The Motorola Flipout Might be cancelled by AT&T

There is some worrying news that there might be a cancellation of this gadget that has been taken off the shelves. This is said to have happened even before the launch. Normally one would expect that this would be the last thing that the manufacturer wants at the time when the mobile phone market is taking off. However it seems that there are forces that are creating the buzz and selling the product in a different context. This represents more than a financial loss to the manufacturers. It will certainly affect the reputation of the company with the overall effect that there might be some consequences for the people that are going with the Motorola Flipout. As a marketing technique, this is one of the worst on the market.

The strange tale of the Motorola Flipout

The bizarre circumstances will leave commentators wondering what is happening.  Not to be outdone, some clever clogs have decided to put the Motorola Flipout on eBay. That is a set of circumstances that can be described as being most unusual if one was making the understatement of the year.  This completes a few weeks when it seems that the owners of this gadget have completely lost control over the message and the usage of the message. There is a growing concern that the product will be permanently damaged by the ludicrous rumors that are swirling around the internet. The costs of the damage will take a very long time to be fully felt. Meanwhile the brand will be expected to pick up the pieces from the fallout. It will be one of the things that are looked at from the different perspectives.




The handsets that are being sold are going for about $400. This would certainly undercut the manufacturer price. It remains to be seen whether there will be a reaction about these Motorola Flipouts.  The pricing is a major risk for the Motorola Flipout. Even where the product is withdrawn from the market there will remain some question marks that need to be answered before the clients can every trust the product again. It is a situation that is precarious at best. There are all sorts of permutations that can go wrong with the deal and the users have to be prepared for all the repercussions that might arise from the deal. It will be some time before this is completely resolved.

The future of the Motorola Flipout is not yet certain. After the launch that never was, there are some that say that the product will never have the kind of good publicity that its predecessors enjoyed. However that is neither here nor there. A blip in the launch does not mean that the product will completely bomb on all the occasions that it is presented to the public. In fact these teething problems might act as the impetus to bring the phone to the top of the game. It is a small blip but there is still a lot of damage that can be done to the Motorola Flipout.

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