The Colorful Samsung S3850 Corby II

imageIn the age of Android smartphones and the iPhone, feature phones have been trying to stay alive by adding more features. One such phone is the Samsung S3850 Corby II, which was released last year. It is a cheap touch screen phone designed to appeal to the young market. Samsung S3850 Corby

The Samsung S3850 Corby II has a touchscreen, Wi-Fi, app store, and capable of multitasking. It also comes with the latest TouchWiz, which is the same as that found in Samsung’s Bada and Android smartphones. The only difference is that the Corby II runs Java-based apps.

The J2ME platform has been around for ages and there are lots of useful apps that you can run on it. Don’t expect high-end features from a budget feature phone because you wouldn’t find any in the Corby II.

It doesn’t have 3G connectivity but it makes up for it with its Wi-Fi feature. It also has a low resolution camera, which is a deal breaker for some. But people who can’t live with their social networks will enjoy the phone’s integration of Facebook and Twitter.

The Corby II doesn’t look cheap at all. The build is solid despite having an all-plastic body. You can also use it as a music player by storing you MP3 files on a microSD card.