Holiday Taxis

Posted by on Dec 30, 2016 in TRADING SERVICES, TRAVEL AND HOLIDAYS | 0 comments can arrange any type of airport transfer for any party size in over 9,000 resorts and cities in over 90 countries worldwide. Private taxi transfers, group minibus and low cost shuttle transfers are available from airports, ports, train stations and between addresses.

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Holiday Autos

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As the UK’s leading leisure car hire broker, your customers will benefit from

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Logitravel SL

Posted by on Dec 1, 2014 in Hotels, TRAVEL AND HOLIDAYS | Comments Off on Logitravel SL is a complete online travel agency specialising in: – packages holidays: to popular Mediterranean, Caribbean and Far East destinations as well as City breaks. – beach and city hotels: with over 200,000 hotels worldwide, we’ve got something for everyone! – flights: we’ve got the world covered with hundreds of scheduled and low-cost airlines.

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Travel Interaction Ltd

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Travel Interaction Ltd was originally founded in 2011, the team behind the site have decades of experience selling discounted holidays both online and over the phone to the UK market. We work hard to ensure the holidays we offer are some of the cheapest in the industry.

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Thomas Cook Airlines

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Thomas Cook Airlines currently flies to over 60 sunshine destinations across the world. They have some fantastically low priced flights with many of the flights flying from your local airport and with in-flight entertainment

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in order to help you use our site there are a number of features that will help you find what youre interested in “ no matter what equipment you are using to access the internet.

However, before we explain those features, if you would like information on how to adjust your computer set up to make it easier to access the information on this and lots of other websites, we suggest you visit the BBC’s “my web, my way” project. There you will find information such as:

  • How to make text bigger and easier to read,
  • How to listen to a website instead of reading it, or
  • How to use a keyboard to navigate instead of using a mouse all the time

Accessible holidays

We hope that this site provides sufficient information for people to make an informed decision about holidays they would like to go on. Unfortunately we can not provide sufficient information for everyone’s requirements. If you have specific needs relating to a disability or special assistance please call our Special Needs Assistance Helpline on 0871 664 0143.

Features of this site

On this site, we have:

1. Used clean structural mark up that should make sense in any device that you use to access the site. This means all headings, lists and links are appropriately marked and should be clearly identifiable in whichever technology you use to access the site.

2. Ensured the site is usable for those with JavaScript (JS) switched off. Whilst it is not possible to provide the same experience with JS switched off, we have ensured that all essential information and functionality is still available. There is more advice below for people who do have JS turned off.

3. Used clear, concise language, including:

    • Short headings summarising the related section
    • Unique page titles
    • Brief but helpful instructions
    • Minimal jargon and where used, acronyms have been explained once on each page

    4. Separated presentation from content so that content should make sense if the presentation is disabled, or the layout changed to the user’s preferences.

5. All forms are appropriately marked up with labels and are navigable by keyboard and mouse.

6. Adhered to all priority 1 WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) guidelines, the majority of priority 2 and many priority 3 guidelines. Unfortunately compliance with many of these guidelines is subjective and therefore open to debate. If you don’t believe we comply with these guidelines please let us know, describing the difficulty you are having and we will attempt to resolve the issue.

Accessibility barriers

Whilst we have endeavoured to make this site as accessible as possible, it has not always been possible to satisfy all users’ requirements. Below we have listed a number of areas where we have made decisions that may not suit all, and tried to explain the reasons for making those decisions:

  1. We do not have closed captions or a text / audio alternative to the videos on this site. Whilst we may look to change this in the future, at present the majority of our videos relate to specific accommodations, and we believe there is sufficient equivalent information in a textual format that captions would largely be redundant.
  2. Whilst users can search for holidays without JS turned on, we can not validate their search criteria. For example, if a user selects a departure airport and destination combination that is not part of our flying schedule they will receive no appropriate search results. This is not the case for users with JS activated. The reason for this is that we are unable to deliver “server side” validation of flying routes without a significant performance impact on all holiday searches for all users – essentially we tried to pick the lesser of two evils. For tips on how to deal with this issue please see the section titled “advice for non JS users”.
  3. In some instances on images we have both title text and alt text that is identical. At the time we created the templates for the pages this was the advice we received, and largely best practice within the industry. As technology has evolved, this has now become more of a hindrance to some users and we are in the process of removing the duplication from the site.
  4. Our store locator is a third party application that requires JS to run. Again, please see the advice section below if you are experiencing this as an issue.
  5. Pricing displayed as part promotions require JS to display.

Technology is always evolving and as a result what is best practice one day may not be best practice the next. Unfortunately this is particularly true for accessibility. Whilst we have tried to deliver a site that is accessible to all, if there is anything that you feel could be improved, please contact us.

Advice for non JavaScript (JS) users

For users who do not have JS enabled, here are some tips and tricks that will help you to get the most out of the site:

1. Searching for a holiday: If you are searching for a holiday using the holiday search form, you may find that you often find no available holidays for the search you have performed. This can be caused by:

  • Selecting an airport and location that aren’t a part of our flying route – we don’t fly from all airports to all locations. To find out where we fly from and to we suggest you check the individual airport page to see where we fly to from that airport.
  • Selecting a location when we don’t fly there at that time of year – some of our locations are winter only or summer only. We suggest you look at the appropriate location or resort page to find out when we fly there.
  • Not actually having any flights left available – unfortunately this just means you’re out of luck for that particular date and it doesn’t matter what technology you use, you still won’t be able to book a holiday then. Sorry.

2. Search for our stores: If you want to find your nearest “First Choice Travel Shop”, we suggest you use one of the other directory services available on the web e.g., google local etc. Otherwise, please give us a call on 0871 200 7799 and we’ll be able to help resolve any issues you have.

3. Promotions prices: At this stage we are unable to show promotional pricing without the use of JS. We suggest you search for a holiday using the holiday search form as we will be able to display the accurate prices for holidays that match your search criteria. Where promotional prices are displayed you may come across text something like this: style1 lates1234. Please just ignore that text as it is irrelevant and nonsensical.

4. Additional information: Where there is more information about part of a holiday, such as the full explanation of “Bed and Breakfast”, we have included that information at the bottom of the page. This is so that it is available for anyone who wants it, but it does not confuse the main content of each page.

As we develop the site we will try to continue to ensure that all users can access all the content and functionality that this site can offer. As part of our commitment to that we are currently engaging the Shaw Trust to work with us to further develop the accessibility of the site.

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1st Choice Travel offers a huge choice on Cheap Flights, Holidays, Hotels, All Inclusive Holidays, City Breaks, Short Breaks & Weekend Breaks!

About us

1st Choice Travel is a forward thinking retail travel agent based in Bournemouth with a clear mission statement to bring value for money to online travel bookers. We aim to offer the best deals along with transparent travel information and the correct resources to enable the right choice. If you are unable to find what you want on our site then feel free to contact us on 01202 304961 or write to us at 665 Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth, BH7 6AA or fill out the” feedback” for at the bottom of the home page.

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Package Holidays

From beach holidays to cruises, family holidays and package holidays to ski holidays we offer a wide range of sun holidays. You will find hundreds of last minute holidays, luxury holidays and an impressive range of all inclusive holidays to Spain, Egypt and worldwide.

About Our Holiday Deals

We have thousands of late deals on sale. Right now get great deals on winter sun holidays including Lanzarote holidays, Fuerteventura holidays and Gran Canaria holidays. We do flight & hotel deals plus flight only and hotel only deals. We also have discounts on car hire, airport parking and airport hotels.

Holidays in 2012

Need inspiration for your summer holidays in 2012? Have a look at our 2012 holiday destinations including Majorca holidays, Egypt holidays and Turkey holidays 2012 in our Thomas Cook brochures. We also offer travel credit card, travel insurance and foreign exchange.

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WhichBudget is a flight search engine – just like Google, but only for flights! Do you want to know which airline flies to New York from your local airport? Or do you just want to get away but don’t care where to? Here’s why WhichBudget is the favourite search engine of thousands of travellers around the World: you don’t have to say when you are flying or even where to: you can search for flights from your local airport to anywhere, anytime.

WhichBudget is FREE!! We are not an airline and we don’t sell any tickets … that means you don’t pay us anything – no booking fees, nothing, zero!! All we do is to search hundreds of airlines and travel agents and send you directly to the airline or travel agent of your choice.

We are small and independent. There are no shareholders, no investors. This means the only people we are responsible to are you! So make sure you contact us, tweet us and share ideas on Facebook – WhichBudget is your website.



Our Story

WhichBudget was founded by Martino Matijevic and Isabelle de Cato. The idea behind the site began in the mid-1990s. Martino and Isabelle met whilst studying in Oxford and fell in love, but there was one problem: he was English and she was French.

After Isabelle finished her studies in Oxford, she returned to Nice and, in order to see each other as often as possible on a limited student budget, they used the cheap flights offered by the emerging no-frills airlines.

Eventually, they both started their careers in England and, being keen travellers, they continued using budget airlines in order to escape for long weekends several times a year and they became known amongst their friends as budget flight aficionados.

Faced with numerous questions from friends asking for advice on budget airlines such as “Who flies where?” or “Which is the cheapest airline for flight to Brussels?”, in 2002 Martino used his background in IT to create a small online utility to answer such questions so that their friends could use it and WhichBudget was born.

What was initially intended to be a small site for the use of a selective group of friends quickly grew into one of the most comprehensive budget airlines directories. Friends told friends, who told other friends, and the word spread. Search engines began to index the site, newspapers published articles on WhichBudget and, today, the site attracts over 200,000 unique visitors a month from Europe and other global destination like USA, Japan and Australia.



Executive Board

Martino Matijevic, Founder & CEO – Martino is the founder and CEO of and has over ten years of online marketing and development experience. Working at, Martino was central in developing and internationalising the UK site into a European site with over 50,000 hotels.  Previously, Martino worked with the European Commission and also France Telecom developing webpages for international brands such as Wanadoo and Orange.

Budget Travelling Tip: If you find a cheap fare to somewhere you never thought of going to before, book it. Don’t wait. If you decide not to go, you didn’t lose much, but if you do go, you may discover a gem.

Favourite Budget Airline Destination: Alghero, Sardinia, Italy

Sergio Gallini, VP Operations – Born in Ferrara, Italy, and brought up in Venice, Sergio studied physics in Padova and Paris. He became interested in travel when he moved to London and witnessed the birth and rise of the first low-cost airlines before relocating to Spain to carry out several research projects into clean energy. Following his passion for budget travel, Sergio then joined WhichBudget where his scientific approach and excellent language skills are invaluable in running complex operations and building relationships in Europe and beyond.

Budget Travelling Tip: If time is not an issue, choose an indirect flight, stay overnight and visit the city. As well as possibly saving money it also provides an opportunity to enjoy two destinations in one trip. Better than sitting in an airport waiting for a connecting flight!

Favourite Budget Airline Destination: Faro, Portugal

Giuseppe Naccarato, IT Director – Giuseppe’s 14 years international experience in design, implementation and maintenance of large scale projects are central to WhichBudget. He is also the author of several books published in Italy about Java and programming, and has contributed numerous technical articles to various Italian and US trade magazines.  Joining WhichBudget in 2009 from Vodafone Italy; where he was an IT Project Manager, Giuseppe has become a key member of the WhichBudget team and instrumental in taking WhichBudget to the next level by helping build a state-of-the-art technology for finding cheap flights.

Budget Travelling Tip: Buy a sandwich from Pret-a-manger before flying with a budget airline

Favourite Budget Airline Destination: Glasgow Prestwick, Rome Ciampino, Lamezia Terme

Mark McLaughlin, Chief Financial Officer – Mark is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, and a member of the Association of Taxation Technicians. He regularly lectures on tax subjects and is the author of numerous books. Prior to joining WhichBudget, Mark worked for a number of years as Tax Manager and Tax Partner for several Manchester-based chartered accountant firms.

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About Us is owned and operated by avid Home Exchange enthusiasts with a combined 36 years of home exchange business experience, and more than 30 personal home exchanges.

We created this company in 1992 because of our belief in Home Exchange as a comfortable alternative to high priced hotels and typical tourist holidays, and as a way to experience an area as a local, not a tourist. Along the way, we and our members have found Home Exchange to be a great way to travel with children, to take local and weekend trips, and to be a source of friendships and cultural experiences that is not available with any other kind of holiday.

It is our goal to continually add great new listings around the world and to provide the most comprehensive, feature rich and simple to use home exchange website on the Internet. To do that, we are constantly implementing new features on the website, streamlining current functionality, and we are always on the lookout for new ideas and suggestions. Many of our recent web site enhancements have come as a direct result of feedback from our website visitors and members. We take all suggestions very seriously.

Our marketing and advertising expenditure is focused on increasing our pool of 40,000+ listings to give you the widest choice of properties and the most opportunities to experience a home exchange holiday of a lifetime.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality customer service and to showing our dedication to our members by pursuing every avenue to broaden their home exchange experience.

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Company Overview was formed in 1998 and was the brainchild of our Chief Executive Andrew Stanley, whose vision was to make booking golf breaks as simple as possible. This is a philosophy we continue to embrace today, as we send golfers on golf holidays across the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

As an ABTA bonded company and member of IAGTO, you can be safe in the knowledge that we are a recognised and respected industry leader. We are also ATOL bonded and can book flights for golf breaks to destinations further afield such as the USA, South Africa and Dubai.

Our Aim is to provide…

1. Great Choice

As Europe’s largest golf travel company, we offer over 950 stunning venues in the UK, Europe and other exciting destinations Worldwide. So whether you’re looking for 5* resorts, self-catering apartments, tailor made golf tours or golf breaks suited to large groups, you can be sure that we have the perfect golf break for you.

2. Expert advice

Golf is our passion, and with over 12 years’ experience our expert sales team are perfectly placed to take all the stress away from organising your golf break. The company is full of keen golfers who are only too happy to pass on advice and do all the legwork for you. We will recommend venues, check availability, book accommodation, reserve tee-times, pre-book dinner and arrange any extras so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Our commitment to providing the best service in the market is reflected in the feedback our golfers give us, with over 98% rating our service as good, very good or excellent and stating that they would use again. In order to maintain the highest possible standards of service we are always looking for ways to improve, and who better to rate our performance than the people who book with us? We welcome all comments and suggestions you may have, and if you would like to give us your feedback, please contact us.

3. Amazing value

Due to the strong relationships we’ve forged with our venues, our golf breaks often offer the best available value for money. We always have a large selection of special offers including free places, exclusive offers and great savings available all year round. So in the vast majority of cases, booking through us is better value than if you go direct to the venue.

In addition, the price promise is our guarantee that each time you book with us, you’re getting the best possible price. If you’ve seen one of our golf breaks advertised cheaper by another ABTA bonded travel company, even up to 24 hours after booking with us, let us know. We’ll match any other price that you’ve been quoted and if a booking has been made, give you a cash refund for the difference.

We have also partnered up with some of the leading providers of travel extras such as Eurotunnel, who offer fantastic discounts on products including airport parking, car hire and travel insurance.

4. Rewards for your loyalty

We are the only golf travel company that offers you rewards simply for booking your golf holiday with us. Membership is free and enables you to earn Breakpoints every time you book a golf break with us which can be redeemed to reduce the cost of future bookings.

The Breakpoints rewards programme is run in partnership with, the online discount tee time service, and our new sister company, who offer the same scheme on their websites. So you can use your Breakpoints from golf holiday bookings to get money off tee times or spa breaks, or you can use points accumulated from tee times or spa breaks to redeem against golf holidays. The best bit is that you only need to register once because your username and password is shared across all three websites.

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