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Green Electricity didn’t exist in the world back in 1996. When we offered it for the first time, we became not just Britain’s but the world’s first Green Electricity company – and we kick-started the now global Green Electricity movement. Our mission was and remains to change the way electricity is made and used in Britain.


We chose this focus because conventional electricity is responsible for 30% of Britain’s carbon emissions – it’s our biggest single source as a nation – and therefore the biggest single thing we can change.

To Green Energy Company:

In 2010 we introduced the concept of Green Gas to Britain and in the process we evolved into a fully-fledged Green Energy company. It’s a pretty revolutionary idea – that we can make our own gas (from food waste) and put it into the national gas grid.

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Good Energy

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The UK 100% renewable electricity supplier

At Good Energy, all our electricity is renewable. No other energy supplier in the UK can promise that. When you buy electricity from us, we’ll turn your choice into a voice; a voice we think is powerful enough to secure a better energy future for the country. We’re investing in new sources of renewable generation and support a growing community of over 5,000 independent generators. We pioneered incentives for renewable generators almost a decade ago and have used this experience to develop an expert Feed-in Tariff service. Together we can change the way the UK generates and uses energy.  

Were holding our electricity prices, but gas is going up

We got some good news for our customers who may be worried about the rising trend in energy prices  Good Energy intends to hold our electricity prices until at least 2012, and hopefully longer. We haven raised prices since August 2008 (we actually reduced our standard prices in April 2009), and we been working hard since then to improve our competitiveness and ensure that green energy is more accessible for everyone. Our CEO, Juliet Davenport, explains how we  been able to do this: “We’ve made good improvements in our weather forecasting techniques, which have enhanced our ability to trade renewable electricity more efficiently, and we’ve also invested in developing new sources of green energy, such as our wind farm in Cornwall. “Good Energy is proof that decentralised energy can provide the UK with resilience against price volatility caused by relying on energy imported from abroad.â€Ã‚ However, due to unavoidable increases in underlying wholesale market prices, we will be raising our gas prices by 9.4%, effective from September 6th 2011. This is the first price rise since we launched Gas+ in November 2008, and is much lower than the increases announced so far by other suppliers. We began offering gas in response to requests from customers who wanted to get their gas and electricity from the same green supplier. Our pioneering product is designed to reduce the UK’s overall reliance on gas by including an additional payment which is used to support Good Energy customers generating renewable heat – a forerunner of the Renewable Heat Incentive launched by the government this year. We realise that during the current economic situation, many people are worried about their energy costs. If you’d like free advice about how to reduce your energy usage, and therefore your bill, please contact one of our Customer Care Advisors. Their advice is endorsed by the Energy Savings Trust and we think it’s the best you can get. Call 0845 456 1640 or visit our website. Another fantastic way of protecting against future prices rises is to generate your own energy – one in 10 of Good Energy’s customers now does this – and get paid for it too. If you’d like to join them, we’ll guide you every step of the way.
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Business Advisor Service

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Business Advisory Service Ltd is one of the UK’s leading independent business Energy Brokers and Utility Consultants. Our business specialises in

  • Energy Procurement Services
  • Sustainability and Environmental Services.

When it comes to reducing your commercial utility bills, BAS know how important it is, as brokers to be impartial, efficient and friendly within an industry that is more competitive than ever before. With our wealth of commerce energy procurement experience, our business energy consultants work to relieve the pressure off YOU while we search the market on your behalf, for the most suitable and competitive quotes from business energy suppliers. We aim to create a bespoke utility contract that imparts peace of mind and increases profitability to your business bottom line. At the same time, offering you a service completely free for you to use.


   –  10,000 - 10 million KWH
–  Daily Metered
–  Fixed or Flexible
–  New Connections
   –  10,000 - 10 million KWH
–  SMART Metering
–  New Connections
–  Half Hourly / Non Half Hourly
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nPower Winter Fix

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Fixed energy prices for two winters
Plus get a one off Winter Fix bonus of up to £40!

  • Prices fixed at our new standard (off-line) rates until
    31st March 2013.
  • One off £20 per fuel Winter Fix bonus.
  • You could get up to a £100 annual Direct Debit Discount.

What is it?

Winter Fix is a fixed tariff so you know your prices will stay the same until March 2013, plus you’ll get a one off Winter Fix bonus of up to £40 credited to your first bill.

Your energy prices will be fixed at our new standard (off-line) rates until 31st March 2013 when they will revert to prevailing standard variable (off-line) prices.

If you pay for both fuels by Direct Debit, continuously for 12 months you’ll receive £100 annual Direct Debit discount (£105 including VAT).

How does it work?

With Winter Fix your monthly Direct Debit payments for year one will be calculated to include the annual Direct Debit discount and your Winter Fix bonus, on the assumption you will meet the conditions of the discount set out below.

If for any reason you do not meet the conditions you will not receive the Direct Debit discount or the Winter Fix discount (as applicable) and your monthly payments may not be sufficient to meet your estimated consumption. As a result you may have a debit balance to pay.

An early exit fee of £20 per fuel may apply if you change your tariff or supplier before 31st March 2013. Winter Fix is not available to pre payment customers or customers with non-standard metering.

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EON Dual Fuel

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E.ON could save you money on your energy bills

Which dual fuel tariff is best for you?

E.ON has created a variety of dual fuel tariffs* to suit your energy needs. Please click the links below to find out more, or if you’re short of time request a quote and we’ll recommend some products to you.

We offer E.ON SaveOnline 10 which is our cheapest Dual Fuel product and and includes an additional discount for 12 months.
Do you run a business? Small and Medium businesses could save money too with E.ON’s business energy products.

Want to know more about saving money with one of the cheapest electricity suppliers in the UK? Either follow the links below or find out how much you could save on your energy bill with E.ON.

*Terms and Conditions apply to these products – please click on the links for more details

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EDF Energy Fix for 2012

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Fix your prices until 31 December 2012

What is it?

  • Protection – against any unexpected price increases
  • Limited availability – can be withdrawn at any time

What’s in it for me?

  • Save up to £75^ a year – when you sign up for Fix for 2012 and agree to pay by monthly Direct Debit and take both gas and electricity from us
  • Peace of mind – protection against price increases until
    31 December 2012
  • Easier budgeting – knowing that your prices will stay the same until
    31 December 2012 means it’s easier to budget and plan effectively
Payment Option

Direct Debit

You’ll get a 6% discount for paying by monthly Direct Debit. That’s a saving of up to £67^ a year for a typical customer who buys both their gas and electricity from us. You’ll also receive Dual Fuel discount of £8.40^ a year.

You can only buy this product online if you agree to pay for it by monthly Direct Debit. If you’d prefer to pay by Cash or Cheque, please call us on 0800 056 5927† if you’re new to EDF Energy or 0800 096 9000† if you’re a current EDF Energy customer.

Unfortunately, if you’re a prepayment customer, you can’t get this product at the moment.

Important Information

Fix for 2012 is available to Dual Fuel and Electricity only customers with Standard and Economy 7 meters.

Fix for 2012 guarantees fixed prices until 31 December 2012. This means the price you pay for your Daily Standing Charge and each unit of energy you use won’t change until this date.

We’ll remind you when Fix for 2012 is coming to an end at least 30 days in advance of its closure, and you’ll be able to choose a new tariff from our others available at the time. If you haven’t chosen a new tariff by 31 December 2012, you’ll automatically be transferred to our Standard tariff.

If you decide to change tariff or supplier before 31 December 2012, you may be charged an Early Termination Fee of £25 for gas and £25 for electricity (a total of £50 for Dual Fuel customers).

This tariff is available for a limited time only and can be withdrawn at any time.

^ The £75 amount includes a monthly Direct Debit discount of 6% (equal to £67.56 per annum including VAT) and a Dual Fuel discount of £8.40 (including VAT) per year, based on a typical average consumption of 3,300kWh electricity and 16,500kWh gas. Monthly Direct Debit discounts are applied before VAT and any other discounts have been deducted. Please note, this is an indicative amount and it may be different based on your meter type, consumption, fuel and payment type.

‡ Calls to this number may be monitored and recorded as part of our customer care programme. 0800 calls are free from UK landlines, other network operators’ charges may vary.

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Scottish Power Fixed Price Tariffs

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Energy Products

We can offer you the peace of mind of a guaranteed deal, a straightforward discount on your energy costs or a greener energy offer whatever your needs we have a product that might be right for you.

With ScottishPower as your energy supplier you’ll get great gas, electricity and dual-fuel prices for your home. Whether you’d like the peace of mind of a guaranteed deal, a straightforward discount on your energy costs or a greener energy offer we’ve a product that should be right for you.



Protect your energy prices until 2015 with our Fixed Price Energy Offer

Sign up to our Fixed Price Energy January 2015 Offer and you’ll get peace of mind by fixing your prices until 31st December 2014*.

In addition to the security of fixed prices, get us to supply both your gas and electricity and you’ll also benefit from a combined Gas & Electricity discount of £16.80 per annum (incl. VAT)**.

Looking to save even more? By managing your account online, Dual Fuel customers could save an additional £15.75 per annum (incl. VAT) and Electricity only customers could save an extra £10.50 per annum (incl. VAT)***.

These fixed prices are higher than our standard monthly Direct Debit prices effective 1st August 2011. Please read the available product leaflet to learn more about Fixed Price Energy January 2015 Offer prices and terms and conditions.

Cancellation charges of £30.64 (incl. VAT) for electricity and £20.42 (incl. VAT) for gas may apply if you switch to another gas and/or electricity supplier before 31st December 2014. These charges will be amended, if there is a change in the VAT rate at any time or times before 31st December 2014, by an amount equivalent to the applicable change in the VAT rate. These charges will not be applied if the agreement is cancelled due to a home move.

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