly and smoothly. That’s why our panel is made up of insurers with a great track record in handling claims fairly and efficiently. You’ll also have access to our round-the-clock helpline.

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Natwest Home Insurance

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Apply online and get a 20% first year discount

More discounts available

  • 20% Online discount for all new customers in the first year. Just enter promotional code 20OFF
  • Plus if you take out combined buildings and contents cover get a further 20% discount
  • NatWest Select Silver, Advantage Gold, Advantage Private and Black accounts also receive an additional 10% discount on all types of cover.

A monthly account fee of £8 for Select Silver, £12.95 for Advantage Gold, £19.95 for Advantage Private and £24 for Black accounts applies.

Discounts applied consecutively to your individual premium. Home Insurance discounts exclude Private Insurance, Essential Contents Insurance, Buy to Let properties, optional Home Emergency cover and Family Legal Protection. Quotes valid for 90 days.

Please read the documents below before getting a quote.

Key Facts
Important Legal Information
How we use your information

Get a quote

So what else does our home insurance offer?

  • Pay monthly at no extra cost (Monthly payments. Subject to credit agreement and eligibility. Credit facilities: Over 18s only. Representative 0.0% APR)

  • Up to £50,000 contents cover as standard. Up to £100,000 with Elite cover

  • Up to £1 million Buildings cover as standard, Unlimited cover with Elite policies

  • Accidental damage cover for DVD players, TVs hi-fi equipment and PCs

  • 24-hour Emergency Helpline helping you to get the problem fixed by a local professional

  • Extra cover available with our Elite Home Insurance – rated 5 star by Defaqto. Find out more information on our buildings cover and contentscover

  • Switch to NatWest and we will pay up to £25 towards any switching costs

Get a quote

To find out more about our Home insurance please refer to the policy summary or the policy document for full policy wording.

Monthly payments. Subject to credit agreement and eligibility. Credit facilities. Over 18’s only. Representative 0.0% APR. NatWest Home Insurance is underwritten by U K Insurance Limited who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. U K Insurance Limited is part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group. FSA register number: 202810.

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Lloyds TSB Home Solutions Insurance

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We’re so confident in the quality of our home insurance that we’ll give you £100 if your current buildings and contents policies can match our combined buildings and contents quote on price and four specific product features.

Alternatively, if you only need a buildings or contents quote, and your single policy can match ours, we’ll give you £50. All you need to do is get a quote between 3 October and 31 December 2011 and take the challenge.

Conditions of £100 and £50 Challenge

To get a new Home Solutions quote please call 0800 022 4857 (Monday to Friday 9am – 7pm, Saturdays 9am-4pm) or visit your local branch. 

Have you got both buildings and contents cover?

Take our £100 challenge.
Just get a combined buildings and contents quote.

See if your policies can match our five point checklist:

  • The cost of your current home insurance must be the same or lower than our Lloyds TSB Home Solutions quote.

Either your existing buildings or contents policy must have:

  • Unlimited sums insured.

Your buildings and contents must both provide:

  • Guaranteed repairs when using provider approved tradesmen.
  • £100 or lower standard or compulsory excess (excluding subsidence) as set by your provider.
  • 24 hour emergency helpline provided.

Just got a buildings or contents policy?

You could still get £50. Get a buildings or contents quote and use our checklist to see if your existing policy matches up on all five points.

How to get your £100 or £50.

1. Call us or go in to any branch to speak to one of our advisers and get a home insurance quote between 3 October and 31 December 2011.

2. Use our checklist to see if you can make a claim. Then within 60 days post copies of your Lloyds TSB Home Solutions quote document, your existing home insurance policy schedules and any other information supporting your claim to: Lloyds TSB Home Solutions Insurance Challenge, MLP, The Stables, Home Farm, Mere, Cheshire WA16 0PX.

3. We’ll be in touch within 28 days, and if your home insurance is as good as ours you’ll be sent a cheque in the post for £100 or £50.

To take part in the challenge, you must have had your existing home insurance for at least three months with your current provider(s) at the time you get a Lloyds TSB Home Solutions quote.

Conditions apply

Over the last 10 years, we have been Britain's most popular home insurance provider.

There’s much more to our Home Solutions product…

Quality cover with a personal touch:

  • No interest for paying monthly. You can spread your premium over 12 monthly instalments without any interest charges.
  • Same day payments, we can organise payments into your Lloyds TSB bank account the same day your claim is settled.
  • 24 hour UK based claims helpline, so you can get in touch whenever you need to, day or night.
  • If you are unable to live in your home following an insured event we’ll pay for your alternative accommodation. Limits apply.
  • No cancellation fees, if you need to cancel your policy at any time you won’t get charged.
  • 24 hour Legal Advice Helpline, offering confidential advice anytime.
  • Our Home Solutions insurance provides one of the most comprehensive policies in the market as indicated by a Defaqto 5 Star Rating.
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Kwik Fit Home Insurance

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Home Insurance

Whatever you call home, whether it’s a three-bedroom semi, a country cottage, or a penthouse apartment, our panel of leading insurers find you the best price for home and contents insurance

House, Buildings and Contents Insurance cover from Kwik Fit Insurance

With Kwik Fit Home, Buildings and Contents Insurance, your home and your treasured possessions will be well-protected from the unexpected. It’s so simple to arrange – just click the ‘Get a Quote’ button now.

House Insurance Cover

With us, it’s simple – we supply secure policies that guarantee peace of mind in your time of need. You can tailor a policy to suit your needs. You can choose your home insurance requirements from the list below:

    • Buildings Insurance only
    • Contents Insurance only
    • Buildings & Contents Insurance
    • Add personal possessions cover to your policy

You can call up competitive home insurance quotes in no time

It only takes a few moments to get our home insurance quotes online. Simply click on the ‘Get a Quote’ button, enter your details and we’ll display the cheapest home insurance quotes from our panel of insurers. You can then either buy online or over the phone. And you can choose to pay for your house insurance in full or in monthly instalments by direct debit. Plus, if you choose to combine buildings and contents insurance with us up to 15% discount is included.
We offer some fantastic benefits in our home insurance packages including new For old contents cover and up to £500 free replacement locks cover.
If you already have home insurance but your renewal’s not due yet, simply complete our renewal reminder form and we’ll contact you nearer the time.

* Contents Insurance only

** For full terms and conditions please visit

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Green Car Insurance

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The Green Insurance Company offers green car insurance, eco-friendly car insurance, environmentally friendly home insurance, eco-friendly pet insurance and green breakdown cover. You can check out how much carbon dioxide (CO2) your car uses by using our free carbon footprint calculator. We promote Green Insurance in the UK and if you insure your car through us we will offset 100% of your cars carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions at no extra cost. Your cars carbon footprint is offset by forestry projects helping you to be carbon neutral. Most cheap car insurance providers don’t offer you these benefits but you may find that our online insurance could cost you less than other cheap car insurance providers. The Green Insurance Company offers cheap UK car insurance for hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, VW Polo Bluemotion or Lexus. In fact, owners of most low emission cars or bio-fuel or hybrid cars can benefit from our eco-insurance. So if you recycle, drive a hybrid car, buy renewable energy, are eco-friendly, green or environmentally friendly, why not become more carbon neutral and get a quote for car insurance from The Green Insurance Company today.

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eCar insurance

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eCar are the first insurance solution to let the customer take total control. You can manage your whole policy online, with no phone calls, no waiting, and no bother. You can get instant access to your policy and make changes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…


eGroup Insurance provide a wealth of insurance services for your home, van, car or bike. Their insurance services are underwritten by Norwich Union & Southern Rock. All insurance accounts are handled online to reduce the costs involved with call centres. This enables these savings to be passed on to eGroup’s customers! Take a look at their great insurance services below…


Van Insurance

Van Insurance from eVan

Don’t bother with call centres and automated phone lines! Through the eVan’s system you can look after your whole policy on line – No waiting and no long telephone calls, plus the ability to make instant changes to your policy whenever you need to – day or night…

Home Insurance

Home Insurance from eHome

Your home is something you should protect and cherish. eHome Insurance will cover your house and its contents, thereby providing comprehensive insurance in case of loss or damage. eHome Insurance is the first of its kind; a home insurance that allows…

Bike Insurance

Bike Insurance from eBike

Don’t bother with call centres and automated phone lines! Through the eBike’s system you can look after your whole policy on line – No waiting and no long telephone calls, plus the ability to make instant changes to your policy whenever you need to – day or night….

Life Insurance

Life Insurance from eLife

All you have to do is choose the type and level of cover that’s right for you and give eLife a few details about yourself. eLife will do the following to make sure that you get the best possible quote…

Goods in Transit Insurance

Goods In Transit Insurance from eGoodsInTransit

eGoods In Transit Insurance offers four specific contracts to enable you to insure your goods easily with an online insurance solution from eGroup, one of the UK’s most successful direct insurance businesses. Choosing the facility that suits your needs best allows you the greatest…

Office Insurance

Office Insurance from eOffice

eOffice Insurance from eGroup offers an excellent range of cover options for over 200 professions from accountants to web designers. You can get a quote, buy and administer your policy online, and, since we have no expensive call centres to maintain, we can pass the savings on to our customers…

Shop Premises Insurance

Shop Insurance from eShop

Insure your business premises with eShop Insurance from eGroup. No matter what type of retail business you operate, eShop Insurance makes it easy, allowing you to get a quote, buy and administer your policy, all online. We offer cover for all your shop contents and stock at replacement value …

Tradesman Insurance

Tradesman Insurance from eTradesman

eGroup, one of the fastest-growing insurance businesses in the UK, now offers a unique and specially-tailored insurance package for tradesmen. eTradesman Insurance offers insurance policies for sole traders and businesses with a skilled trade, and you can buy and administer your policy online. No queues…

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Comparethemarket Car Insurance

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Compare car insurance quotes

Whether you’re looking for a new car insurance quote or simply renewing your policy, could help you find cheap cover. Within minutes of visiting you could be comparing a wide panel of over 85 car insurance providers, including leading brands such as Swiftcover, the AA and More Th>n. Plus, with our simple comparison chart it’s quick to find the right cover for you, not to mention you could save money too!

We’ve made it easy.  There’s just one form to complete and you can tailor your level of cover to suit you and your vehicle. So whether you’re looking for third party insurance or fully comprehensive cover, you’re sure to find the cover that’s right for you. are constantly searching for and finding some of the best motor insurance deals available online in the UK and Northern Ireland so you don’t have to. If you’re looking for breakdown cover, no claims protection or car warranty you could be just minutes away from comparing cheap cover at So what are you waiting for? Compare today to see if you could save.

Not sure which insurance group your vehicle is in? Simply select your vehicle or model type using the navigational links below to find out everything you need to know about your vehicle.

Got a question about finding a car insurance quote? See our guides section.

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HSBC Car Insurance

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At HSBC we have over 200 years experience of providing cover for people and their valuables, so we know that offering you car insurance involves more than just giving you the cheapest quote. That’s why we’ll make sure we understand your exact requirements. HSBC Car Insurance is arranged by BISL Limited who use a panel of insurers to find you the best quote they can.


For vehicles with a current market value of £75,000 or more, including prestige, performance or classic cars, please contact Marsh Ltd (Premier Solutions) on 0845 600 6614, or +44 (0)207 760 8944 if calling from overseas.


The essentials

  • Courtesy car while your car is being fixed, subject to availability
  • Dedicated 24/7 claims team
  • Excellent service from our UK based call centres
  • Online access to your policy documents
  • 3 year guarantee on all approved repair work
  • 90 days cover when you use your car to travel in the EU

Optional cover

  • £100,000 motor legal protection to help you claim for any uninsured losses, plus up to 14 days car hire after a claim (subject to eligibility).
  • RAC Breakdown – a range of different levels of cover are available providing you with the ability to purchase exactly what you need. Cover starts from only £35.- UK Roadside only
    – UK Roadside and Recovery
    – UK Roadside, Recovery, At Home and Onward Travel
  • No Claims Discount protection

Call 0800 0720581 to obtain a quote or for more information

Telephone lines are open:

  • Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm
  • Saturday 9am to 5pm
  • Sunday 10am to 4pm
  • Bank Holidays 9am to 5pm
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NatWest Car Insurance

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Right now we’re offering existing NatWest customers a 15% discount when they take out a new car insurance policy with us. Get a quote today. Please input the code ‘NW15’ into the promotional section of the ‘Your details’ page.

Plus, Select Silver, Advantage Gold, Black and Advantage Private Account members are entitled to an additional 10% discount on our car insurance policies, bringing your total discount to 25%.

Please input the following codes into the promotional section of the ‘Your Details’ page.

If you are a Select Silver Account customer please input code NWSLVR

If you are an Advantage Gold Account customer please input code NWGLD

If you are a Black Account customer please input code NWBLCK

If you are an Advantage Private Account customer please input code NWADV

Monthly fee of £8 applies to Select Silver Account, £12.95 applies to Advantage Gold Account, £24 applies to Black Account and £19.95 applies to Advantage Private customers.

Offer applies to new car insurance customers in the first year only to comprehensive and third party fire and theft policies. Quotes are valid for 90 days. Subject to a minimum premium.

So what else does our car insurance offer?bulletUninsured driver promise – if you’re hit by an uninsured driver and you’re found not to be at fault, we’ll cover your excess and your no claims discount won’t be affected (comprehensive cover required)

bulletUp to 65% no claims discount, up to 70% if you’re over 50

bulletOption to protect your no claims discount, if you have 4 years or more

bulletReduce your premium with our flexible choice of excess (comprehensive
policies only)

bullet24-hour accident recovery as standard on all comprehensive policies

bulletUnlimited cover on all manufacturer fitted audio, satellite navigation and entertainment equipment (comprehensive and third party fire and theft policies only) Subject to the payment of the policy excess

bulletSpecialist claims advisers in UK only call centres

Click here for more information on our car insurance cover.

Monthly payments. Subject to eligibility and credit agreement. Credit facilities: Over 18’s only. Representative 24.1% APR. Two payments will be collected at the start of your policy followed by 10 remaining monthly instalments.

Please read the documents below before getting a quote:Key Facts
Important Legal Information
How we use your information

To find out more about our
car insurance please refer to
policy summary (PDF 48KB)
or the
policy document (PDF 276KB) for full policy wording.

By proceeding you are
confirming that you have read
this information, and that you
have printed or downloaded
the Key Facts document

Get A Quote
Phone Numbers

Lines are open: Mon to Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 10am-5pm, Bank Holidays
8am-6pm (excluding Christmas and New Year). Calls may be recorded.

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Cooperative Cheap car insurance

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Cheap car insurance

Looking for a cheap car insurance quote?

We could give you a cheap car insurance quote because we offer a variety of great car insurance discounts; making it easier for you to save time and money:

  • Up to 70% No Claim Discount
  • Named drivers earn their own No Claim Discount †

Over 50% of people could save up to £77*. We’re cheaper than many top names, you can look at just how cheap we are compared to other market leader car insurance providers by viewing our car insurance comparison graph. Or why not find out if you could get cheap car insurance in minutes by entering your details in to our simple and secure car insurance quote tool and if you buy your car insurance online today your cover starts straight away.

* Based on independent research by Consumer Intelligence during August 2011, 51% of customers could achieve this saving with The Co-operative car insurance.

So why not get a car insurance quote today and start saving now!

Retrieve a saved car insurance quote

Quote & buy car insurance online

Tips for getting cheaper car insurance online

1. Increase your car insurance voluntary excess – Agreeing to pay more towards the cost of any accident repairs may bring down premiums. If you are not at fault in a car accident, the excess can be recovered.
2. Ensure that only regular drivers are named on the policy – You can always add someone to your car insurance policy for a few days when they really need to drive the car.
3. Protect your car insurance No Claim Discount – This will increase the car insurance premium by a few pounds, but may be worth it when compared to the potential loss of up to 70% No Claim Discount on a premium of several hundred pounds.
4. Reduce your annual car mileage – The fewer miles the car covers, the greater the saving. But you must be honest about your annual mileage, as an inaccuracy will jeopardise any claim.
5. Check your use cover – If you don’t use your car to drive to work or for business you may be able to get a cheaper car insurance quote. We’ve also introduced pay how you drive car insurance aimed at younger drivers using a “Smartbox” device fitted inside cars.
6. If you are thinking about changing your car, it may be worth getting a new online quote before you buy – The change in car model may have a significant effect on your car insurance premium. Sporty cars can attract a high premium and often a slightly different model or smaller engine can make a big difference in your favour. It will also probably save you on petrol too!
7. If your garage is full of junk, why not clear it out and use it for your car? – Aside from the benefit of not having to scrape the ice off in winter, there is a higher risk of theft by keeping the car on the road, so keeping it in the garage will be reflected in your car insurance premium.

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Healthy Pet Insurance UK

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Compare the Market

Healthy Pets continually check their annual pet insurance premiums against those of other pet insurers to ensure that their policyholders receive good value for money.  Below is a table comparing Healthy Pets Gold Cover policy with similar policies from four other major pet insurers.
Breed Healthy Pets Gold Cover



Option 2
Pet Plan

under 1 year old neutered male, purchase price £50
£311.16 £308.52
West Highland White Terrier 

1 year old neutered female, purchase price £100
£276.96 £422.04
Non-Pedigree Longhair 

2 year old neutered female, purchase price £50

£125.04 £160.80

3 year old neutered male, purchase price £100

£138.72 £160.80
Data taken online 5th May 2011. Postcode used GU32 3QF
Healthy Pets insurance covers your pet for vet fees if they are treated for injury or illness including ongoing treatments.  We are the largest independent Pet Insurance company in the UK.  Many of the insurance comparison websites do not show the benefits that pet insurance companies offer in their policies.  Make sure that you check any comparison carefully to ensure that your pet is adequately covered.

Healthy Pets Insurance Benefits

  • Vet fees for illness and injury up to £7,500
  • Three levels of cover – Bronze, Silver and Gold Premium
  • Competitive premiums
  • Pet specialists
  • Cover for ongoing treatments
  • Advertising and Reward
  • Overseas travel and Holiday cancellation cover
  • Cover for herbal medicines and specialist veterinary referrals
  • Prompt claims payment
  • Pets accepted from the age of 6 weeks
  • No upper age limit
  • Immediate cover online
Get Your Pet Insurance Quote
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RSPCA pet insurance

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RSPCA pet insurance

Since 1824, the RSPCA has been at the heart of animal welfare. In conjunction with AXA insurance we are pleased to offer domestic pet insurance designed to assist with the unforeseen costs of pet ownership. With 50 percent of domestic pets requiring vet attention each year, RSPCA pet insurance is here to ensure that your pet is covered in the event that they are injured or fall ill.

Five percent online discount, 20 percent goes to help the work of the RSPCA.

With our pet insurance policy you get great value insurance cover for your pet, and help for animals across England and Wales.
RSPCA pet insurance covers you and your cat or dog for:

  • vet fees – up to £6,500 per condition with Gold cover, or up to £3,000 per condition with Silver cover to help with vet bills if your cat or dog develops a new medical condition
  • boarding costs – up to £100* per week is available for kennelling costs should you fall ill and require hospital treatment as an in patient (*£100 per week to a maximum of £750 with Gold cover, or £50 per week to a maximum of £250 with Silver cover)
  • third party liability insurance – up to £2 million to help with legal liability for any loss, damages or injury caused by your dog (up to £2,000,000 with Gold cover, or £1,000,000 with Silver cover).

Our long history of animal specialism means our pet insurance goes beyond what’s usually on offer from financial service companies. Every one of our policies helps care for animals, with 20 percent of each premium going towards the RSPCA’s care for unwanted and neglected animals in England and Wales.
This wide-ranging insurance takes the financial pain out of medical and legal services for you and your pet. To find out how your cat or dog can benefit from this coverage complete our online quotation form, which you’ll find on the right of the page,

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Pet insurance from Petplan – Pet insuranc

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Cat Insurance

As many owners will agree, cats can be highly inquisitive and sometimes this can get them into scrapes. Our Covered for Life policies for cats offer a broad range of benefits for owners worried about their cat developing a long-term illness, like arthritis or diabetes which, as incurable conditions, may require extensive veterinary treatment through the course of the cat’s life. Cats are also susceptible to road accidents, and treatment to get your cat back to full health can potentially run into thousands of pounds.

Our most comprehensive cat insurance plan.

Petplan Essential is designed for cat owners who want cover to provide help with the high cost of veterinary treatment .

*Treatment must be carried out by your vet.

Take a look at the following table which shows the benefit levels of our cat insurance. Please also take the time to read the full Terms and Conditions so that you understand all of the benefits and limitations.

12 Months Essential Covered4Life® Classic Covered4Life® Ultimate
Summary This policy is ideal if you want the reassurance of help with the cost of treatment for accidents and illnesses at a price that’s right for you. Our Essential plan provides 12-month cover from the UK’s favourite pet insurance provider. Our most popular plan providing comprehensive Covered for Life pet insurance for peace of mind. With this policy you can continue to claim for treatment of ongoing illnesses or injuries – even if it’s for life. The most comprehensive pet insurance policy available from Petplan, this Covered for Life plan offers first-class protection for you and your pet. It’s the ultimate in cover when nothing but the best will do.
More information >> More information >> More information >>
Excesses: If you need to make a claim for Veterinary Fees or Complementary Treatment, you will pay an excess for the cost of treating each illness or injury. More information
Policy Benefits: Unless otherwise indicated, the figures shown are the maximum amount that may be paid in each policy year.
Covered for Life
– tick tick
Veterinary Fees
£3,000 per
condition for 12 months
£4,000 or £7,000
per year
per year
£500 per
condition for 12 months
per year
per year
Death from Illness
optional extra
optional extra
Death from Injury
optional extra
optional extra
Boarding Fees
£1,000 £1,500 £2,000
Advertising & Reward
£1,000 £1,500 £2,000
Loss by Theft
or Straying
£1,000 £1,500 £2,000
Holiday Cancellation
£1,000 £1,500 £2,000
Quarantine Expenses
& Loss of Documents
£1,000 £1,500 £1,500
£500 £500 £500
Multi-pet Discount
tick tick tick
Pet Owner Support
tick tick tick
Pet Bereavement
tick tick tick
Legal Helpline
— — tick

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ebike insurance

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The first online bike solution that lets you manage your motorcycle insurance policy in your own time. Why bother with call centres and automated phone lines? Our unique system saves you time while reducing the cost of your bike insurance quote.

You may own a Honda, Yamaha, Ducati or BMW, have just bought a Kawasaki or want cover for your Suzuki or KTM. Whatever you ride, we offer cheap bike insurance deals to suit your needs.

You may be looking for Classic Bike Insurance, wanting to add Multiple Bikes and Riders to one policy or need flexible bike insurance with a Pay As You Go Monthly Policy that gives you cover only when you need it.

Selecting the right cover couldn’t be easier and cheap bike insurance is only a click away. eBike provides you with great value bike insurance and saves you money by providing our service direct and online and we pass on the savings to you the customer in the form of competitive quotes.

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Welcome to MCE Bike Insurance – cover for what you love most

Fed up of talking to agents who’ve never opened a throttle in their lives? Sick of having to spell out P-i-a-g-g-i-o or confirm that no, the G650X isn’t the same as the GXS 650? Had enough of brokers who think exhilarating driving is turning up the MP3 in their MPV? .

If that sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place. MCE Insurance is an independent UK-based insurance broker that specialises in insurance for motorbikes, scooters and classic cars.

So if you’re looking for a smiles better quote on your motor insurance for the bike you love, MCE Insurance is the place for you. Don’t waste time revving round the others: pull up for a cheaper quote right now.

We compare the market so you don’t have to. Call MCE Insurance today on 0844 338 68 88 for smiles better deals on your bike insurance – or get a quote online.

Why MCE Bike Insurance?

Since 1975, we’ve been providing specialist motor insurance for people who know their bikes, love their bikes and live for their bikes. From bikes to trikes, mopeds and scooters, classic models to Chinese imports, we offer great deals on motorbike insurance for more than 130 manufacturers.

Most importantly, we know at first hand what it means to be a biker, or to own the machine of our dreams. (In most cases, we’re still waiting for that one, but hey – we’ve got big dreams).

That’s why we pull out all the stops when it comes to looking after you: claims dealt with at speed, through a UK call centre, so you can get back out on the road as soon as possible.

The bottom line: we can save you time and money. What’s more, when dealing with us, you can be certain we know the difference between a Baroni and a Benelli, and won’t assume that naked biking is the latest centrefold from MCN.

Though there’s an idea there somewhere…

We compare the market so you don’t have to. Call MCE Insurance today on 0844 338 68 88 for smiles better deals on your bike insurance – or get a quote online.


The MCE Insurance Service Promise – looking after you and your sports bike

MCE Insurance provides industry leading service, whether you’re signing up with us, renewing your sports bike insurance or making a claim. We save you time by keeping paperwork to a minimum and answering your calls quickly from our UK call centre. Most importantly, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year if you ever need to make a claim or use our breakdown service, which comes as standard with all our sports bike insurance. If you have an accident or your sports bike is damaged or stolen, call us as soon as possible on 0871 222 79 10 and we will respond immediately.

We compare the market so you don’t have to. Call MCE Insurance today on 0844 338 68 88 for smiles better deals on your bike, scooter and moped insurance – or get a quote online.

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Bike Insurance Quotes

UK bikers have consistently voted Carole Nash as the UK’s favourite motorcycle insurance specialist*. Why? Because whether your ride is a Honda or a Hayabusa, a Norton or a Ninja, Carole Nash offers exceptional cover, outstanding value and superb service.

Call for a free bike quote 080 80 7952
Up to £100,000 motorcycle legal protection
  • Your policy will include motorcycle legal protection cover to help you recover any uninsured losses such as earnings, vehicle hire and your policy excess.
Extensive UK & European accident & breakdown recovery
  • Your policy will include home and roadside assistance across the EU.
  • Benefits include onward travel, hotel accommodation, hire of another vehicle, medical assistance and replacement rider.
European travel cover of up to 90 days
  • Your policy will include foreign use cover giving you the same level of cover as you enjoy in the UK when riding within the European Union and certain other non-EU countries.
In-house claims team
  • Trained specialist advisors at our UK-based, in-house claims department.
    Our ‘Talking Claims‘ service lets you give us details over the ‘phone to speed settlement of your claim.
Up to 10% off for insurance-approved security**
  • For insurance-approved security devices, including tagging systems, ground anchors, immobilisers and heavy duty locks.
  • Discounts valid for Thatcham approved and other devices – please ask for details terms and conditions apply.
Up to 10% off for advanced riding qualifications**
  • Discounts of up to 10% to bikers have an advanced riding qualification.
  • These include the British Motorcyclists’ Federation’s Blue Riband, Institute of Advanced Motorists’ Advanced Riding Test and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents’ advanced Motorcycle Test.
UK call centre
  • Our specially trained advisors at our UK call centre in Altrincham, Cheshire, handle all your quote, claims and customer service enquiries.
UK’s favourite motorcycle insurance specialist*
  • Carole Nash have been voted Most Used Broker by bikers polled for the independent RiDER Power survey conducted by Ride magazine in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.
Big savings for modern classicsif your bike is over 10 years old
  • Carole Nash give you access to cheaper classic insurance rates when your bikes is as young as 10 years old.
  • Modern Classic discounts can save up to 10% compared to modern bike rates.
Protected no claims discount
  • Protect NCD of up to 65% automatically with our Six Wheel policy.
  • NCD protection available for a small additional amount with other policies.
Money-saving multi-bikepolicies
  • If you own more than one bike you can insure them on one money-saving policy!
Bite-sized payments scheme
  • Spread the cost of your insurance with handy instalments
  • Monthly direct debit payments also available for our Six Wheel policy.
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Scooter insurance and moped insurance


Scooter and moped sales have never been bigger than now. So now, as well as allowing you to compare motorbike insurance, now you can also compare scooter insurance and moped insurance.


The Bike Insurer has over 30 scooter insurance and moped insurance brokers for you to choose from, including;


MCE, Devitt, Bikesure, the AA, MotorCycle Direct, AQuote, Hastings, H+R, Performance Direct to name but a few.




Or Compare brokers over the phone – 08000 890891 – 7 days a week!


Between our brokers, over 300 scooter insurance and moped insurance products are compared, giving you the biggest choice of products anywhere in the World.


If you are aged 21+ then The Bike Insurer also GUARANTEES to offer you the cheapest bike insurance on the web too.


And if you needed just a few more reasons to compare scooter insurance and moped insurance with the World’s 1st bike insurance comparison site then take a look here;

    • Unique schemes for twist and go mopeds & scooters


    • Low rates available for geared 50cc & 125cc machines, including sports & trial bikes
    • Legal Expense cover included within every quote – worth upto £25.00


    • All products sold backed by FSA Authorised insurance brokers and companies

So if you want to save money on your moped and scooter insurance, and you want to join the tens of thousands of riders that The Bike Insurer insures every year then simply call our scooter insurance and moped insurance team now on 08000 890891 or click to get an online quote 24 hours per day.

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Devitt – Motorcycle Insurance

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Motorcycle insurance from Devitt

You are now being transferred to Devitt Motorcycle Insurance, which is arranged by Devitt Insurance Services Limited, who are Insurance Brokers, authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Direct Line Insurance plc is part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group.


Just get a motorcycle insurance quote online or give Devitt a call and we’ll compare the prices from a panel of motorcycle insurers for you – saving a lot of time and effort right from the start. We can also help make sure you’re not paying for cover you don’t need.

We can provide low cost insurance quotes for the most popular kinds of motorbikes including:

  • Supersport Motorcycles
  • Sport/Touring Motorcycles
  • Naked Motorcycles
  • Custom Motorcycles
  • Trail/Enduro Motorcycles
  • Adventure/Sport Motorcycles

choose Devitt?

  • Experts on motorbike, scooter and moped insurance.
  • Choose how to pay: debit/credit card, direct debit, or through your bank account*.
  • Excellent customer service – expert help and straightforward advice.
  • Additional discounts reduce premiums: advanced motorcycle training, secure overnight
  • garaging, female riders, limited mileage and approved motorcycle security systems.
  • Quality policies – top cover from Devitt’s panel of motorcycle insurers.
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Bennetts Motorbike Insurance

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Motorcycle Insurance

Finding cheap motorcycle insurance with Bennetts is easy. As one of the UK’s largest providers of bike insurance, we do all the legwork for you to find you the lowest priced motorcycle, scooter and moped insurance quotes from our panel of top insurers and make sure you get the protection you and your bike need!
Bennetts offers excellent motorcycle cover from all our panel of insurers. Subject to conditions and an age restrictions, your new policy will cover you for riding other bikes as well as 90 day European Union cover in a single trip.
Also, we operate a UK based call centre and a free 24 hour specialist claims line so you can have complete peace of mind.
So, if you’re looking for cheap motorcycle, scooter and moped insurance quotes then look no further than Bennetts.
Other great benefits from Bennetts include:
  • Additional cover for you and your bike
  • Multibike policies
  • No Claims Discount Protection
  • Easy monthly payments

What’s Included

To help make the experience of buying insurance a simple and easy process, you can see the benefits of Bennetts insurance in the table below. Whether you are opting for fully comprehensive bike insurance or third party, fire and theft, this will help you compare cover and make that all important decision.  Please read your policy documents carefully for full details.
What’s covered in your policy Comprehensive Third party
fire and theft
90 Days European Union Cover


tick tick
Motorcycle Theft


tick tick
Loss or damage to your motorcycle


tick tick
Accident Recovery


tick tick
Riding other bikes


tick tick
New motorcycle replacement within 6 months of buying it new*


tick tick
Free 24 hour claims line and advice with your claim


tick tick
Multi bike policy


tick tick

As well as getting the best possible insurance cover available we also offer the following:
Easy monthly payments
To make life easier you can spread your payments over 12 months to enable you to get out on the road!
No Claims Discount (NCD) Protection
As a safe rider with over four year’s no claims bonus under your belt, you can now protect this should you be involved in an accident or have your bike stolen. NCD protection is only available with certain insurers, you can choose this as an option at quote stage.
Bennetts will do all the leg work to get you the lowest quote from our panel of top insurers and make sure you get the protection you and your bike need!
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Be Wiser – Motorbike Insurance

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How can shopping for motorbike insurance be different?

Just as motorbikes are visually very different vehicles to cars, so can the things that need consideration when searching for insurance.

As there are less people who choose this mode of transport than cars, the firms who offer cover can be more specialised in the policies they offer.
On the face of it, the principles can be very similar – the purpose of the cover is for instances of theft, damage and recovery.

However, unlike with autos, because bikes are freestanding – and can be easily mounted if parked on the street – many companies can specify proper anti-crime measures have been accounted for, such as locks.

Some policies can cover people for riding other bikes, perfect for those who attend rallies or festivals.

Others can offer protection for riding abroad, which could again be useful if the bashes are being held on foreign soil.

As you may expect, some models can attract higher premiums – especially if they are more powerful and can achieve faster speeds.

Which bike is being insured, it can be important to shop around to make sure you get the best deal.

Please read carefully

To speed up the process of your online quotation, please confirm that the conditions below are correct.

  • All riders are permanent residents of the United Kingdom and do not have more than one occupation.
  • All riders are legally entitled to drive the motorcycle in the UK and have a valid licence to do so.
  • None of the riders have any medical conditions which must be legally disclosed to the DVLA.
  • None of the riders have any non-motoring convictions unspent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act e.g. theft, dishonesty, or fraud.
  • None of the riders have ever had insurance refused, cancelled, voided, or special terms imposed on any insurance policy.
  • The motorcycle has not been modified in any way from the manufacturer’s standard specification.
  • The motorcycle is not registered as a Q plate.
  • You own the motorcycle and it is registered in your name. The motorcycle will be kept at your home address.
  • Helmet & Leathers – Excess payable £50.00. Maximum of £1000 will be paid out.
  • Personal Accident – Only covers you between the ages of 18 and 70 .
  • RAC Roadside Assistance – all cover will commence 48 hours after purchase date. This product will only cover the specified bike.
  • Leather clothing, helmet, boots and gloves covered up to £1,000. Damage to motor cycle clothing as a result of a motor accident and if your clothing is beyond repair they will replace in the same form or style.
  • Personal Accident cover is also included for death, loss of limb, loss of sight, disablement as a result of the accident (up to £10,000). Plus £250 for emergency dental cover.
  • Helmet & Leathers and Personal Accident cover is underwritten by Fortis.
  •  RAC Roadside Assistance cover, 24/7, anywhere in the UK (Excluding Northern Ireland) over ¼ of a mile from home address, 365 days a year.- Repair referral and free tow to RAC approved garage (within 10 miles) where you’ll get priority attention.
    – Taxi fares of up to 20 miles from breakdown if vehicle cannot be repaired.
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comparethemarket motor bike insurance

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Compare motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance does not need to be expensive. Why not compare with to see how much you could save on your motorcycle insurance. From mopeds to scooters, to cruisers and sports bikes, we have teamed up with leading insurers to bring you some of the best prices on the market today!

Whether you use your bike to get you to and from work or for an afternoon ride in the countryside, having the right bike insurance is essential and that’s where comes in!

With a range of different motorcycle insurance policy features available including helmet & leathers cover, breakdown cover, European cover and legal cover, choose the features that suits your individual needs. One form and a couple of minutes and you could be saving money on your bike insurance. You won’t find a cheaper price direct! If you want further information about motorcycle insurance and how to get the best deal possible, have a look at the bike insurance advice for more information.

What are you waiting for?

Find out how much you could save and
compare motorcycle insurance today.

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Life Insurance the easy way

Whether you’re looking to provide a financial safety net for your loved ones, moving house or a first time buyer looking to arrange your mortgage life insurance – or simply wanting to add some cover to what you’ve already got – you’ll want to make sure you choose the right type of cover and get a great deal too.

Life Insurance from Aviva is a quick and easy way to arrange cover that pays out a lump sum to your loved ones. You should note that there is no cash in value at any time. If you stop paying the premiums or survive to the end of the plan term the cover will end and no money will be returned to you.

What type of cover is right for me?

Cover to help protect your family

This is called Level Life Insurance and is a straightforward way to help provide financial security for your loved ones, or to help cover an interest only mortgage.

Find out more about Level Life Insurance

Cover to help protect your mortgage

This is called Decreasing Life Insurance and is a straightforward way to provide cover for a repayment mortgage or loan that decreases over time.

Find out more about Decreasing Life Insurance

Confused by life insurance?

Compare our life insurance options to make sure you get the life insurance that’s right for you.

Follow this link to compare our life insurance options

Lifestyle Maintenance Calculator

Try our calculator to help you decide how much life insurance you might need.

Follow this link to try our life cover calculator

Things to think about

  • With Aviva, you get Terminal Illness Benefit included. This pays out the sum insured if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness and not expected to live more than 12 months, assuming your plan has at least 18 months to run.
  • Terminal Illness Benefit is not the same as critical illness cover. Critical illness cover is not available with Aviva Life Insurance.

You can choose to take out an alternative plan offered by Aviva, which combines life cover with critical illness cover.

Benefits for you

  • It’s simple – get a quote under 2 minutes
  • Monthly premiums are guaranteed never to rise
  • Easy to arrange – no complicated forms to fill in
  • Premiums start from £5 a month – what you pay will depend on the amount of cover required and your personal circumstances
  • Joint cover available for you and your partner
  • We’ll send you £15 of M&S vouchers after you make your 3rd monthly payment when you buy direct from Aviva
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YourLife Plan

YourLife Plan offers you Term Assurance, Critical Illness Cover, Family Income Benefit and Income Protection. You can buy just one cover if that’s all you need, or use them to create a complete package. Either way, there’s just one application process.

We’ve taken a fresh look at these types of cover too. We’ve asked customers what it is that they really need from them and tried to make sure our covers meet those needs

One of the things we’ve realised is that many people would benefit from Income Protection on top of their Critical Illness Cover but feel that taking out both covers is too expensive. So we’ve introduced Temporary Disability as an option in our Critical Illness Cover. This gives you short-term income protection if you can’t work because of an illness or injury, even if your condition isn’t on the list of critical illnesses that we cover. It’s not as comprehensive as an Income Protection policy, but it’s not as expensive either.

Low Start

Low Start offers the same great cover as YourLife Plan Term Assurance and Critical Illness with Term Assurance covers at a lower initial cost – allowing you to secure a level of protection that may have previously seemed unaffordable. Premiums then go up gradually each year at a rate that’s guaranteed at outset. Although the cost over the whole term will be higher than for a ‘traditional’ plan, the premium for each year of the term is fixed and you can opt out of the increase or switch to level premiums at any time by reducing the sum assured.

In the past, other insurers have introduced ways to make premiums more affordable at the start of a contract – but this usually meant that the cover was annually renewable and that you didn’t know how much the premiums would be in future years.

Low Start is different. We guarantee from day one how much the premiums will be for the entire period of the cover.

In the current economic climate Low Start could help you afford the level of protection that’s right for you – whatever your budget.

Real Life Cover

Most of us take out life insurance because we don’t want our family to struggle financially if we die. But while we’re under 65, we’re much more likely to be off work for six months or more through illness or injury than we are to die. Life insurance won’t pay anything then. Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover would help. But for many of us, the leap in price from life insurance to this kind of cover is just too great.

Real Life Cover is different. It combines life insurance, income protection and limited critical illness cover in one plan. But it only covers you for the things that are most likely to stop you earning a living or caring for your family, so you pay less than you would if you bought life insurance with traditional income protection and critical illness cover

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Beatthatquote Life Insurance

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Life Insurance

Life assurance pays out a set amount of money upon the death of the insured.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance or whole of life assurance is a life insurance policy that remains for the insurer’s whole life and in most cases requires premiums to be paid for the life of the policy.

Level Term Insurance

Level Term assurance also known as Level term life insurance is where the sum assured is guaranteed to be the same over a given period of years, the term. It is a specific life assurance policy that only pays out if the insured dies within the relevant term.

Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

Mortgage payment protection insurance also known as Mortgage Protection Insurance pays mortgage repayments in the event of accident, sickness or unemployment.

Critical Illness Assurance

Critical illness insurance or critical illness cover is an insurance product. It is where an insurer is contracted to typically make a cash payment if the policy holder is diagnosed with one of the critical illness listed in the policy.

Permanent Health Insurance

Sometimes known as PHI pays a proportion of your salary if you are unable to work through sickness or accident. Unlike ASU insurance, it continues paying until your normal retirement date (or return to work, if sooner).

How to find the Life Insurance for You

To find the right Life Insurance for you ensure that you shop around. Each Life Insurance Company has different monthly premiums which will vary depending on your circumstances. You should always compare other insurers rather than just accept the initial Life Insurance quote you receive, especially if it is in conjunction with a loan or mortgage and the quotation is being provided by the lender.

The content of the site is for information purposes only and does not constitute advice. While we take every care to ensure the information provided is correct and up to date, please always check with the providers before committing yourselves. The website and articles featured here provide links to third party websites. Please note take no responsibility for the content of these third party websites. This information is for use by UK individuals only. Our service is free to you but to operate this service we may receive commissions from the provider or broker we refer you to. Limited is an appointed representative firm of Best Value Financial Services Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Our FSA registered number is FRN 449766. Credit Cards, Debt Help, Loans, Utilities and Legal Services are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Limited is a company registered in England with Registration Number 5346120 and with Registered Office at 5 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3TW.

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sunlifedirect Over-50-Plan

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Over 50 Life Insurance

The Guaranteed Over 50 Plan provided by

AXA Wealth Ltd trading as Sun Life Direct now offers more cover for everyone.

All new customers taking out a new over 50 life insurance Plan will receive a bigger cash sum for the same premium than if the Plan had been taken out before 1st July 2011. In fact, for an estimated 8 out of 10 new customers, the cash sum paid out will be at least 15% bigger*. And now we’re offering premiums from just £4 a month!


Why choose the Guaranteed Over 50 Plan for your life insurance?

A guaranteed fixed cash sum and no medical or health questions
  • The Guaranteed Over 50 Plan provides a fixed cash sum to leave as a gift for loved ones or to help towards funeral costs.
  • Provided you’re aged 50 – 85 and a UK resident, we guarantee to accept you.
  • We’ll pay out the fixed cash sum on your death as long as you’ve been paying into the Plan for at least two years.
  • If you die in the first 2 years, we’d pay back all the premiums paid, plus half as much again.
  • Because the cash sum is fixed, inflation will reduce its value over time.
Premiums from £4 a month & More Cover for Your Money
  • Premiums are now from as little as £4 a month – that’s the lowest premium available on the market for plans of this type.
  • Increased cash sums – everyone will get more money. In fact, for an estimated 8 out of 10 new customers, the cash sum paid out will be at least 15% bigger than if they had taken a Plan before 1st July 2011*.
See an example of how the Plan compares in the market Compare Life Insurance
Most popular Plan of its type
  • The Guaranteed Over 50 Plan is the most popular Plan of its type^, with over 760,000** customers. So you’re in safe hands. You can find out more about why our customers choose us here.
Affordable premiums that never change
  • You can choose any premium from £4 to £74 a month, as long as the cash sum doesn’t exceed £20,000.
  • The premium you choose will never go up and your cover will never go down – no matter what happens to your health.
  • You simply need to keep paying in every month throughout your life, as if you stop paying, your cover will end and you won’t get anything back.
  • Depending on how long you live, the cash sum paid out could be less than the total amount paid in premiums.
  • The first month’s premium is free.
  • You can choose a gift to welcome you into the Plan.
  • If you were to die in a travel accident, or within three months of an accident as a result of your injuries, we’d pay out three times your fixed cash sum.

What our customers say


*All customers taking out a new Plan will receive a bigger cash sum for the same premium than if the plan had been taken out before 1st July 2011.Based on the customers who took out Plans in 2010, we estimate that for 81% of customers taking out a new Plan after 1st July 2011, the cash sum will be at least 15% bigger.

^Most popular whole of life guaranteed acceptance plan bought directly. ABI statistics, Q1-Q4 2010.

**766,435 Guaranteed Over 50 Plan policyholders as at 21/04/2011.

††This testimonial is genuine and the original may be inspected at our Bristol offices giving 24 hours’ prior notice. The photograph is posed by a model to protect the privacy of the customer involved.

This website contains information on how the Guaranteed Over 50 Plan works. As the website does not contain advice, you need to be satisfied this type of policy meets your needs. If you are unsure and need advice, please visit to find an Independent Financial Adviser in your area – you may have to pay for the financial advice provided.

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scottishwidows LifeInsurance

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Life insurance

Protection for Life – a flexible life insurance plan that can change as your protection needs change – the following options are available:


Life insurance

Life Cover is the name of our insurance policy, under our Protection for Life plan, which can pay out a cash sum if you were to die during a specified period. It can be tailored to your individual needs with options to include premium protection.

Critical illness cover with Life insurance

We have a life insurance policy that includes critical illness cover, which is an option under our Protection for Life plan. This is called Critical Illness with Life Cover and can provide a cash sum if you were to die or be diagnosed with a specified critical illness during a specified period.

Whole of life insurance

Our simple whole of life insurance policy is called Lifetime Cover, which is an option under our Protection for Life plan. It pays out a cash lump sum on death.


We’ve paid out more than £1.1bn in Life Cover and Critical Illness Cover claims.

Best Doctors©

Best Doctors can provide you with a second opinion from a leading medical expert, without the need to travel. It’s available with all new Protection for Life policies.

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We’re committed to finding you the Best Price

We discount all our quotes to provide you with cheaper insurance.

We don’t charge you a penny – you pay your monthly premium directly to your insurer.

We guarantee to be cheaper than your bank, Financial Advisor or going direct to an insurer’s website.

We’re completely Unbiased

All our life quotes are totally unbiased.

We don’t have any sponsored insurers in our quote comparisons – we simply list results ordered by the cheapest price.

We have no advertising on our website for any individual insurer.

We always deliver Excellent Customer Service

We have highly trained Client Managers who can assist you with any questions you may have about your policy.

We will email you the search results so you don’t have to fill your information in more than once.

Your dedicated Client Manager will take care of all the administration and paperwork for you.

We’ll help you choose the Right Policy

Our results page will give you all the important Key Facts for every policy.

We’ll give you detailed information that will help you make an informed decision.

We display your quotes ordered by price so you can easily see the most competitive.

We respect your Privacy

We’ll never sell your information on or bombard you with unwanted sales calls.

You can opt out of receiving calls or emails at any time.

All personal information that you provide us is securely stored and we adhere to data regulations to ensure your data is safe.

What is life insurance?

Life Insurance is the most simple, popular and cost effective way to help protect your family or mortgage in the event of your death. If you were to die during the term of your policy then you can leave behind a lump sum of money with a level term policy or if you are insuring a repayment mortgage then you can opt for decreasing term.

Life insurance can be bought for a fixed term of between 5 and 40 years and usually runs until your 85th birthday. You can also buy the policy as either a single or joint policy. If you require a longer policy or need insurance past your 85th birthday then speak to one of our experts.

TIP – All our life insurance policies also have terminal illness cover included at no extra cost for your extra peace of mind.

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Goodhealth Worldwide

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Expatriate medical insurance
Comprehensive private medical insurance products from Goodhealth Worldwide for expatriates of all nationalities.

If you need expatriate medical insurance, contact Goodhealth. We offer first class medical insurance and health insurance products for expatriates in most global locations. So whenever you need medical insurance, wherever you are in the world, we are always close at hand. If you or your family becomes ill whilst living abroad, or if you encounter different healthcare systems, climates, diseases and languages, Goodhealth’s expatriate medical insurance will provide peace of mind.
Click here to find out more about our expatriate medical insurance products or request an instant insurance quote.
Why take out an expatriate medical insurance policy?

If you are living or working abroad, it is important to take out expatriate medical insurance in order to insure your health, protect your assets and to give you freedom of choice. This insurance will also give you access to the best medical facilities in the world and provides important medical cover where you need it.
Whatever your medical insurance needs, Goodhealth have the products to suit you and because we are a specialist provider of expatriate medical insurance, you can be assured that we will always be on hand to help you and your family, no matter where in the world you may be.
Why choose Goodhealth for expatriate medical insurance?

Goodhealth is one of the largest UK-based providers of international medical insurance. Our comprehensive medical insurance products enable you to access the best medical facilities through local support and international knowledge, plus our network of regional offices ensures claims are settled quickly, efficiently and locally. Review some of our recent case studies here – one / two / three / four.

We also give you peace of mind by protecting your health and your assets through our expatriate medical insurance policies – as one of the leading and most experienced providers of international medical and health insurance, we have been helping expatriates from around the world for more than 25 years. Goodhealth (part of Aetna Inc) are a company dedicated to medical insurance, so we understand the importance of being on hand to help you no matter where in the world you are.

Aetna Global Benefits (AGB) provide a comprehensive range of private medical schemes to expatriates of all nationalities around the world.

Our in-depth understanding and total knowledge of the marketplace has allowed us to offer a truly unique range of healthcare products to a wide audience.

The AGB Affiliation Program offers you the chance to participate in our on-going success and a unique opportunity to share in the profits.

We have made joining the Affiliation Program as simple as possible.

After your application has been approved we will provide you with all the tools to successfully sell.

These include:

Web Based software for real time reporting of your earnings (through our partner Commission Junction).
Quick and easy access to banner creative and links to place on your site.
Special offers and promotions to further increase the money you make.
Referral checks sent to you each month.
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Debenhams – Life Insurance

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Life Insurance – Overview

Life insurance is a great way to ensure your loved ones will be financially secure if anything were to happen to you. By paying a small premium** each month, you can provide financial protection in the form of a lump sum payment should the worst happen.

As well as the peace of mind you get from protecting your family you can also enjoy a £50* Debenhams giftcard to use in store or online when you take out our Life Insurance.

Life Insurance provides invaluable peace of mind and can be used for the following:

  • Pay off your mortgage
  • Help finance dependants’ present and future education
  • Provide finance to help your family maintain their lifestyle
  • Pay off credit card or personal loan debts
  • Cover funeral costs

We offer the following Life Insurance products:

  • Life Level Term Insurance
  • Life Level Term Insurance with Critical Illness Cover
  • Mortgage Life Insurance
  • Mortgage Life Insurance with Critical Illness Cover
  • Critical Illness Cover

How Debenhams Life Insurance compares:

We work with (UK Life Insurance specialists). The service compares quotes from leading UK life insurers online in seconds.

This table below shows monthly premiums for a sum assured of £150,000 over a 20 year term.


Debenhams Life Cover Virgin Greenbee M&S Direct Line
£12.15 £15.97 £17.20 £17.75 £18.91


Debenhams Life Cover Virgin Greenbee M&S Direct Line
£9.58 £13.01 £13.93 £13.85 £15.01

Life insurance quotations above are correct at 14/09/2010 and apply to a Level Term Insurance quote for £150,000 over 20 years based on a single life, non-smoker, aged 40. All quotes are based on acceptance at standard rates.

The actual monthly payments will depend on your individual circumstances.

*£50 Debenhams giftcard – Your giftcard will be sent to you after you have made your sixth month’s life insurance payment. This offer applies to new policies only.**Your premium will depend on your individual circumstances and the level of cover you choose to provide.

Debenhams Retail Plc is an introducer appointed representative of Investment Discounts On-Line Ltd, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority under the reference no. 197451. is a trading style of Investment Discounts On-Line Ltd.

Life Insurance – Cover Details

We offer the following life insurance options:

Life Level Term

Life Level Term Insurance has an amount of cover which remains the same throughout the term of the policy. You decide the number of years you wish the policy to be in force and the level of cover you require at the outset. This policy will pay out on the death of the insured, or if critical illness cover is added, on the diagnosis of a specified critical illness. Whichever occurs first.

Mortgage Life Insurance

The amount of cover which a Mortgage Life Insurance policy provides decreases in line with the outstanding balance on a standard repayment mortgage. You choose the length of the policy (which is usually the same as the remaining years on your mortgage) and the initial level of cover at the outset. This policy will pay out on the death of the insured, or if critical illness cover is added, on the diagnosis of a specified critical illness. Whichever occurs first.

Critical Illness Cover

A Critical Illness policy pays out a lump sum upon diagnosis of a serious illness that is specified in the policy. The term and sum to be insured are decided at the outset. If a critical illness is diagnosed during the specified term then the sum insured is paid out.
All the above policies can be set up on a single or joint life basis. If a claim has not been made before the end of the term then the plan ceases and nothing is paid out. There is no cash in value at any time. If a claim is made then the policy ceases. In the case of Joint Life policies, cover will cease following the first claim from either life.

Long Term Income Protection (PHI)

Long Term Income Protection Insurance also known as Permanent Health Insurance is designed to pay you a regular income if an illness or injury prevents you from working. The income can be paid for as long as you are unable to work through accident, sickness or until the end of the policy term. This product has no investment content and has no cash in value at any time.

 Debenhams Retail Plc is an introducer appointed representative of Investment Discounts On-Line Ltd, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority under the reference no. 197451. is a trading style of Investment Discounts On-Line Ltd.

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Adviser financial Life insurance

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The group of products known as general insurance, includes home, car, travel and health insurance products. These are the essential ‘every day’ insurance products that provide us with peace of mind in the event of the unexpected.

Adviser Financial can help you reduce the cost of this vital part of your financial planning, We are able to source insurance quotes for the following:

    • Home
    • Motor
    • Travel
    • Income & unemployment
    • Commercial
    • Marine
    • Pet
    • Professional Indemnity

Adviser Financial usually offers accident, sickness and unemployment insurance from the whole of the UK market.

Adviser Financial usually offers home insurance from the whole of the UK market.

A financial adviser, is a professional who renders financial services to individuals, businesses and governments. This can involve investment advice, which may include pension planning, and/or advice on life insurance and other insurances such as income protection insurance, critical illness insurance etc., and/or advice on mortgages.[1]

Ideally, the financial advisor helps the client maintain the desired balance of investment income, capital gains, and acceptable level of risk by using proper asset allocation. Financial advisors use stock, bonds, mutual funds, real estate investment trusts (REITs), options, futures, notes, and insurance products to meet the needs of their clients. Many financial advisers receive a commission payment for the various financial products that they broker, although “fee-based” planning is becoming increasingly popular in the financial services industry.

A further distinction should be made between “fee-based” and “fee-only” advisers. Fee-based advisers often charge asset based fees but may also collect commissions. Fee-only advisers do not collect commissions or referral fees paid by other product or service providers.[citation needed]

Some investment advisors only charge a fee based on the assets managed for the client. Typically they charge about 1.0 to 1.5% per year to make the investment decisions for the client. They do not collect


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