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Healthy Pet Insurance UK

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Compare the Market

Healthy Pets continually check their annual pet insurance premiums against those of other pet insurers to ensure that their policyholders receive good value for money.  Below is a table comparing Healthy Pets Gold Cover policy with similar policies from four other major pet insurers.
Breed Healthy Pets Gold Cover



Option 2
Pet Plan

under 1 year old neutered male, purchase price £50
£311.16 £308.52
West Highland White Terrier 

1 year old neutered female, purchase price £100
£276.96 £422.04
Non-Pedigree Longhair 

2 year old neutered female, purchase price £50

£125.04 £160.80

3 year old neutered male, purchase price £100

£138.72 £160.80
Data taken online 5th May 2011. Postcode used GU32 3QF
Healthy Pets insurance covers your pet for vet fees if they are treated for injury or illness including ongoing treatments.  We are the largest independent Pet Insurance company in the UK.  Many of the insurance comparison websites do not show the benefits that pet insurance companies offer in their policies.  Make sure that you check any comparison carefully to ensure that your pet is adequately covered.

Healthy Pets Insurance Benefits

  • Vet fees for illness and injury up to £7,500
  • Three levels of cover – Bronze, Silver and Gold Premium
  • Competitive premiums
  • Pet specialists
  • Cover for ongoing treatments
  • Advertising and Reward
  • Overseas travel and Holiday cancellation cover
  • Cover for herbal medicines and specialist veterinary referrals
  • Prompt claims payment
  • Pets accepted from the age of 6 weeks
  • No upper age limit
  • Immediate cover online
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RSPCA pet insurance

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RSPCA pet insurance

Since 1824, the RSPCA has been at the heart of animal welfare. In conjunction with AXA insurance we are pleased to offer domestic pet insurance designed to assist with the unforeseen costs of pet ownership. With 50 percent of domestic pets requiring vet attention each year, RSPCA pet insurance is here to ensure that your pet is covered in the event that they are injured or fall ill.

Five percent online discount, 20 percent goes to help the work of the RSPCA.

With our pet insurance policy you get great value insurance cover for your pet, and help for animals across England and Wales.
RSPCA pet insurance covers you and your cat or dog for:

  • vet fees – up to £6,500 per condition with Gold cover, or up to £3,000 per condition with Silver cover to help with vet bills if your cat or dog develops a new medical condition
  • boarding costs – up to £100* per week is available for kennelling costs should you fall ill and require hospital treatment as an in patient (*£100 per week to a maximum of £750 with Gold cover, or £50 per week to a maximum of £250 with Silver cover)
  • third party liability insurance – up to £2 million to help with legal liability for any loss, damages or injury caused by your dog (up to £2,000,000 with Gold cover, or £1,000,000 with Silver cover).

Our long history of animal specialism means our pet insurance goes beyond what’s usually on offer from financial service companies. Every one of our policies helps care for animals, with 20 percent of each premium going towards the RSPCA’s care for unwanted and neglected animals in England and Wales.
This wide-ranging insurance takes the financial pain out of medical and legal services for you and your pet. To find out how your cat or dog can benefit from this coverage complete our online quotation form, which you’ll find on the right of the page,

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Pet insurance from Petplan – Pet insuranc

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Cat Insurance

As many owners will agree, cats can be highly inquisitive and sometimes this can get them into scrapes. Our Covered for Life policies for cats offer a broad range of benefits for owners worried about their cat developing a long-term illness, like arthritis or diabetes which, as incurable conditions, may require extensive veterinary treatment through the course of the cat’s life. Cats are also susceptible to road accidents, and treatment to get your cat back to full health can potentially run into thousands of pounds.

Our most comprehensive cat insurance plan.

Petplan Essential is designed for cat owners who want cover to provide help with the high cost of veterinary treatment .

*Treatment must be carried out by your vet.

Take a look at the following table which shows the benefit levels of our cat insurance. Please also take the time to read the full Terms and Conditions so that you understand all of the benefits and limitations.

12 Months Essential Covered4Life® Classic Covered4Life® Ultimate
Summary This policy is ideal if you want the reassurance of help with the cost of treatment for accidents and illnesses at a price that’s right for you. Our Essential plan provides 12-month cover from the UK’s favourite pet insurance provider. Our most popular plan providing comprehensive Covered for Life pet insurance for peace of mind. With this policy you can continue to claim for treatment of ongoing illnesses or injuries – even if it’s for life. The most comprehensive pet insurance policy available from Petplan, this Covered for Life plan offers first-class protection for you and your pet. It’s the ultimate in cover when nothing but the best will do.
More information >> More information >> More information >>
Excesses: If you need to make a claim for Veterinary Fees or Complementary Treatment, you will pay an excess for the cost of treating each illness or injury. More information
Policy Benefits: Unless otherwise indicated, the figures shown are the maximum amount that may be paid in each policy year.
Covered for Life
– tick tick
Veterinary Fees
£3,000 per
condition for 12 months
£4,000 or £7,000
per year
per year
£500 per
condition for 12 months
per year
per year
Death from Illness
optional extra
optional extra
Death from Injury
optional extra
optional extra
Boarding Fees
£1,000 £1,500 £2,000
Advertising & Reward
£1,000 £1,500 £2,000
Loss by Theft
or Straying
£1,000 £1,500 £2,000
Holiday Cancellation
£1,000 £1,500 £2,000
Quarantine Expenses
& Loss of Documents
£1,000 £1,500 £1,500
£500 £500 £500
Multi-pet Discount
tick tick tick
Pet Owner Support
tick tick tick
Pet Bereavement
tick tick tick
Legal Helpline
— — tick

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